DreamCast: A Beautiful Cave of Color

Breeze in Louisiana writes:

I’m invited into a restaurant. I walk through a door that leads down wooden steps into a beautiful cave of color and glitter. There’s a small lake of blue water at the bottom, and I see a mermaid swim past. Hurrying down to see her again, I am startled by a gorgeous purple, blue and green (friendly) dragon, who says I can come to the fantasy world whenever I like, but can’t stay. There’s a unicorn behind him, and then the dragon turns into a weird color-changing horse. He lets me pet him and talk to him. I leave to get my husband and encounter a rude hostess. She asks what room I want to eat in (giving selections). I choose the magical drink room. Then I notice they are closing the fantasy door saying it’s sold out and won’t let us enter. I get so upset I wake up.


Hello Breeze,

You have a splendid imagination, which comes from your unconscious (the cave) and no doubt fuels your creativity. It’s a place inside you that you can visit/utilize, but it’s not a permanent residence — at some point, you need to come back down to earth. Something intriguing happened when you went to get your husband. The fantasy room closed on you. This brings two things to mind: either you need to see your relationship more realistically, or your husband puts a damper on your creativity. Perhaps it’s both. You may need to find a balance between your fantasy retreat and taking care of the practical side of life. Best of luck!

Sweet dreams,


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