In Memory of Psychic Seha

Psychic Seha | California Psychics

We are sad to share the news that Psychic Seha has passed away. Seha was a professional counselor who was also clairvoyant, clairaudient, and empathic. Seha had a straightforward approach but was also very compassionate and positive in helping to guide people through their painful experiences.

Seha had worked with California Psychics since 2008.

Some words from Seha’s loving family:

“Seha was a very strong woman. She was a spiritual woman who was in touch with her Native American roots. An avid animal lover. She loved helping others, especially her clients.”

Here is what some of Psychic Seha’s customers had to say about reading with her:

“This woman is a gift from God. Everything she has predicted in the past 3 years of my struggles has come to pass. I wanted to give up, but she was so convinced that I should hang in there for a better outcome. Well, it happened JUST the way she said over the years and more! She is a blessing and I owe so much to her for years of support when all seemed lost!”

“Seha is always rooting for me, which makes me feel really good. It’s nice to have that cheerleader in your corner.”

“Grateful because she helped me like no one has ever helped resolve my problems.”

“Seha gets to the root of issues with her clear vision and open heart. She has been guiding me for a long time and has gotten me through the most challenging of times. She is a gift to be honored.”

In Seha’s Own Words:

“I was raised within my tribal customs and hold onto those spiritual values. My experience and formal education as a professional counselor enhance my psychic abilities. I am able to understand where a person is in their emotional psyche and deliver messages in a way each person calling can understand. This enables and helps the client to leave with a better and calmer understanding of themselves and those in question. Every life is unique in its journey and we are all guided by the Divine. Learning to trust ourselves and understand that each person is of value to Universe may provide a less stress-filled life. Kindness to ourselves is important and can provide us with the nourishment to be patient and kind to others. we are not meant to understand and know all that is to be in our lives. The time in this life is a part of our journey and with each chapter of our unfolding path, our purpose can become clearer and easier to follow. I have personal experience with some souls who have crossed over and my own soul experience that validates for me, the reality that there is a mystical, Divine power.”

Seha was a dedicated and cherished member of the California Psychics family. We will miss her greatly.

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4 thoughts on “In Memory of Psychic Seha

  1. Cynthia Quiroz

    Seha gave me the most Beautiful gift! She was my friend! She was Real! Caring and extremely Compassionate! The tears are within my Heart! Since day one she told me you will meet your soulmate in your job! Not in a million the first time I believed her and 11 years we are still together planning our Wedding! Many times wanting to walk away! She told me it will be rough but you both will grow together! We have! I can’t imagine not talking to her again! My eyes fill up with tears! She genuinely was pure Hearted Beautiful! Seha will be engraved in my soul! She in my Heart will always be my Best Friend!!! I can’t say enough to just say! Rest In Peace my Beautiful Seha! I will miss you so much! No one ever like her She was Precious and one of a Kind!

  2. Danni

    What sad news! Seha was such a spiritual soul. She was one of the 1st psychics I met when I joined CP. I had the pleasure of sitting beside her at a dinner, she was warm and confident. She was interesting and wise. I am sure she is missed deeply by her family and friends left behind. May her memory be a blessing to you.

  3. misskrystal

    I was so sad to see this. I will always feel a connection to Seha. Years ago, I tried to adopt a lab, at an animal shelter. They would only let me have the puppy unless she had a companion. I could not have two dogs, at that time, for many reasons. I was very upset. Seha told me it was meant to be, and soon, the perfect match was coming for me. I always had Irish setters, but I did not live in the right environment for one, as they need to have lots of land and space. I ended up finding a wonderful family that had a female red golden retriever, who had just had puppies, but the father of the puppies did not have papers. And there I found Miss Abbey, 7 weeks old, looking just like an Irish setter pup. We go together like peas and carrots. She is just like a person. She is my pride and joy. Seha told me she was coming. Seha had beautiful energy and was very positive . A wonderful soul. Her spirit will always be strong with me. And also with so many others. I send hugs and sympathy to her family friends. God bless. Miss Krystal

  4. Abigail

    This makes me sad she was such a special soul. CP will miss her dearly as will all the clients who loved her. My condolences to her family. Her spirit never leaves and for that knowledge it brings peace to those who love her so. Many Blessings


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