What Your Costume Says

Halloween isn’t just for the kiddies anymore. October 31 is becoming one of the biggest singles nights out of the year – in cities across America and even in other countries. So when you’re considering your costume on this impressionable night out, think about what it truly conveys about you.

Do you come across fun and flirty – or frightening and freaky? If you want your Halloween to be a little less horror-ble, check out these hints on what your costume might be saying about you – or that monster across the room.

Halloween brings out different urges in different people. Here are just a few hints on what you may be able to gather from someone’s get up! Dressing up as a superhero could mean someone hasn’t outgrown their comic books and Underoos. But it could also be a sign that they’ve got strength, heart and courage. The key to pulling off a superhero costume is attitude. If someone is sporting dorky tights and a cape, they might just be looking for someone to go to the comic book store with. But with a bit of confidence – think Clark Kent’s shirt and tie with the Superman suit showing beneath – suddenly a superhero seems smart, yet sexy.

Gross out
There are some people who use Halloween as an excuse to revert to their childhood days of “grosser than gross” jokes. If a guy’s wearing more make-up than his girlfriend – and it’s all blood and guts – chances are he’s not up for a mature conversation, let alone a relationship. When it comes to Halloween, too many people forget the goal is to have a possible paramour across the room to get closer – not to be avoided. If someone goes as The Joker or Grim Reaper, beware of a death wish.

Creative types
Women love funny guys and some guys are drawn to a woman’s sense of humor. And there’s nothing better on Halloween than a truly clever costume. Of course, if an outfit is too elaborate, there’s a chance they spent the better part of the year in his mom’s basement sewing it, so beware. You may be drawn to a person in the one costume you didn’t expect to see – but that makes you think “Why didn’t I think of that?” A creative costume shows someone is smart, hip, fun and most of all, they think outside of the box!

Her Story
Something about Halloween makes even the most conservative girl go a little wild. So let’s just keep this simple, and focus on what her costume doesn’t say about her. Just because she’s dressed as a sexy angel, sexy nurse, sexy devil, sexy teacher, sexy pirate, sexy schoolgirl, sexy cop, sexy bunny, sexy maid, sexy witch or sexy cat doesn’t mean she’s slutty. It just means it’s Halloween and she wants to be a little naughty. If she’s wearing a princess outfit, she may be just that in real life, so beware of high maintenance later.

And hot babes, if you’re going the sexy route, you’ve got to do it with confidence. Nothing is less sexy than the girl at the Halloween party dressed in nothing but saran wrap – and a humiliated blush.

Worst dressed
Don’t stress too much about costumes. Whether you’re a girl or a guy, there’s really only one bad Halloween costume: no costume. Refusing to dress up on Halloween is like wearing a sign that says “I’m boring.” If you’re going out on Halloween, at least make an effort. Otherwise, stay home and let the rest of us have our fun.

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