DreamCast: In the Form of a Bird

All in a dream

Vsnmprasada in India writes:

I had a very stunning dream in which I come out of my body in the form of a bird – specifically, a dove. I start flying at great speed, traversing an open landscape of hills, peaks, valleys, waterfalls, rivers, and then finally, the sea. I wonder who I am, where I came from and where I’m going. While pondering these questions, I find a huge tunnel in a huge mountain range, and enter, keeping the pace of flying at a very high speed. Inside the tunnel it is pitch black and I can’t see anything. In spite of this, I’m flying without hitting the sides or top or bottom. Again I wonder who I am.

All of a sudden, the body of a dove dissolves into a fiery rope rotating with great speed. After some time, the rope rotates in the opposite direction, and the fire starts spewing fireballs all around. Still the questions torment me. At the end of the tunnel I find light and think that I’m going there. In the meantime, the rope completely unwinds and I reach the end of the tunnel. All of a sudden, I find a huge glow of light, and in the center I find Lord Sri Maha Vishnu’s sacred forehead smeared with tripundras (the paste made of sandal wood and camphor). The face is smiling and says that I have the answer for my questions. He also says that it is no matter as to where I came from, but ultimately I will be reaching that point. I have ried to get a convincing answer to all of the dream, but no one can tell me correctly.

Dear Vsnmprasad,

This remarkable dream is a beautiful portrayal of life, death, faith and enlightenment. It is undoubtedly a message from your superconscious, the part of you that has access to your “higher self,” or soul, as symbolized by the dove. Dreams of this kind are very rare and can bring us into direct contact with the Divine – Lord Sri Maha Vishnu, in your case. Beautiful natural environments, radiant light and flying are elements of highly spiritual dreams. Mountains, particularly, are a symbol of spiritual progress. I believe the purpose of the dream was to give you a spiritual progress report and to encourage your faith. Most important, the dream reveals that all answers are within you, and you’re exactly where you need to be in life. Although your path seems uncertain at times, as symbolized by the dark tunnel, you’ve made great progress on your path. The tunnel also represents your birth through the vaginal canal.

Being born, your soul (the dove) now merges with life, a tie that is symbolized by the rope. Fire symbolizes cleansing, often through hardship and trials of faith. The fiery rope represents the hardship and subsequent spiritual cleansing you’ve endured in this lifetime. The sparks from the fire are the creative energies that feed your own creative endeavors. Reaching the end of the tunnel as the rope unwinds represents the end of life, when you will come face-to-face with the Divine in the afterlife. So have faith that your connection to the Divine is within yourself, and that the challenges that come your way will empower your spirituality and fuel the fire of your creativity.

Sweet dreams,

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