Find Your Soulmate Using Your Intuition

Learn to Trust Your Gut!

It doesn’t seem hard to find love. Dating websites and apps are so common and in theory, they should make finding your soulmate easier than the days before these technological advances. But let’s be honest. Some of the people you match with or show interest in aren’t really good for you or aren’t looking for the same level of commitment you are (no matter what their profile says).

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There’s a better way to find your soulmate. Instead of trying to find them using technology, why not tap into your own intuitive abilities? Here are three tips to get you going.

1. Trust Your Gut
That little voice in your head you hear right before making a decision or after you meet someone new is a valuable tool. Forget being logical, that voice is your gut instinct or intuition. Gut reactions aren’t random; they’re intuitive instruction, and they’ve been around longer and are more trustworthy than any dating app or website could ever be. If you like someone or think they’re a great match, check in with your feelings first, and if you feel like something is off, trust that feeling. If you ignore it, it’s only going to become more prominent.

2. Leave the Past Behind
Some people have problems trusting their gut because they can’t determine if their reactions stem from the present moment or something from their past. Perhaps they were burned by someone before. Perhaps their new love interest resembles an old flame in some way. While learning from past mistakes is important, it’s also important to not lump all potential soulmates into the “no” category just because they look or act like an ex. A past memory isn’t the same as your intuition, so don’t confuse the two.

3. Go Beyond Appearance and Attraction
Have you ever been speed dating or gone to a singles event and been immediately attracted to or turned off by someone without having talked to them? If you want to find your soulmate, it’s important to dig deeper than the superficial. Yes, being attracted to someone is important, but we all know looks fade while feelings stick around forever.

Some Things to Consider

In order to activate your intuition, you’ll need to become more aware of your feelings and your body. Does your energy shift (in a good or bad way) while in this person’s presence? When you are with them, do you feel confident, heard, energized and safe? When they laugh or joke, does it come off as genuine, or does it seem forced or like an act? And, when you part ways, do you find it hard to say goodbye? Can you talk to them for hours on end? Do you feel like you’ve met before or known them in a past life? If you can answer yes to these questions, you’ve probably met your soulmate or twin flame!

So, are you ready to use your gut as your guide? Are you ready to consult it during your dating process and throughout life? If you’re still unsure, I’m here to help you! I can read your current relationship or guide you to your soulmate.


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9 thoughts on “Find Your Soulmate Using Your Intuition

  1. marin5113Marin 5113

    GEMINI6 and Natasha –
    I often find it is when you surrender, when you are not “looking” for love, that it sweeps you off your feet! Hoping that you get swept off your feet soon when you are least expecting it!

  2. marin5113Marin 5113

    Julie – Your family and friends love you and are guarding you, so you can avoid potentially getting hurt. This is understandable. It could be concerning that you have developed such a connection, yet there have been hurdles that have prevented your from meeting. It could logically sound suspicious to them. Only YOU know how YOU feel, and it is intense. There is something there! Before forming any decisions, wait until you have formally met and then reassess. By doing so, your loved ones will be more comfortable with the situation, ready to meet him, and likely change their opinion. This is taking time, and I do sense fears and delays, but deep feelings like this that your intuition is sensing do not happen often, and this is worth pursuing. Keep both your eyes and heart open.

  3. marin5113Marin 5113

    Nancy – I understand your situation, and these can be some of the most agonizing. But if you “don’t expect it to happen” it will not. Sadly, you have already shut down.
    Attracting Love 101: Don’t be afraid to open to love, for fear of never finding it. Be open to receiving love, and it will find you. I know this sounds easier than it may in fact emotionally be for you, but it is the way energy works, especially in attracting love.
    I believe in you, and I believe in you finding love.

  4. marin5113Marin 5113

    malcom – Thanks for taking time out of your day to read my article. I appreciate your feedback, and glad that you were able to gain something from it. I do write blogs occasionally, and hope you will enjoy my future postings.

  5. GEMINI6

    Hi! Marin, thank u for your article very informative. I have had a lot of bad luck in dating and finding my life partner. I will have to practice your advice with the gut feeling. Its crazy but, you forget about your inner voice sometimes and don’t pay attention to it. Thou right now I have stopped dating all together it is just to upsetting and hurtful. I prefer to take care of
    myself and do the things I want to do and enjoy my journey without the drama. I have more important things to do in my life then to go thru the game all over again. I pray to god and to the angels for peace and strength everyday, and my prayers have been answered. I leave everything in gods hands. Hope to see more articles from you Marin thank you.

  6. Natasha

    I met mine and it was just as you said. I felt like I had known him for years – the first time we met we talked 3 hours. We would send emails to each other at exactly the same time of day sometimes. We would finish each others thoughts.

    When I was with him time flew by and I felt at peace. When he left, it was as if my arm had been ripped off – very painful. It was the most magical thing in my life, but sadly he chose to leave. I have dated others and tried to keep an open mind, but have not felt anything like what he and I had. I’m not giving up because I know there’s another soul mate out there and I don’t want to settle for “just okay.” There’s truly nothing better than a soul mate connection.

  7. malcom

    Great article. Unlike many here, nor condescending, nor with a goal that is not genuine. I applaud you and wish you a great day!

  8. Julie

    Hello, I have been talking by msg and phone for almost 6 months now. There have been logical reasons why we have not met. My instincts are telling me that this is good, but many of friends/relatives are saying he is a scammer. We talk about everything, (I still have my respect), we can talk for hours. We have same humour, thoughts, values, expectations. We have laughed, cried. smiled, discussed, argued with working/talking through it. So many ways, I can tell what he is thinking and vice versa, He says “I know my Julie and you need to tell me what the problem is”. We are feeling like soul mates and best friends.
    I am torn between what “doubters” say, and my instincts. He says he wants to show all doubters that he is who he is. His birthday is 16/12/55, mine is 4/7/56.
    He lives in U.S. I live in Canada. When he comes over he will be here to stay.
    Thank you, Julie.

  9. Nancy

    Every question, I was able to answer yes to, when thinking of a certain person. Problem is, he’s already taken. And every guy I meet, I compare to him, for I know he is truly what would make me happy. So I wait for a double oF him to come along,which I dint expect to happen.


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