Psychic Q&A: She’s Still Single

Psychic Q&A: She’s Still Single

17 Years With a Man Who Won’t Marry Her

Psychic Kallista,

I have experienced a lot of death in my family. My brother died in December 2010, my mother died in March 2015, and my brother-in-law died in May 2017 too. After my mother died, I was ready to give up on life. I’m still single which doesn’t help. I live with my aunts who make me feel like they don’t want me living with them.

My sister is doing well and she’s a widow! That’s hard for me to fathom. My boyfriend of over 17 years doesn’t have a job and I take care of him sometimes. With all that I do for him, I don’t understand why I’m still single. The care I give him is similar to the care I give to my children. I feel so tired and empty. Will I ever find peace in this life and will I one day be a wife like my peers?



Psychic Kallista ext. 9623 responds:

Dear Zubeida,

My heart goes out to you. How painful it is to lose so many family members in a relatively short time. It may help to remember that you now have them as guardian angels. Your mother, in particular, is watching over you. She loves you very much, and she will help you along your way.

You have some choices before you. If you try to stick it out with your boyfriend, things will stay the same. It’s important to know that even if you marry him, nothing will change. He’s taking advantage of your good heart and he’s content to keep things just the way they are. He’s not anxious to find a job and he sees no reason to get married, either. Your boyfriend doesn’t care that you’re still single because he doesn’t need to marry you to get everything he wants from you. He doesn’t want to give up his freedom or take on the responsibilities of marriage. He will continue to want you to care for him as though he were a child.

Part of the tiredness and empty feelings you have are from the understandable stress and resentment you’re experiencing. You feel drained. If you continue this way, you will continue to be single. However, if you choose a different path, things will start to improve in all areas of your life in the next one to two years. You’ll finally get the peace of mind you deserve.

Resuming your education comes up as something most beneficial for you if you want it. This will help you in your career path too because I see you making very good money in the future. I’m sad to say that you’re right about your aunts. But you won’t need to stay with them too much longer because your fresh start will include having the wherewithal to move into your own place.

Believe it or not, some of your married peers envy that you are still single, and the freedom that comes with it. But make the most of it while it lasts, because there’s new love coming your way. This man is decent and kind. He works hard and makes good money, and he’s looking for a wife. I’m delighted to say you will ultimately marry this man and build a happy life together.

Wishing you every blessing,


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  1. Peggy

    I want to thank the spirits and universe for all that’s happened to me.
    I’m asking for the all amazing truth you see.


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