Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards: December 2 – 8

Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards: December 2 - 8

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This week, we turn to Tori Hartman’s Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards. Each card includes a chakra and a color, so look out for those and their meanings as you move through the week. Let’s tune in!

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Day (Abundance – Yellow; Gold Coins): “I only seek to give you what you ask for.” Think about your relationship with money. Are you wise or foolish about your spending? Money is attached to appreciation and gratitude, while gold represents the power of the mind to choose. You need to choose well to gain your desires. This card also warns you to be wary of using your financial situation as an excuse to avoid doing something. Are your thoughts about money empowering you?

Evening (Perseverance – Orange; Carrot-Colored Cloak): “Don’t quit before the miracle.” When you do your chosen work, you are serving the highest order. However, if you stop, you upset the universal balance. Remember, what you work toward will materialize. You may not see it, but it lies ahead, according to the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards. Can you ignore the feelings that would sidetrack you? And, will you let go of fear, and persevere too?


Day (Despondence – Purple: Violet Iris): “By taking action, I found the road out.” Iris teaches us that the only route out of stagnation is motion. However, if we do nothing, we must accept the consequences. The Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards say you have all the answers you need within, and this card indicates an emotional tie that no longer serves you. In which part of your life are you feeling immobilized? Are you willing to trust yourself? You know what you need to do

Evening (Impartiality – Neutral; Bahana Beige): “I quietly listen, allowing you to color your own palate.” This is not a time to personally shine, but to allow others to come forth with their gifts. You may find yourself in the role of a neutral advisor. Just hold the space for others so they can find their own answers. The action here is to listen and observe. If you step back from your present situation, what do you see?


Day (Creation – Neutral; She Shaman): “I will guide you to your muse.” Letting go of old ideas and allowing new growth are primary now, according to the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards. The mission you have been on may be complete too. A new dawn is coming and it’s time to open yourself to divine inspiration. Let go. Are you waiting for someone’s permission to create your life? What do you need to see in order to claim your own gifts?

Evening (Instinct – Neutral; Wolf of White Light): “There is a guide inside of us.” In order to step into the light, you have to let go of all senses other than your pure instinct. When unfiltered, it guides you to the high ground with the help of your angels. This is also a time to be the protector or to be protected—you’ll know which role you’re in. How can you master letting go and moving on? Do you trust your inner guidance too?


Day (Gossip – Green; Charmaine Chartreuse): “I never met a person I didn’t like.” This card represents the truly open heart with no personal agenda other than love. Appreciating differences is a key, according to the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards. Charmaine is about prejudice and misunderstanding too, so what are you resisting?

Evening (Workaholic – Blue; Brad Blueberry): “While I worked, my life happened.” Tonight, the earthy brown of creation mixes with inspirational violet! This card indicates one of the most powerful manifesting energies. Now you are very prolific but you should also know your limits. Are you working too much and suffering from burnout?


Day (Quest – Blue; The Navy Trail): “When I am somewhere else, my life will have meaning.” Navy combines the blue of communication with the darkness of the unknown, allowing you to discover the truth. There is certainly bravery here and an ability to face the truth head-on. Therefore, allow yourself the space for self-discovery because it’s time to take a risk. Where in your life do you need to “walk the talk”?

Evening (Expansion – Blue; Sky God): “You’ll see it when you believe it.” Tonight, seeking good advice is vital when you’re pushing into new territory. Just stay away from anyone who is critical of your dreams. This card also indicates possibly changing your friends. How can you create powerful alliances? And, are new people entering your life?


Day (Mysticism – Purple; A Woman Named Aubergine): “You are not to know.” This is a time of trusting in the unknown. However, you already sense the answer, even if it’s not apparent. Only you can see into the heart of the matter; trust your intuition to guide you. Are you ignoring your intuition? What you suspect is probably true. You must breathe.

Evening (Gratitude – Purple; Lucy From Indigo): “I am so glad you are in my life.” Tonight you are certainly capable of more than mere mortal conversation. That’s because this is a time of enlightened communication and mastery. The gifts you see in others already live within you. Who is the person you admire most? Why? How can you live at that level?


Day (Renewal – Red; Geranium): “This is another beginning.” Today you are being offered a chance to awaken to a new life, according to the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards. You may need to deepen your roots and anchor yourself by taking stock of what you would like to create, however. This is certainly a time to start again and grow a strong foundation. Are you positive in the face of change or defeated? Are you ready to step into the new you?

Evening (Guilt – Orange; Saint Apricot): “I am sorry but I have to take care of myself.” Do not do for others what they need to do for themselves. This card indicates deep caring and protection from emotional hurt by standing strong in your emotions. There is also a great inner resolve here. Once your mind is made up, you can see when others have tried to manipulate you. Reclaim your life! Are you giving away too much time and energy, and resenting it? Is your anger really guilt?

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