How Do You Know When a Relationship Is Over?

Time to Compromise, or Time to Move On?

Psychic Seren ext. 5445 has some clear advice to help you recognize when it might be time to move on from a relationship. See her video and read more of her comments below for support and guidance when dealing with this difficult decision.

Seren is a no-tools reader with strong empathic and clairsetient gifts. I recently got to chat with her about love, life and relationships. I also learned more about her abilities. She says, “It comes in a variety of different ways. Sometimes it’s just a sense of physical knowing. Sometimes I hear messages, sometimes I see things. For the line it’s really great for me because I actually read energy just by hearing someone’s voice.”

When There’s a Conflict Between You and Your Partner

Seren says, “Unfortunately, although we try to compromise in relationships to make both people happy, there are times when that’s not possible. Sometimes that might mean moving away from a relationship that you’ve outgrown. It does happen. Most times, though, there’s an ability to reach some sort of compromise, or to encourage the partner to understand. But there are times when you do have to leave that relationship behind.” Is it time to compromise or time to move on? Talking with a psychic like Psychic Seren ext. 5445 can help you get the insight you need to make a challenging decision.

Signs it Might Be Time to Move on

I asked Seren what are the key signs we should look out for that are telling us it’s time to let go, and consider a breakup. She replied, “Any time a relationship makes you feel bad about yourself. Shakespeare said it best: “This, above all, to thine own self be true, for it follows then as night follows day, thou can be false to no man.” This is true because we need to have integrity in our relationships with others. That starts with a sense of integrity in ourselves. I have something I call the 75% rule, and I apply this to all of my relationships. If I’m happy with and comfortable in the relationship 75% of the time, it’s a good relationship. There are times it might fall down, but people go through different things at different points in their lives, and you have to be willing to look and see how much is temporary. But if it’s a constant that’s causing you stress or happiness or to feel bad about yourself, if the person is so needy that you’re not accomplishing what you need to accomplish, these are all signs that it’s time to at least consider moving away from it.” Talk with Psychic Seren ext. 5445 to understand signs you may be receiving about your relationship.

Talk With a Psychic

“There are many times we get caught up in what we want, or what we think we want. Or our fears about what we want. So maybe our judgment or perspective is a little clouded. So it’s really great to have an objective person who’s not tied to the result, or tied to the outcome, who can say to us, well, have you considered this? Or have you seen this, or this is going to happen. It’s actually quite helpful. A lot of times it’s all you need to get you back on track.” In need of relationship guidance? Try calling a psychic counselor like Psychic Seren ext. 5445 today!

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29 thoughts on “How Do You Know When a Relationship Is Over?

