Psychic Marchella Has Passed Away

Psychic Marchella Has Passed Away

In Memory of Psychic Marchella

We are sad to share the news that Psychic Marchella has passed away. Marchella was a third-generation psychic who used her numerous gifts to provide her clients with peace, guidance, and a better sense of direction. An experienced psychic for over three decades, Marchella had worked with California Psychics since 2017.

Here is what some of Psychic Marchella’s customers had to say about reading with her:

“This lady is so good at what she does. She told me I would get the job I hoped for … and I did. She said I’m going to move to another state and right before calling her I was talking about moving to another state with someone else! She is one of my favorites.”

Marchella was SO accurate about everything. I added her as one of my favorites because I know she’s the real deal. She was spot on about everything I’m currently going through in life, including relationships and future plans. I’m just amazed.”

“I’ve been reading with Marchella since she started, about 2 or 3 times a week. Thank you for the encouragement and support. You tell it like it is, and it hurts to hear sometimes but it’s the straightforward truth!”

“Marchella stands firm on the outcome of my future. No matter how bad it looks, she is always positive and calms me down. She knows me to a T and it’s pretty amazing to think someone besides me knows me so well. Thank you so much for the reading. I called crying, but I hung up with hope.”

In Marchella’s Own Words:

“I care greatly about my clients and I feel that their lives are part of mine. I work to the best of my ability to guide them on their journeys.”

Marchella was a cherished member of the California Psychics family during her brief time with us and we won’t soon forget her.

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6 thoughts on “Psychic Marchella Has Passed Away

  1. misskrystal

    God bless your soul and your loved ones who miss you. Thank you for being an angel for all of us here at CP and the clients you had here (I can feel your caring spirit). I will miss seeing you work online here at CP. Enjoy your blissful journey.

  2. Amelia

    Your love, your good work and your connectedness to Spirit will surely be missed. May we all be inspired by you and your gifts!!

  3. Poema

    Our dearest Marchella. May your eternal lite continue to shine and illuminate guidance for all of us who walk in your path of grace. My sincere thanks for sharing your gifts and may our energy reconnect in our days that follow. Brightest Blessings .
    Ext 6992


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