14 Tips for Healthier Relationships

14 Tips for Healthier Relationships

Relationship Advice for the Single or Attached

Whether you’re single and looking, just starting something new or taking a fresh approach to an existing romance, having healthier relationships just makes life more enjoyable. That’s why I’m sharing these tips for a healthier relationship with you. They’ll take your love life to the next level, making it feel fresh, happy, and full of life too.

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1. Live in the Moment
A wise person once told me, “Yesterday’s history, tomorrow’s a mystery, and all we really have is now.” It was good advice, and especially relevant when it comes to healthier relationships. Let go of old hurts and don’t spend too much time orchestrating your future—live in the moment instead.

2. Love Yourself
It’s often said that if you don’t love yourself then you can’t love someone else. After all, how will you find what you’re looking for if you don’t know who you are? And if you’re in a relationship that’s making you unhappy, love yourself enough to know you deserve better. Then move on in search of healthier relationships.

3. Be a Good Communicator
Your partner isn’t a mind reader. Speak your mind, don’t be afraid, and don’t hold back. Tell them what makes you happy or what makes you feel uncomfortable. Also, be a good listener when your other half expresses their feelings. Communication is a two-way street and happy couples have healthy communication too.

4. Don’t Try to Change Your Partner
What you see is what you get when it comes to your other half. If they’re perfect for you, they’re perfect just the way they are, and they shouldn’t change just because you want them to. Love who they are and not who you think they have the potential to be.

5. Unchain Your Heart
Give romance a chance—no matter how much it scares you and no matter how many times you’ve been hurt. Don’t take one look at someone and decide they’re not for you. Instead, start by making new friends and see if one of those friendships has the potential to turn into a romantic relationship.

6. Be Honest
Lies and secrets can kill an otherwise great relationship. The truth will certainly set you free. Healthier relationships are made up of two people who aren’t afraid to be honest with each other.

7. Trust Your Intuition
If there’s something off about your date, if you’re feeling a nagging suspicion that things just aren’t right, then listen to that voice inside your head. Don’t try to prove yourself wrong, because you’re probably right.

8. Don’t Hold on Forever Hoping For Change
If you’ve been with someone for a while (longer than six months) you know whether or not they’re on the same page as you. If it’s obvious you have different relationship goals or no goals at all, don’t hold on hoping for a change. Make that change yourself and find someone new.

9. Give a New Relationship its Due
If your last relationship was a bad one, don’t assume the next relationship is just going to be a repeat of your past. Don’t bring old baggage into a new connection either. Every relationship is unique, and every new beginning deserves a clean slate.

10. Keep Romance Alive
Life gets busy sometimes, and romance often gets put on the back burner. If you’re married or in a long-term relationship, you should definitely carve out some time for a weekly date night. That’s an ideal goal for healthier relationships too.

11. Keep Sex Interesting
Try spicing your sex life up a bit. Explore new locations, new toys, and new positions. Explore your fantasies and try a little roleplaying. Sex is supposed to be fun and it certainly is in healthier relationships.

12. Make Sure Your Relationship Has a Foundation of Friendship
The best relationships are true friendships. Instead of sharing your dark secrets or your wildest dreams with a friend, confide in your partner instead. You’ll not only deepen your relationship and have someone to laugh and cry with, but you’ll also have the added benefit of knowing you have each other’s back.

13. Have Separate Interests
That may sound counterproductive as relationship goals go, but have time away from each other so you’ll have something interesting to talk when you’re together again. Growing as individuals will only serve to bring you closer as a couple.

14. Turn Off the Electronics
Every once in a while it’s just nice to hear the sound of your lover’s voice. Power down the phone, turn the TV off or better yet, spend a night outdoors just counting your lucky stars that you’re together.

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