DreamCast: Zombies Surrounding the House

(All in a Dream)

Q: I’m in my parent’s house from my childhood and it’s like a scene out of the old horror film, Night of the Living Dead. There are zombies surrounding the house. As they break in though windows and the front door, I’m attacking them and beating them off with my karate skills.



A: Hello Al,

That’s quite a dream you had! Dreaming of a childhood home often represents a pattern or issue that took root in your childhood that may be affecting your life now. Zombies are basically sleepwalkers. They probably symbolize an issue you’re unaware of that’s buried in your subconscious. The fact that the zombies are breaking into your house suggests that this issue is “breaking into” your consciousness. However, by battling the zombies – or the issue – to keep them out of the house means you’re unconsciously trying to beat back the problem instead of dealing with it.

Do you know what issue is trying to come to light? One way to determine what a dream symbol means is to sit down in a quiet space and picture the symbol sitting across from you. Then ask it what it’s trying to tell you. If you talk to your zombies, Al, you may be surprised by what pops into your head! You can do this exercise with any dream character, whether it’s a person or an inanimate object. All dream symbols usually represent parts of the dreamer, so talking to them when you’re awake is like having a conversation with hidden parts of yourself. These “discussions” can lead to some startling breakthroughs!

Sweet dreams,

(Is it love?)

Q: I met a guy online and we have been emailing for a few weeks now and really seem to have a lot in common. My birthday is 4/30/63 and his is 9/21/56. Might we make a good match? Thank you!


A: Dear Tammy,

This is a fiery match! Although you’re both earth signs (you’re a Taurus and he’s a Virgo), which is a nice blending of individualities – a predominance of fire signs signify plenty of passion. Your moon (emotions) and Mars (sexuality) are in dramatic Leo, as is your guy’s Venus (love). A hookup between Mars and Venus is one of the best indicators of sexual sizzle. Moreover, his moon is in adventurous Aries, as is your Venus and Jupiter, a nice blending of his emotions and your love style with generosity. Your relationship certainly won’t lack for chemistry, emotional empathy and enthusiasm! As for communication, his heavy-handed Saturn in Scorpio opposes your Mercury in Taurus, so he may need to keep his critical side in check (not easy for a Virgo). And you’ll need to speak up when something bothers you. On the plus side, both of you are highly creative, so let the love letters flow! All of this makes for a dynamic partnership with plenty of heat to keep the fires of love alive.

Best of luck to you both,

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