  1. Sonja

    I have been in a a 6 1/2 years marriage with my husband and for the most of the marriage we have broken up and got back together for most of the marriage. Actually my husband have left me so many times that I can’t even count how many times this have happen and repeatedly every year around about the same time. My husband cheated on me 2 years ago and actually before I met him while we were dating I believe that he was seeing someone but when he met me, he stop seeing the woman and believe kept ties with her, because at one time they use to work together and in the same department, but my husband lied to me that he was still working with his ex-girlfriend that he was going to marry before me, but when his previous wife died about 7 years ago from breast cancer, it’s like he was in a hurry to get married because he was a preacher and pastor of a church and I believe before his congregation would find out what he was doing and also after his wife died and before, that he probably would lose his church, because in my faith you cannot pastor a church without a wife. So one day he call me while we were dating to tell me he had a confession to make to me that his supposedly ex-girlfriend had began to start stalking him, calling him a lot and showing up at his unannounced at his house, that he had to disconnect his phone service because of the harrassing calls and how she threaten to go to his congregation and reveal to them what they had been doing even during the sickness of his first wife, because when I met him his wife wasn’t dead even six months he approach me and within one month we start dating and the next month we got married. Knowing that was too soon, because we hadn’t dated each other long enough and I didn’t get to really know him as an individual, but I had prayed for God to send me a husband and he seemed to be interested in me and we had good times together dating that I thought he was the one for me, but after I married him,like someone said the true colors begin to come out in him, he wasn’t as spiritual and faithful person that I thought he was, since he was married to his first wife for about 27 years I really thought I had found the right one, but this man have given me pure hell from the time we’ve been married from the cheating, lies, deception, not being respectful or supportive of me, not being financially responsible and very abusive to me vervable and mentally, he haven’t never hit me ,but we have had some serious fights that could’ve lead to that,but because I’ve worked in the legal field/law enforcement for about 15 to 20 years I think he is afraid to mess with me in that area.
    From the beginning of the marriage I never really trusted him and also felt like he wasn’t truly over his first wife death, that It seem like I was in competition with her even though she was deceased and myself never have been excepted by his children or nor his family, that I he didn’t introduce me to until after we got married and at the ceremony of our
    wedding. So you see that my whole marriage seem like a big fat lie!!! We argue all the time, we can’t seem never agree on anything, there’s no relationship with each other, barely a sexual relationship with each other, no communication or trust, it’s like we are just roommates, but yet we say we love each other. This man have almost destroyed me mentally, spiritually and physically, it’s like I’ve lost myself and identity of who I am. I am really depressed, miserable, hurt and feel alone. He don’t give me any attention that a woman like to have from her husband, we hardly do anything together or he take me places and when we do it’s always an argument or being accused of someone looking at me or being too flirty. I am a sociable person not just with just one person but everyone and i am a kind hearted, free-spirited person that he can’t seem to get with and don’t try to be sociable with other people, whether it’s my family, friends or church or anyone that I have a close connection with me. Six months ago, I moved to a place where he’s originally from to try to rekindle my marriage from a separation of 2 years since I caught him cheating on me, not just with one woman several and it wasn’t the ex either. I dropped everything that I had, my job, family, friends and my church family to come and be with him to prove to him I wanted the marriage and even though we were still communicating and visiting each other from time to time, I felt like if we were still going to be married to each other that we should be under the same roof, that I preached to him the entire time of the separation which cause me so much pain and hurt being separated from ,I have let him come in and out of my life so many times til I’m drained and like one of the other person that commented about ,I have been the one have been the initiator of this our relationship, the breakups and getting back together of trying to hold this marriage together, but now I am seriously tired, mentally and physically drained of trying to pleased someone that obviously don’t love and respect me as his wife or an individual.
    I am presently unemployed and have no money, from the move of my home town to just to be with him. I haven’t had very much luck finding a job here yet, I’ve had a few prospect but so far nothing yet, now he got me a point that I got to depend on him for support and when he was out of a job or wasn’t making a lot of money, when I was working I handle a big portion of the bills and made sure he had what he needed and never complained about what I was doing, but now since the shoe is on other foot he is beginning to treat me like crap, talking to me any kind of way and have very little to do with me and try to degrade me as an individual where my self-esteem is very low, to the point of not wanting to get up out the bed and do nothing for myself. Help!!! What should I do? It’s seem as though i am trapped and in bondage under his command but I must make a move and soon I just can’t take it anymore. Even though I do love my husband, but not in love with him anymore , because of all the turmoil I’ve been through with him.I feel like I am in a no win situation. I want my life back and peace of mind because this situation have made me to do and say things that have been out of character and this is not me!!!!! but right now with no finance it’s hard to get out but since i have been trying to stay it’s beginning to really affect me mentally and in my health. I go to do something but What!!!!!!!!!

  2. karen

    i was in a 5 and a half year relationship we have children how do i move on he already has a new girlfriend but im stuck?

  3. Galina

    Sophia, your words describe so many painful situations. I believe that equality is the key. And this should be based on respect for each other, and each other’s needs, as well as honesty. If we cannot be honest with the people we hold closest to our hearts, then we need to ask ourselves why. Something is not working.

  4. Beverly Felske

    I am in a relationship with a man whose wife of 35 years died last June 2011. It started
    shortly after New Year’s although I met him in December 2011 and knew before even
    talking to him he was “the ONE” for me. We are both older but look and think a lot
    younger. The problem seems to be “bad timing”. I hadn’t had a real relationship for
    many years and had been celibate for 3 yrs. Even though he was married, his wife had
    declared celibacy for th last 12 yrs. of their marriage. He said sex was not ever good for
    them but he honoured his marriage vows and took care of her until she died. He says they
    were “soul mates” and had so much more. But he was and is a very sexual person, as am
    I. We “clicked” immediately and spent a most beautiful month together, it was like we had
    known each other all our lives. We shared great (unbelievable) sex, great (unbelievable)
    Now the problem: I have fallen in love with him. He says he loves me but is not “in love”
    with me. He feels he has to go out and experience new and different things and feels it
    would be unfair to both of us to continue a relationship in the “traditional” sense.
    I understand. Every day (sometimes every minute) with him has been new and unique and I have treasured every moment. But I know it is time to give him his space. He
    needs to follow his dreams and experience life on his own terms.
    Of course this is still tearing me apart even though I know. It’s true “love hurts” but
    sometimes you have to let go – that’s part of love too.
    Each day is a new day. There are never any guarantees. No one knows what the future
    will bring.
    For me, I ask my “cosmic friend” and the universe to help and guide me with the pain I am
    I have to experience my life too but I will never forget him and the wonder of it all even
    though it was a short time. He changed my life for the better and he will always be in my
    heart. BEV

