Your LOVECAST™: A Slow, Sensual Dance

Love is a slow, sensual dance over the weekend – indulge! A grand Earth-trine helps manifest true love as the week unfolds.

Week of April 26 – May 2, 2008

Taurus: Travel (or a foreign ambiance) fires up passion on Saturday! Love needs objectivity on Sunday. Your words have power on Monday, but talk may be misinterpreted on Tuesday. Feelings flow on Wednesday, when loving Venus enters Taurus. The power to manifest your dreams skyrockets on Thursday. Your daring side revs up romance on Friday.

Gemini: Get physical to entice romance on Saturday. Flirting escalates on Sunday night! Sexy talk heightens passion on Monday. Your dreams are enlightening on Tuesday, so write them down when you wake up. Romance needs a gentle touch on Wednesday. Talk about your sexual desires ands needs on Thursday. Your way with words draws new friends on Friday.

Cancer: Your power to attract a true partner escalates on Saturday. Be inventive to heighten intimacy on Sunday. A friend may provide an opportunity on Monday. Socializing plans are likely to go awry on Tuesday. Look for love during a group activity on Wednesday. Networking brings luck on Thursday, so talk about your dreams and goals. Passion soars on Friday!

Leo: Get real about love to heighten romance on Saturday. A one-on-one tryst fires you up on Sunday! Look for a career opportunity on Monday. A miscommunication with your partner is likely on Tuesday. Your whimsical side draws others to you on Wednesday. A financial opportunity may land in your lap on Thursday. Romance can be found through a spiritual activity on Friday.

Virgo: Your powers of attraction soar on Saturday, so flirt! Your helpfulness draws others on Sunday. A communication from afar offers an opportunity on Monday. Watch out for a snafu at work on Tuesday. Romance beckons on Wednesday. Your partner may surprise you on Thursday, so be spontaneous. Intimacy heats up on Friday.

Libra: Throwing a party shows off your artistic flair on Saturday. Chemistry skyrockets on Sunday. Your charisma is electric on Monday, when intimacy is sweet (plan a sexy tryst!). Mixed messages can throw you off on Tuesday. Your imagination brings you recognition on Wednesday and Thursday. A rendezvous for two brings delight on Friday.

Scorpio: Your inner wanton comes out to flirt on Saturday! Romance needs spontaneity on Sunday. A talk with your partner on Monday can bring your relationship to the next level. Just watch out for a miscommunication on Tuesday. Romance flows on Wednesday and electrifies you on Thursday (be creative). You’re hot and bothered on Friday.

Sagittarius: Sensuality burns slowly (and deeply!) on Saturday. Friends bring adventure on Sunday. Your ideas are recognized on Monday but may be misinterpreted on Tuesday (seek clarity). Your dreamy side makes it hard to concentrate on Wednesday. A spontaneous gathering at your abode can bring delight on Thursday. Your adventurous side takes over on Friday.

Capricorn: A mix of sexy and genuine makes you lucky in love on Saturday. Sunday is unpredictable. Romantic talk heats up love on Monday. Seek clarity regarding your finances on Tuesday. An idea of yours may take off on Wednesday or Thursday, when your creative power skyrockets. Your daring side demands action on Friday!

Aquarius: Love blooms in a sensual, serene atmosphere on Saturday. Your magnetism skyrockets on Sunday night! You’re in the spotlight on Monday, so promote your ideas. A homey tryst is favored too. An unusual moneymaking idea that arises on Wednesday or Thursday can become lucrative. Flirting heats up on Friday.

Pisces: A friend is instrumental in bringing love on Saturday. Socializing soars on Sunday. Inventive flirting gets you noticed on Monday. Hidden feelings or “vibes” can throw you off balance on Tuesday, so seek clarity. Your uniqueness draws romantic and professional opportunities on Wednesday and Thursday, so let yourself shine! Friday is adventurous.

Aries: Getting out in nature revs up romance on Saturday. Party energy prevails on Sunday. Monday is all about activities with friends and groups. Look for a moneymaking opportunity too. A miscommunication with a friend is likely on Tuesday. Romance blooms in a quiet ambiance on Wednesday. Use your influence at work on Thursday. You’re on fire on Friday!

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