Don’t Always Pursue a Karmic Connection

Can You Let Your Soulmate Go? 

One of the hardest things for us to do is to let go of loved ones when there has been a karmic connection between our souls—our deepest selves. A karmic connection can be defined as one in which we have been closely related as a lover, a friend or family member to someone in a past lifetime, perhaps more than once. You might know them as your soulmate.

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Souls tend to travel in groups throughout eternity for the purpose of helping each other along the evolutionary path to perfection. It takes many lifetimes, throughout many centuries, to achieve the soul’s Divine plan in most cases. Souls change genders, social status, physical and mental capability and other characteristics throughout time in order to experience many different conditions that lead to growth and realization.

Relationships and Soul Growth

Relationships are key to this kind of growth. Sometimes the relationship is one of irresistible passion and romantic love. There is even that indefinable spiritual something in the interchange. You complete each other’s thoughts in conversation and there is the feeling of being “home.” Sometimes that person is encountered in the present life in the most mundane settings, settings like work, the neighborhood, a committee, a school or even within your own family. When you meet your soulmate or twin, there is a sense of confusion and cluelessness. You are so magnetically and unexplainably drawn to them, but what if you can’t have them? What if something prevents you from being together?

“Cindy’s” Story

It seems cruel to be presented with this drama. You may wonder why you’re meeting now when you’re unavailable or they’re unavailable. If you’re taken, or if they’re taken, you may feel bad that you want them instead of your partner or you want to take them away from their partner. This exact situation happened to my caller “Cindy.”

“Cindy” Met “Mike”

“Cindy” has been in a marriage with her childhood sweetheart for about 10 years. They have two kids, one with Downs Syndrome. “Cindy” and her husband have a deep, strong bond with each other and their kids. But then “Cindy” met “Mike.” He’s the father of a Downs Syndrome child and they go to the same monthly support group at their local hospital. When she first saw him, he gave her butterflies, she said, and it was more than a physical attraction. Yes, “Mike” was nice looking, but there were better-looking men in the room. “Cindy” just wanted to run up to him and hug him, and she told me she felt ridiculous and weird about it. She felt like she was going crazy.

“Mike” Felt the Connection too

“Cindy” shifted in her chair, so as not to look at”Mike,” but when he started sharing his story, her eyes filled with tears and she felt flooded with tenderness and understanding in a way that was very unusual. As she looked cautiously up into his face, it was plain to see that he felt the same way. His body language, eye contact, and voice all spoke volumes to her in the one-hour group therapy session. And afterward, his eyes followed her pleadingly as she picked up her jacket and prepared to leave the room.

As a regular participant, she empathized often with the other group members, but never as totally as this! They shared common concerns and offered support to other members all the time. “Mike’s” story, however, hit her in the gut, in a personal way, in a way that the other stories didn’t. She left for the drive home that evening feeling shaken. As she slowly drove back to her husband and kids, she knew she needed further clarification.

A Past Life Mate

My reading with “Cindy” the next day revealed that “Cindy” had just encountered a past life mate. He had died prematurely, protecting her from an invader’s attack just as their first child was to be born. Now, her soul carries an imprint in the Akashic Record that will never leave until the karmic conditions were right for “Cindy” and “Mike” to get another chance at love and life together in a future incarnation.

A Future Mate

As we explored her situation during the call, it became clear, though, that “Cindy” did, in fact, love and want to be with her present husband in this present life. She was able to understand the reasons for her magnetic draw to “Mike,” and to see that by acknowledging her feelings and letting them go, that the chances for “Mike” and “Cindy” to be together again in a future life were solid. We saw that there was a destiny that she could count on for a future incarnation with “Mike,” while still staying in her current relationship fully and happily in this lifetime.

My reading with “Cindy” revealed that we are safe in letting go completely with total trust in the Universe because what belongs to us will return to us in due time within the universal order.

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5 thoughts on “Don’t Always Pursue a Karmic Connection

  1. S. Lynn

    I’ve been told by a psychic before that what I have with a friend of mine is a karmic relationship but he is talking to his ex again and she manipulated him and recently he’s been pushing me away and we were starting something before she showed up again. Is this a lost cause or is he going back to her I just don’t want to see him hurt again

  2. Thomas Ellenbrook

    If I can not have her then why put me through the process and hard “,just work” for no reason at all. I feel her she is wondering what is taking me so long.

  3. Lisa Ann

    Sorry I can’t phone you due to my hearing barrier.will I bring my ex date back from the past? As I know we can’t stay in our marriage my husband is March 5 1959 n mine is Dec 7 1965. I have no future feeling because I m so sad that I do still have the feelings of my ex date so much. I don’t want to disadvantage of my hope.


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