How to Find the Right Partner

Someone to Share Your Life With

Love is something that humanity is ever seeking. It is perhaps the most essential experience that each and every one of us desires and craves. It can be more than daunting to navigate the realm of potential partners and life mates. But fear not! Though this task is harrowing, there are ways to decipher which partners are best for you and which ones are not.

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Attraction is perhaps the most notable step within this mate-seeking process. You must have reciprocal attraction. Do not waste your time and energy on someone who does not reciprocate attraction to you. They will likely not change their mind and you can’t force that change. Instead focus on developing a relationship with someone who does share an attraction with you.

Attractiveness isn’t all about superficial appearance. In fact, it is much better if the attraction is felt more so for what lies beneath. Perhaps it is the way they experience the world, or their perspectives on the world around them. Perhaps you are drawn to them because they have a light that shines from them when they do what they love, or when they look at you. This is not something that can be enacted by artificial means. Therefore, do not push for yourself to feel attraction to any person. It must happen organically in order for you to find the right partner.


Connection is something that falls dangerously close to attraction but it goes further. When two people are connected it is a profound and unique experience. Often times there will be uncanny synchronicity between the two that cannot be explained. There could be an extraordinary understanding of your partner’s experiences/thoughts/opinions. You may know their frame of mind and emotions. Or, you may share a bizarre feeling of intensity whenever you are around them, and subsequently they feel the same when they’re around you.

Interests don’t always have to line up exactly. Too much similarity between you and your partner rides the dangerous thin line bordering on unhealthy. Having at least a couple of interests you can explore together will bond you. However, you should also make sure that your partner has other interests, and that you two can share and talk about them openly.


Personality is the most important component in any potential partner. You must be compatible with them as a person. All else aside, the two of you must have complimentary personas. While they do say opposites attract, it is arguably a better decision in the long term to partner with someone who parallels who you are. For example, a narcissistic, emotionally distant, rather dry-witted and sarcastic individual would not likely be able to maintain a long-term, healthy relationship with a hypersensitive, emotionally needy, and idealistic person.  A personality that is complementary to yours is absolutely paramount to finding the right partner.

Compassionate Challenge

This is teamwork at its best! When a couple is compassionately challenging to each other it means that where one is weak the other is strong and helps their partner, and vice versa. For example when one is great in matters of finance and the other struggles in finance, or when one is great at expressing themselves while their partner can’t seem to communicate clearly, their partner helps by supporting them and slowly raising their partner’s ability in such areas. Fortifying your partner when they need it and then also accepting their support when you need it is what any successful and happy couple does on a regular basis.


However insurmountable it may seem to find the right partner, it is also perhaps the biggest realization of self-discovery you can have. You must truly understand who you are and what you want in order to understand what or who you need. From there you can use these tips in figuring out who is right for you. There is no one-size-fits-all mate that everyone can strive for. The right partner is someone who fits into your life without a lot of effort, and supports you. They’re someone who gives you exactly what you need, but who also understands that you both should strive to be the best versions of yourselves together.

Finding Each Other

How do you go about finding this person? By being honest with yourself and others, expressing your truest self to your fullest extent, and opening up your heart to finding someone you can share your life with. It really is that simple. You will find the universe will lead you to the right partner for you (or they will be led to you) as long as you open yourself up to finding them. Put yourself out there! Love yourself! Let your inner light shine and you will both find each other.

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