DreamCast: Dogs and 9/11

At about 6 a.m., I dreamt I was the passenger in a car with my mother driving. We were driving north on the 101 Freeway near the Sunset off ramp. There were dead dogs as far as I could see. Specifically, along the shoulder of the freeway, I saw two identical black standard poodles lying side by side, all very organized and in the same position – on their side, legs stacked out straight, head down. Head away from the freeway, tail towards the freeway. I started screaming and getting very upset. I don’t remember what I said, but probably something like “oh my god, oh my god, look, look, look!” My mother didn’t seem to notice.

Then I saw one poodle lift its head up and I screamed, thinking that we have to turn around if one of them is alive. Turn around, turn around!

Then I woke myself up in a panic. I got up and turned on the TV (which I never do in the morning), to see the terrorist attacks of 9/11. I know at least one of the towers had been hit. I’m not positive if the second tower had been hit at that point.

It was the most vivid dream that I’ve ever had, I’m sure because of the timing and intensity of it.

From Tam in Los Angeles

Hello Tam,

Undoubtedly, you tuned in psychically to the events of 9/11 through your dream. The identical poodles were the Twin Towers of course, although why the towers were symbolized by poodles only you could know. Are you a “dog person?” Because pets are entirely dependent on our care, perhaps the dogs represented the helpless people under attack. Your mother was driving in the dream, so she was in control of your direction. She may represent your capable, “in charge” side, or she may even represent the United States. It seems important that she didn’t notice the live dog. Perhaps she (you) knew deep down it wasn’t possible to save the dog (or prevent the situation from taking place in real life). The poodle’s heads pointing away from the freeway may symbolize our nation’s unawareness of the danger at hand. At any rate, your dream was an intriguing premonition.

Sweet dreams,

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