A Guy’s Guide to Finding True Love

A Guy's Guide to Finding True Love

True Love is Waiting for You

Finding true love isn’t so much a treasure hunt as it is a process of self-discovery. That’s because it’s much easier to attract love into your life when you have become the type of man love seeks. And that’s a man of patience, humor, sincerity, security, trust, and understanding. If you want to find true love, you need to make these six essential discoveries. Here’s your guy’s guide to love!

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1. Know What You Have to Offer
A man who identifies himself only through work is a man who’ll struggle to find and maintain love. If you live for your work, you’ll have little energy to offer a partner. Love requires that you make regular time to nurture it. It also requires that you identify what you have to offer a partner beyond monetary value, and be generous with those gifts every day you can. This is an essential part of a guy’s guide to love.

2. Love is Not Self-Focused
From birth, a man learns that he must work hard to be a success. That’s a hard-and-fast rule that also focuses on the individual. But love doesn’t play by the same rule. Love is not self-focused; it focuses on the two people who make up a romantic relationship. You don’t get a trophy for love but you do get the satisfaction of knowing that you are making someone else happy by giving them your attention, understanding, and encouragement too.

3. A Good Comic Knows His Audience
It’s easy to fall in love with a man who has a great sense of humor. It can do a lot to relieve the daily stresses of life. But the type of humor you share with your romantic partner is not always the same type of humor you share with friends or coworkers. For example, sarcasm or jokes made at another’s expense may make for a fun night with the guys, but your partner might not find that so comforting. Knowing your audience is certainly an essential element to the guy’s guide to love.

4. You Can Live With a Little Imperfection
A great partnership can be an imperfect one and the imperfections you’ll experience have several root causes. You or your partner might be saying or doing things that cause distance and disappointment. You could be focusing on past relationships—the good and the bad. Uncommon interests and unimportant disagreements could also chip away at an otherwise great partnership. The guy’s guide to love affirms that when you think about what’s good in your relationship, it’s much easier to live with the imperfections. Just appreciate the trust, intimacy, and security you already have.

5. Stop Attracting the Opposite of What You Want
You may say you’re looking for a long-term relationship, but you might not be attracting the right kind of partner for that relationship. In fact, many men show interest in the exact opposite of what they claim they’re looking for. If you prefer to get your feet wet when it comes to love and opt for a short-term relationship, you aren’t likely to dive in deep and seek out long-term love.

6. Don’t Settle for Convenience
Settling is a word thrown around women’s magazines, yet men are just as guilty of settling as women. Like men, men settle because they think that’s the best they can do. Maybe they’re over dating or have unreasonable expectations that will never be met. Maybe their biological clock is ticking and maybe they like having someone to share the bills—even if that person is someone they aren’t in love with. The guy’s guide to love doesn’t want you to bet that guy! Don’t give up on finding true love and don’t prevent someone else from finding their true love too.

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