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Feel the Presence of the Divine

I will often meditate by simply sitting still. I will ask my higher self “What do I need to know now?” If an answer comes, it brings Presence. read more
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How to Embrace an Uncertain 2012

What's the best way to get ready for the coming 2012 shift? You can prepare materially, but the most important thing to do is prepare spiritually. Put your faith in the highest, and trust in Spirit to see ... read more
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Psychic Casey: Reinvent the Self

Psychic Casey ext. 5385 shares her thoughts on the psychic path, the coming changes in 2012, and how to speak to the higher self—and learn to listen. read more

Expand Your Soul

It isn't always easy for your soul or "higher self" to let you know how and when to take the next steps in your evolution. That's because your journey may take you to a new way of seeing, understanding and ... read more
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