5 Ways to Enjoy Being Single for the Holidays

5 Ways to Enjoy Being Single for the Holidays

Making the Most of the Season

The holidays seem to be all about families and couples. Thanks, Hallmark! And if you’re single for the holidays, you may feel like you have nothing to celebrate. Well, that’s simply not true. You have something amazing to celebrate—you! This is an excellent time to prioritize your self-care and decompress after a crazy year. I can’t think of a better gift to yourself than the gift of stepping into the New Year feeling refreshed and with a clear head.

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There are many benefits to being single during the holidays, but one of the biggest ones is not having to compromise. You get to celebrate what you want when you want, and how you want. While some singletons may opt for large gatherings with friends and family, other singletons may prefer quiet reflection, warm fires, and feeling cozy. No matter your preference, here are five ways to make the most of the season while embracing being single for the holidays. I hope you find your new favorite activity among them.

1. Make Time for Self-Care
As I mentioned before, self-care is so important—especially at the end of the year when most of the chaos and drama are behind you (hopefully). If you’ve been putting off booking that massage or signing up for yoga classes, give yourself the gift of pampering this holiday season. If money is tight, go through your unused gift cards and treat yourself—take yourself out for dinner, ice cream, to the movies—or turn to Groupon for awesome deals on fun activities near you.

Self-care also includes introspection, so take some time to look back on your year: your highs, your lows, your accomplished goals and your dreams not yet realized. Being single for the holidays allows you to laser focus on you and your amazing life! You may also want to start thinking about how you can thrive in 2019.

2. Volunteer
You can be an amazing resource to those in need, whether you’re wrapping presents for kids in underserved communities, helping with a beach cleanup or walking dogs at a local shelter. Giving to others will certainly fulfill you in ways that other activities can’t. You’ll nurture your spirit and open your heart too.

3. Book a Solo Getaway
Perhaps the best part about being single for the holidays is that you don’t need to balance time between your family and friends and a partner’s kin and crew. Instead, you have time to take a real vacation. If you feel the urge to get out of town, take advantage of the fact that you have fewer obligations and a bigger budget than your coupled friends. It’s absolutely the perfect time to cross a destination off your bucket list.

4. Prioritize Time With Friends
Show your pals how much they mean to you be organizing a fun night or weekend with those who really matter most. After all, being single for the holidays certainly doesn’t mean being alone for the holidays. You might choose to get together before the actual holidays to celebrate with each other, or you might decide to spend the holidays with your friends. You could join them at their family celebrations or make your own memories together instead. Friends are the family members you get to pick!

5. Show Up for Your Family
Being single for the holidays means that your family can take center stage. You can make it to your nephew’s holiday recital or go to church with your grandfather. You can get to your aunt’s Hanukkah party or help your mom cook Christmas dinner. Whoever you’re close to in your family, show up for them and show them how much they really mean to you too. You’ll feel fulfilled and they’ll be overjoyed to have you at whatever festivities you celebrate together.

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