5 Tips for a Post-Breakup Home Makeover

5 Tips for a Post-Breakup Home Makeover

Home Makeover, Breakup Edition

Memories of a relationship linger long after that relationship ends and when it comes to your home, there are probably memories of your ex all over the place. From the meals shared at your table to the movies watched on your couch, the fights in the bedroom, and all the places you made love, your home is crawling with relationship energy. Would you like to get rid of it? You certainly can with a post-breakup home makeover.

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The great thing about this home makeover is that you don’t have to completely renovate your space, replace everything or even move out. The goal is to make the space feel like your own again—a comfortable and personal space to come home to. Here are five ways to do that!

Home Makeover Tip #1: Get Rid of Their Stuff
If it belongs to your ex, you don’t need it in your space. Their clothes (yes, even the sweatshirt you loved to sleep in), their food, and their furniture all need to take a hike. Give your ex a reasonable amount of time to pick up their stuff. You can even pack it up for them. But whatever they don’t claim gets donated or thrown out. This is your space now.

Home Makeover Tip #2: Remove All Traces of the Relationship
Next, go for the photos and gifts—anything that reminds you of the relationship. You don’t need pictures of the two of you and if you can’t separate their energy from the gifts they gave you, those gifts have to go too. If getting rid of these items is too much too soon, you can pack them up and put them away for now. Send them to a storage unit, basement, a friend’s house or the back of your closet.

Home Makeover Tip #3: Make the Space Your Own
Once you’ve cleared out all reminders of your ex, go room to room and make notes on how you can use the space going forward. Perhaps you can decorate it with items you love (the same items your ex didn’t want in the house). Think about the colors and the fabrics that appeal to you. You can set up a crafting table or a reading nook too if you prefer. This is your space and you certainly don’t have to compromise on your comforts.

Home Makeover Tip #4: Surround Yourself With Inspiration
Your sanctuary could use some inspiring elements. Make a vision board for your new life, your next trip, or even your next love. Pepper your space with inspirational quotes and frame them with the frames from all those old photos of you and your ex. You can also fill those old frames with pictures of your friends, family, and pets. Make sure you have some reminders of what’s good about being single too.

Home Makeover Tip #5: Breathe New Life Into Your Post-Breakup Space
Make some non-relationship memories in your home as soon as you feel ready. Host a dinner party for your friends, have your parents over for brunch or start a meditation practice in your living room. Feel the positive energy push the negative energy out and welcome all that’s new and wonderful.

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