7 Places to Find Love on Any Vacation

Are you looking for that special someone that will make your heart melt? Maybe you need a vacation?

Get Love on Your Getaway

Whether you’re spending your vacation skiing in the mountains, relaxing on a beach, or enjoying the attractions at a theme park, you could meet that special someone at any time during your trip. Psychic Red ext. 9226 advises to use your intuition when looking for love. Even if a particular place or event wasn’t on your original agenda, if your gut feeling says to go there, do it without any further consideration. Meanwhile, if you aren’t getting any internal prompts, try these other suggestions. If you would like more ideas on where to vacation for love call one our knowledgeable psychics now.

Go Where There’s Water

Many vacation resorts and retreats offer some type of hot tub, pool, or mineral springs. The therapeutic benefits of water attract people, so put on your favorite swim suit and a big smile. Conversation around water is easy, because everyone is feeling good. Don’t be afraid to “test the waters” with casual chats in this environment.

Visit the Gift Shop

If your vacation spot has a gift shop, be sure to visit it daily to see who else is exploring the area. Virtually any item in the shop can be a conversation starter if you see an attractive fellow shopper. “Pardon me, sir. Which t-shirt do you think would look best on me?”

Frequent an Early Morning Hangout

It’s true that the early bird catches the worm. While everyone else is sleeping in late, visit the coffee shop to see who else is ready for a full day of fun. There’s less competition and more time to get to know each other. One of my friends met her husband this way. She was just quietly reading a book alone as the sun came up, and her husband felt compelled to meet this fellow early riser.

Go to Places That Acknowledge Your Birthday

If you are treating yourself to a birthday vacation, be sure to celebrate at a place that gives you special attention on your birthday, such as a restaurant where the employees sing happy birthday to you. Psychic Marin ext. 5113 says that “there is usually a boost of energy that occurs within one’s aura on a birthday.” That is just the type of radiating energy that will attract available men or women to come wish you the best on your special day. This is a great opportunity to talk about astrology and see if you’re compatible.

Relax in a Lobby or Lounge

Whether your entire vacation is about winding down, or if you plan an active vacation that will require a few hours of unwinding now and then, a good place to do this is in a lobby or lounge that has couches or long bench tables. The point is to sit someplace where others will need to join you if they want to sit down. After you two are sharing space, conversation will be the natural next step.

Do Activities That Require Teamwork

If you prefer vacations where you will be participating in exhilarating adventures or administering charitable services, be sure to sign up for a team. When people work together on any project, they naturally bond. One of my friends is still in touch with people she met on a trip to Egypt more than twenty years ago.

Put Yourself in Confined Places

Any activity that requires you to be together with other people in a small space will be conducive to conversation, such as a boat, train, tour bus, or even elevators at luxury hotels — the taller the building, the better to ensure more time to socialize.

Keep the Faith

If you don’t find love on your next vacation, don’t lose faith. In the book “Small Miracles: Extraordinary Coincidences From Everyday Life,” authors Yitta Halberstam and Judith Leventhal describe a true story about a young widow named Carol who married a young widower named Bob. About ten years after they married, Carol was showing Bob photos of her and her first husband’s honeymoon in France. While looking at a photo of the two at Lourdes, Bob noticed another couple standing in the background. It was him and his first wife!

So look closely at your vacation photos. It’s possible that, although you didn’t actually meet your future spouse on the trip, you might still have crossed paths and will come together later in your lives.

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