  5. Seren ext. 5445Seren, Ext 5445

    rosemary wrote:
    this weekend we are celebrating our 30th annivsery. my man told me please no v-day cards or or gifts. i said o.k. we have not been doing very well,and i know he has a girlfriend.i wonder if i am getting divorce papers. i will be so thrilled to be rid of him,anyone have any vibes on this. he’s been a cheater since we qere married 8 months. he is a vetch,and, all i can say to the other woman,if you want take him,he’s all yours,and then i can see cheating on her too,that is makeup, it win’t take him long,that’s his style.

    Dear Rosemary,

    Though I am sure you must feel a renewed pain and disappointment with every betrayal of the trust and hope you had placed in your husband and your marriage, I commend you for having the self-respect to want to be rid of someone who has been hurting you for so long.

    As I see it, you have several choices:
    1. Accept that this is his nature and stay in the unhealthy situation, which I don’t feel you actually want to do;
    2. Wait for him to make a decision and serve you with the divorce papers you anticipate, or;
    3. Become the proactive author of the manuscript that is your life, take back your power and take action to make the changes happen.

    Only YOU can decide which is the best course of action for you at this time, but I am here to help you sort through each scenario and arrive at the decision that best serves your evolution as a soul.

    Sending you a healing and empowering hug…

    Brightest Blessings,

  6. Seren ext. 5445Seren, Ext 5445

    Alise wrote:

    Of course talk with a psychic was thrown in there lol

    Hi Alise!

    I am so very grateful to have the opportunity to help the people who are in need of my gifts and insight. It is truly a blessing to me to have the ability to connect with people from all over our planet and, hopefully, help them make a difference in their lives and I sincerely hope that the people I speak to feel the same way about their time talking with me. 🙂

    Brightest Blessings,

  7. Seren ext. 5445Seren, Ext 5445

    bel wrote:
    need help with this subject urgently but am in oz:(
    my heart is broken,i dont feel me and my ex are over and it hurts

    Gentle bel,

    I am so truly sorry for the pain you are currently experiencing. I’ve been there and know how gutwrenching it can be to know you are still tied, emotionally and energetically, to someone who has elected to move in another direction. That emotional dis-ease can be so strong that it makes us feel as if we cannot breathe.

    Take a few minutes several times a day to just clear your mind as much as possible and draw several deep breaths… just focus on each inhalation and exhalation… it will help loosen up some of the constriction you are currently feeling.

    Sending you healing energy across the Pacific…

    Brightest Blessings,

  8. Seren ext. 5445Seren, Ext 5445

    ayobami wrote:

    I am presently in a fix in my relationship now either to move on or stay in a terribly bad situation.there is no love existing in my relationship from my spouse end and I feel it is time to move on after 25years of marriage.I don’t have 25 percent satisfaction in the relationship.

    Greetings ayobami,

    We all deserve to feel loved and appreciated by our partners, especially when we are as caring and giving as you are.

    It’s hard, but oftentimes we have to let go of what we have in order to have what we truly want. I am so proud of you for acknowledging that 25 years of your life is long enough to give to someone who does not show you the love you so richly deserve.

    I will keep you in my thoughts as you work through this transitional time in your life and am here for you if you would like to talk about your plan for inviting more fulfilling relationships into your life. Sending you an encouraging hug…

    Brightest Blessings,

  9. Seren ext. 5445Seren, Ext 5445

    Audrey wrote:
    I just read “how do you know if a relationship is over” It was very helpful to me. I know my relationship with my guy was over months ago. But here Iam miserable and hurting over things I cannot change. I need the strength to get away. Reading the articles helps me see thru some things. I just wanted to say THANK YOU ALL!

    Hi Audrey,

    Let me start by sending you a big hug! Taking an objective inventory of our relationships is never easy, so kudos to you for having the courage to do it! Just the fact that you have chosen to be so honest with yourself tells me that you have more strength than you perhaps perceive, so try to be kind to yourself.

