DreamCast: The Meat Cord

I had this dream when I was maybe 13 or 14: I saw my two brothers and one sister hanging from an iron cord, which is usually used for hanging meat. There was a big man there who looked like a warrior. I was crying and screaming and asking to be like them, but he just answered, “No! You are different” I still remember this dream and I am trying to explain it.

Buthaina in Canada

Hello Buthaina,

This dream is a message from your superconscious about your soul’s destiny. I think the warrior is one of your spirit guides (or he may be the warrior side of you). He’s telling you that your karmic destiny is different than those of your siblings, that you’re breaking away from a family pattern of some sort. Hanging from meat hooks suggests your siblings feel helpless to control their own lives. You’re a Pisces, and one of your biggest challenges as an impressionable water sign is to find your own direction without being overly influenced by others. The warrior is encouraging you to have the courage to make your own choices. In other words, listen to your inner voice and stay strong!

Sweet dreams,

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