Your Holiday Gift Guide to Spiritual Gifts

Your Holiday Gift Guide to Spiritual Gifts

6 Gifts for the Mind, Body, and Soul

Here we are again! It’s the season of giving, and there’s no better way to show your love and appreciation than giving spiritually minded gifts that touch the hearts, minds, bodies, and souls of your loved ones. Some items in this holiday gift guide may surprise you, but note that spiritual gifts come in all shapes, sizes, scents, and even different forms of material manifestation. They also come in a wide range of price points, making them affordable for everyone. Start by thinking about each recipient and then read on to determine which of these six gifts will be the perfect spiritual gift for them.

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1. A Psychic Reading. The gift of a private psychic reading is one of the most thoughtful and healing gifts you can give someone. If you know someone who could use a little guidance from the spirit world, then this gift is sure to make a memorable impression. Mediums, empaths, tarot card psychics, numerology psychics, and more are all a phone call away.

2. Crystals. Crystals are powerful and beautiful gifts. In order to purchase the right crystals for someone, take some time to think about what they need most in their life. For example, you can choose rose quartz for someone looking for love, an amethyst to raise good vibes and provide protection from negativity, or selenite to ground your more stressed-out friends. One of our crystal psychics can help you pick the perfect crystals for your loved ones.

3. Candles. Candles do more than light the way during a power outage or set the mood during a romantic dinner. Candlelight has always had a comforting, soothing effect, and candles create atmosphere, especially when they come scented with essential oils or infused with organic herbs. Candles come in all shapes and sizes and I include them in my holiday gift guide because they can be charged with healing reiki. Choose candles that have the scent of natural oils, herbs, and flowers. Make sure they’re made from natural ingredients such as soy or beeswax. The choices are endless—much like the praise you’ll receive for your thoughtful gift.

4. Tarot/Oracle Cards. Some people like to pick their own tarot decks because they want to find a deck that speaks to them personally. However, others believe that someone else must choose a deck for them. My first deck was given to me by a mentor. It’s certainly a gift I treasure, but I’ve since purchased other decks on my own. If you know someone with an interest in tarot or oracle cards, they’d probably love to receive a deck as a gift. You can consult one of our tarot card psychics if you need help picking the perfect deck.

5. Massage or Yoga Class. As the middle part of the mind-body-soul trio, the body is often the most neglected during the holidays. We’re always on the move; if we stop, we think nothing will get done. That’s simply not true! In fact, I encourage you to stop and take time out for yourself. This holiday gift guide is as much for you as it is for your friends and family. So, give someone (or maybe yourself) the relaxing or energizing gift of a massage or yoga session. Making the body feel good is an absolute blessing.

6. Subscription Boxes. I’ve saved the best for last. Spiritual subscription boxes are the ultimate addition to any holiday gift guide and you can find them anywhere. From to, to, many companies are selling boxes of spiritual goodies for the holidays. And the nice thing about these subscription boxes is that many of them already contain a few of the other holiday gift guide items I’ve mentioned. Other boxes may include moon rituals, teas, chakras, smudges, and much more. My own search found subscription boxes for as little as $5 and you can decide how many boxes you want to send.

A few other gifts that didn’t make my holiday gift guide come to mind. They include meditation CDs, books on every spiritual or metaphysical subject imaginable, or Himalayan salt lamps. You may even want to give your loved one a puzzle or a craft. It’s so easy to get into a meditative state with these gifts.

Everyone loves getting gifts, so why not give your loved ones meaningful gifts. When you find the perfect gift that speaks to their heart and comes from yours, you’ll just know it.

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