    I am so genuinely pleased that I was able to help you during a very challenging time in your life. Please know that I am here for you if you would like to talk about how you can develop your own innate courage and strength and make the changes in your life that you would like to make.

    Another hug for you…

    Brightest Blessings,

  10. Jade

    I am in a relationship for just over a year that has had many ups and downs. I’d say I’ve been unhappy maybe 25-30% of the time. The rest of the time, things are pretty good. I love him alot but we have many issues that dont seem to be working out. I’m a very social person and he has a hard time with the fact of my socializing so often and sometimes with men. He’s outta town 90% of the time for work, so I understand to some extent his concerns. I have limited my socializing with men (specifically) to help ease some issues. But he is still circling right back to distrust and “lies” he’s thinking i’m telling. He only acts all crazy like that sometimes, but when he does it really drains me emotionally. When things are good, they’re GREAT! When we fight, they get really bad and mean. Nothing physical just verbally, on both ends. I often wonder if its worth the stress and I should just let it go, or if I should continue to stick it out. Astrologically we are compatible, in bed, VERY compatible, communication wise, we are mostly on the same page, except for our views on socializing. He is wonderful with my young daughter who doesnt have much for a dad in her life and overall a good man. But his temper and jealousy really do get the best of him often. Any advice?

  11. Bonita

    Ok! Q? What if both just wont stop looking for each other
    Like every time we have a argument! If it not me calling him!
    He always call me and always ather me!
    But sometime he act like he want nothing to do with me!

    I told him all you have to do is tell me! That is not going to work
    That way I can move on! But he dose it, he says he love me n that aim the best thing that happing to him! But he still act really stupid! N he was never like that! I love him! But aim confuse cause every time I let him go! He just do anything to get me back! I just don’t understand why he’s acting so strage lately!???
    I don’t know what to do!

  12. beauty1blessed

    Love hurts. Expected for there to be pain but never like this. I say if it works stay if it doesn’t don’t. Put emotions to the side ladies spill them to your girlfriends they just don’t get it. Having interests and good friends takes away from the lack we put intuitive our partners. How are we to make someone happy and satisfied if we aren’t in ourselves?

  13. Mary

    My hussy is a cheater, hsa another wife some where in the neighbour hold and still flet arround. am planning to sepatration before the year runs out.

  14. Seren ext. 5445Seren

    I’d like to thank you all for your comments and let you know I will respond to each of your comments very soon. Brightest blessings, Seren

  15. jonathan

    As an older divorced man in love with an older divorced mother of two, it becomes a different story when saying it’s over. We have both been through “loves trying times”, and know that neither are us are perfect, but both of us are “gunshy” about falling again. The pain related to a breakup tends to linger, and makes one look hard at the next relationship with a harder set of eyes. We have been dating off and on for 2 yrs and still haven’t commited to anything other than our “good morning” texts. and now even that has stopped because of a difference of opinion in child rearing styles…but it’s ok. We have had differences before and will have them again…THAT is what love is all about, working through these differences with the attitude that “you have to agree to disagree” on the small issues, but “stand united” on the big ones, There will always be little issues that arise in any relationship, whether it is at home or at work, it’s how we deal with them in relationships that makes all the difference… Happy Valentines Day to All 🙂

  16. TASHA


  17. Donna

    I am beginning to wonder why we even bother nearly everyone including myself that I talk to do not seem to be very content in thier relationships, someone does all the giving like I am currently and I am over being the one to keep everything running smoothly. So over being disappointed in love I think I am going to forget about it and just live the life I want. A relationship seems to take the life and spark out of me.

  18. elvira

    I would like to know what should i do about a relationship i was in i feel that im the one who wants this relationship because every time we break it off im always getting us back by calling him and telling him that i love him and want this relationship to continue, but he never looks for me for us to get back so thats why i think im the only one who wants this and i feel he is just going along with it.i love him with all my heart but im not going to be the one always making up but its so hard for me.hes always in my mind and i feel like talking to him but im being strong in not calling him.So am i doing wrong?or what should i do

  19. marion

    I’ve been married to my husband for almost 23 years and he left me because of me not working full time and his family always in the middle butting in. We’ve been down this road before, but got back together asap. Now this time it has been 3 months we’re separated and he doesn’t call or anything, he used to call alot but now nothing only for bills etc. I still love him and feel that he should make the first move to call. What do you think? I always begged him to come back and this time I feel I won’t do it because then he thinks he’s right again and will leave again. I want him to open up his eyes and realize what he has lost, but I feel like his family are instigators and are telling him not to call etc. What should I do, move on or ???? I’m so sad and depressed.

