9 Exercises That Heal a Broken Heart

Your Sensitive Heart

Heartbreak can come from loss, separation, disagreements, hurt, death or just a plain old breakup. It’s not an easy subject to talk about, and we’ve all experienced it at one time or another. Although extremely strong, our hearts are also incredibly sensitive, and that’s why you need to learn these powerful exercises to heal a broken heart.

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To quote a wise psychic, “The mind knows what it should do, but the heart wants what it wants.” That’s why these nine powerful exercises take a two-pronged approach to healing—they heal the logical side and the energetic side. You’re about to get some advice that covers it all and translates into powerful exercises that can heal a broken heart. Get back to the place where you can both give and receive love again!

First, the logical side of healing a broken heart:

1. Let Yourself Grieve, but Not for too Long
Yes, grieving a relationship and nurturing a broken heart are healthy things to do, but it’s not healthy to do them for too long. Let yourself grieve for a healthy amount of time and engage in self-care rituals. Then move on. You don’t want to carry this baggage into a new relationship.

2. Make a Clean Break
Though you may want to stay friends with your ex or maintain a relationship with his/her friends, you’ll never heal your broken heart if you maintain a connection to them. And if you and your ex maintain the physical end of your relationship while being disconnected emotionally, you’ll just wind up as friends with benefits, and that won’t help you heal your relationship or your broken heart.

3. Remove Them from Your Social Media
With the onset of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all the other venues of voyeurism, this is probably one of the biggest hurdles to get over. It can be beyond tempting to take a peek and see what your ex is up to. Or worse, the temptation to engage in a social media squabble may be too hard to resist for some, so just block or remove them all together. Don’t waste your time being a social stalker! Just get out and live your own life.

4. Find Yourself Again
While in a relationship, so much of your life revolves around being part of a couple. This feels normal, but it can also mean you’re losing part of your individualism. While you’re nursing your broken heart, get to know yourself again. Then show the world who you are! Eventually, you will find yourself again—or even a new or better you. The more effort you make, the quicker you’ll be able to heal your broken heart.

5. Put on a Happy Face (Even if You’re Faking It)
It’s true, you can fake a smile and trick your brain into feeling happy. So show those pearly whites! Eventually, you’ll feel on the inside what you project on the outside.

6. Start Dating Again
No one says you have to get into a relationship right away, but just the act of getting out there and mingling with new and interesting people will do wonders to heal a broken heart. According to psychologytoday.com, “… less time between partners is linked to more self-esteem, less attachment anxiety, and less attachment avoidance.”

Now, let’s dive into the energetic side of healing a broken heart with these exercises:

7. Cut the Cord
Whenever we’re in a relationship of any kind, we become tied or tethered to that relationship and that person. Energetic tethers are invisible but very real, and if you mean to cut ties with someone you must also cut those energetic tethers. Use your index and middle finger to form a pair of scissors. Cut around the outline of your whole body, head to toe and back up again, while saying: “I hereby cut all cords that no longer represent my highest and greatest good.”

8. Cleanse and Align Your Chakras
Chakras are wheels of energy found throughout your body—seven of them run along the spine, and one of those is your heart chakra. When your heart is broken, your heart chakra definitely needs a little TLC. Also, since they all work as a team, if one chakra is not working properly, all of the others cannot work effectively either. You can find videos on the Web to assist you in realigning your chakras.

9. Ground Yourself
Take a walk outside and kick off your shoes. Stand in grass, dirt, sand or just about anywhere with your feet apart just enough to balance, and feel the earth beneath your feet. Close your eyes and imagine yourself connecting to the Earth. You can keep it simple or expand your connection, but doing this for just five or 10 minutes a day will help you feel more grounded and centered.

Try one of these powerful exercises or try them all. They will help you feel whole and happy again, and most importantly, they’ll help you heal a broken heart.

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8 thoughts on “9 Exercises That Heal a Broken Heart

  1. Nancy Neal

    Thank you for this article, I lost my husband a year ago on 08-24-16.I have been struggling with how to find the me I will be since he’s gone.I needed this so badly,couldn’t have come at a better time.Blessings and peace.

    1. LJ

      Nancy: So sorry to hear about your loss, and I’m so glad that you found this information useful and timely. Blessings and peace to you.

  2. Russell Potts

    That’s very true me and my ex girlfriend have been talking and texting I wuz in love with her with all my heart. I just wonder if she still loves me or just useing me her name is Renee harris she is a vergo I’m just wondering if u think we will be back together we been on and off over 6yrs can u tell me what u see in the future for us

    1. Deb

      Six years is a long time for an on and off love affair. Yes she is just using you. No future in this type relationship, time to move on!

    2. LJ

      Dear Russell:
      If you’ve been on and off for six years, the question you should ask yourself is “Why?” … why can’t you just make it or break it after so long, why don’t you know how she feels about you after all this time, why can’t you decide what it is that you want and see if your desires match – if they do, then great – if not, then maybe it’s time to move on. I can’t do a psychic reading for you, but I can give you the questions that deserve real answers. Call a Love Psychic and see if they can guide you towards your best and highest future. Good luck my friend.

  3. Quinn ext.5484Psychic -quinn

    Dear LJ,
    You are one of my favorite writers. This article is so important – as a psychic reader I can tell a person to let go of the hurt, etc. where in this article you actual give how to leg go. Some of the simple things in life can be the hardest to do. This list is a sure way to get yourself back on track.
    Buddha Bless,


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