Feng Shui for Singles

So you’re looking for love. The great news is, you can attract it — and doing so is easier than you think! At least that’s what practitioners of the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui say. In fact, singles looking for love may just be the perfect people to try this long-used method of creating abundance in life, and more specifically, in love!

Take these tips (both practical and theoretical) for drawing in the partner you’ve been seeking.

Make room for love
The first thing you want to do to make room for love, is to quite literally make room for a lover! This means your bed should never be flush up against a wall. There should be room for two people to climb in on either side and ideally, side tables should be present on both the left and right sides of your bed. This is telling the universe that you’re prepared to accommodate a mate, and in turn opening yourself up to finding one.

While you’re at it, consider how this ideal can be applied in a more figurative sense. Are you a closed-off person? Do you tend to shy away from speaking with new people at social events? Are you so focused on not appearing desperate that you come off as aloof? One of the most important things you can do metaphysically, if you want to find love, is to be open to it. You have to try your best to be welcoming rather than apprehensive. And even if you are frightened (after all, change is not easy for any of us, and having someone in your life would certainly be adding a new element into the mix), you have to be brave. You have to believe that the right person will come along and accept the truth that you’re going to have to kiss some frogs on the way to your prince. Otherwise, how would you recognize him?!

The power of two
Feng Shui experts say one of the best ways a singleton can promote finding love is to decorate with the magical number two in mind. What does this mean?

Well, if you want to be stringent in your Feng Shui following, you should place two swans or two cranes (any animals that mate for life) in the far right corner of your bedroom. But if two animal figures wouldn’t exactly go with your décor, consider instead two red candles in that same space. On that same note, try to keep most decorative flourishes in pairs, particularly in the bedroom, but also in the kitchen. Symbolically, that’s the heart and soul of a home — relationships (and people) are “fed” there.

In a less practical (but equally vital) way, start thinking of yourself as part of a pair. If you can’t imagine yourself as anything but single, it’s going to be harder for you to find love. It may be a stretch (particularly if you’ve been single for a while), but try to imagine what it would feel like to be in a relationship — or even better, what you want to feel like in your ideal pairing. As you start to envision yourself not just as loved, but loving, you will begin to feel as you imagine yourself feeling. This energy shift may be just the thing you need to attract the partner of your dreams!

It’s in the eye of the beholder
Love depends upon your ability to see yourself in it (see the last tip)! This isn’t just some New Age gobbley-gook, it’s true. Most people who date easily do so because they expect to have a partner. While they may occasionally doubt themselves, on the whole, they believe they are worthy of love, can — and will — wind up happy with someone. On the other hand, those who struggle the most allow themselves to live in fear of never finding someone. They settle for the easy way rather than the right way and oftentimes either cling to the wrong mate despite knowing they’re not well-matched or steer clear of potential partners altogether. Feng Shui practitioners believe that we must envision ourselves in the relationship we desire, with a mate we desire in order to see that relationship come to fruition.

So what can you do, practically speaking, to express your newfound vision of love? Buy yourself a gift that symbolizes your ideal (not idealized) relationship and place it somewhere prominent in your home. That way, you can look on it often and imagine yourself where you want to be. Imagination, as we know, is the first step to creation, and by envisioning yourself as part of a pair, you’re on your way to finding that other half!

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