  20. miesha

    I am currently in an 8 year relationship(long distance, overseas) she’s in england and i am in the States. For 8 years we had our difficulties and we overcame them. But now, she says, “Im not happy with the relationship but I am also and will always be in love with you. I just some tme on my own.” I broke…I was ready to follow my heart, make that move. Becuz you only get once chance to find a soulmate that completes you. And she does. I know it’s the distance and the arguing that kills us, slowly but surely. I’m just scared she wouldn’t want to make this work and take that step forward. I am overwhelmed behind belief. So I m giving her the space she needs. I guess only time, hope and faith can tell if we are meant to be or not.

  21. Tes

    Our relationship was over when we separated a few years ago. We both went our own ways and had other relationships. At the start of the year last year, he & I started talking again. We both talked of our relationships with our respective partners. Eventually, he was calling more often. I was answering those calls. And vice versa. When he lost his job, I lent him money or looked for jobs for him. In short, we hooked up again even if we still had our partners. I broke up with my boyfriend because I thought it was unfair. His relationship on the other hand is still ongoing because his partner refuses to let him go even for a job out of state. This is what makes me sad. He can’t leave her but he wants our relationship to flourish. I have to move on to help him decide. It will hurt but it has to happen. Now, I don’t know where this will go.

  22. Gopinathan k

    That was very interesting reading.The problem with us is attachment.If u know what u want in an relationship u wont be unhappy. If u dont get it u quit.But women are so overwhelmingly
    sentimental in nature and selfish attachments of the highest order that they get hurt easily
    when they find that the guy is not faithful.Secondly every one of us expects the other person
    to adjust to our needs,understand us and behave accordingly.But alas; it is the opposite which
    happens and combined with our selfish nature inherited in human nature the misery is all the
    more.Universal love is experienced when we consider all the living creatures as part of nature
    and we are only just one of it.

  23. jean

    I am picking the right time to tell my husband that I know his secret..He is cheating on me with men.He cant make love to me proper..That is one reason…He is madly in love with this man..A few months ago he told me that..i miss understood him..But now i understand what he ment..

  24. Sophia

    It is true that many issues in a relationship aren’t as negotiable as I used to think. A therapist once told me that and it didn’t seem true. Say, two people aren’t sexually compatible say he wants to dominate in the bedroom and shuts down if he can’t. She wants sexual reciprocity all the talking and asking for what she needs won’t work. He can’t let go of control and she won’t settle for being submissive. So it’s best to: A Can you live with it or really accept it? And if not B. You most likely aren’t compatible.

    The most frustrating thing is often at the beginning of a relationship couples seem more compatible then they are perhaps due to the honeymoon phase: both are willing to give more, try new things and accidentally promise more than they can give to get the relationship off the ground.

    A few months later true selves come out and both realize how they can or can’t be flexible. It can feel like a betrayal, even if both didn’t mean to mislead the other. Possibly one reason the short term romance is so popular in our culture?

    This can happen on many levels about money, children, etc. It’s not that a person needs some one exactly like them but if your needs aren’t being met it’s painful. If one partner or both are asking for things the other can’t or won’t give it’s beating a dead horse and hurting each other.

  25. rosemary

    this weekend we are celebrating our 30th annivsery. my man told me please no v-day cards or or gifts. i said o.k. we have not been doing very well,and i know he has a girlfriend.i wonder if i am getting divorce papers. i will be so thrilled to be rid of him,anyone have any vibes on this. he’s been a cheater since we qere married 8 months. he is a vetch,and, all i can say to the other woman,if you want take him,he’s all yours,and then i can see cheating on her too,that is makeup, it win’t take him long,that’s his style.

  26. ayobami

    I am presently in a fix in my relationship now either to move on or stay in a terribly bad situation.there is no love existing in my relationship from my spouse end and I feel it is time to move on after 25years of marriage.I don’t have 25 percent satisfaction in the relationship.

  27. Audrey

    I just read “how do you know if a relationship is over” It was very helpful to me. I know my relationship with my guy was over months ago. But here Iam miserable and hurting over things I cannot change. I need the strength to get away. Reading the articles helps me see thru some things. I just wanted to say THANK YOU ALL!


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