This Week in Tarot: February 12 – 18

The Power of Oracle Cards

The Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards are some of the more intense cards I have used, and I want to continue using the deck this week, rather than using a Tarot deck. But don’t worry! I have many Tarot decks to share with you—all in good time. As I said last week, each card has a color associated with it, and each color comes with a bit of wise guidance:

  • RED: Let your intuition be your guide.
  • ORANGE: Learn to observe your emotions.
  • YELLOW: Explore your thought process.
  • GREEN: Discover the wisdom of the heart.
  • BLUE: Find your way of expressing yourself.
  • PURPLE: Learn to see without sight.
  • NEUTRAL: Embrace the spirit of the universal consciousness.

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DAY – ENLIGHTENMENT (Yellow). Waking up is a beautiful thing. But in order to see the light, getting rid of fears is of the utmost importance. Take a good look at your decision-making process. But, if you don’t have one, it’s time to put it together. EVENING – PERCEPTION (Green). With a new decision-making process in hand, the way you look at yourself and view others will certainly elevate. It is nice to know you will get a good night’s sleep as your thinking will be clear.


DAY – IMPATIENCE (Blue). There are times when we put our heads in the sand like the ostrich. When we do this we think that no one can see us because we cannot see them. But let’s face it, all they see is the bottom up. Because of testiness we put people off. Instead, calm down and let the flow happen. EVENING – CONFUSION (Neutral). Out of confusion comes wisdom. The day was a rough one and now that you are home and ready to enjoy a night with loved ones, you can relax. The state of mind you fall asleep with will be the state of mind you wake up with. Therefore, it is time to sort things out.


DAY –WORKAHOLIC (Blue). Express yourself. By putting the pedal to the metal you make this day one of accomplishments. People might say you work too hard. However, you should just shrug it off and keep plugging away. Times will change and you will have a much better schedule without pressure.  EVENING – JOY (Yellow). We all seek joy, and after this insane work day, a joyful night is certainly on the menu. Tonight you see things in a different light.


DAY – GOSSIP (Green). Who doesn’t love a little gossip? The words said seem to be harmless. However, you should listen to what is being said. There is some truth to the situation and it will certainly come to the forefront by the end of the week. EVENING – WISDOM (Green). When people gossip they learn about human nature. This gives us the wisdom and ways to handle difficult times. The heart is full and ready to take on whatever needs to be done.


DAY – ISOLATION (Blue). In the privacy of your office or work space, wherever that might be, there will be some introspective thinking about how to express yourself in a more basic way so that others who are listening will understand. Use this time wisely, because it will open up a perfect pathway.  EVENING – FAITH (Purple). Inner vision is the name of the game. Have faith in yourself and those you love so that your senses are heightened and more information is absorbed.


DAY – EXPANSION (Blue). The theme of the day is “Bringing about more.” It is being done by expressing truth and fairness. The amount of time spent on any of your projects will certainly be well worth the efforts. EVENING – DISCOVERY (Red). The inner voice is pointing the way to new and wonderful events. However, this brings change. Reveal what needs to be known and share that information, because this will carry you into the weekend with a smile.


DAY – FORGIVENESS (Purple). Close your eyes and with your third eye see the person who needs to be forgiven. You don’t have to forget what they did. However, for peace of mind, forgiveness is a blessing that is not always easy to learn. It will make the situation better. EVENING – COMPLETION (Orange). Tonight, your emotional well-being is at a high. Getting things done and putting an end to what is not needed clears space, not only in our minds but in our hearts as well.

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