How Self-Love Helps Your Relationships

How Self-Love Helps Your Relationships

Self-Love Leads to True Love

Loving yourself is just as important as loving someone else. In fact, one directly impacts the other! Do you feel genuine self-love? If you don’t you certainly can’t expect to find your soulmate or even maintain a healthy romantic relationship with someone else.

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It’s not always easy to embrace your true self. Your childhood, your life challenges, and your partners all play a part in shaping how you feel about yourself. Some days you may feel good about yourself; other days you may not. That’s okay. However, if a healthy romantic relationship is your idea of living your best life, and if it’s also one of your goals for 2019, consider these three self-love tips.

1. Take Time for Yourself
In the hustle and bustle of everyday living, it can be difficult to find time for yourself. However, “me time” is an important form of self-love. “Me time” is your time, so spend it however you want. Catch up on your favorite shows, take a hot bath, meditate—indulge yourself in healthy, restorative ways.

“Me time” is also a great opportunity to discover what you truly want in a romantic relationship. Listen to your heart and ask yourself what affection means to you. Is it words or deeds? How do you want your partner to communicate their love for you? Also, what about shared interests? Figure out how you like to be treated, treat yourself that way, and then find a partner who will do the same.

2. Stop Negative Thoughts in Their Tracks
Negative thoughts mean negative energy and you don’t want to attract negative energy in the form of your next partner. The good news is that you can banish negative thoughts for good and that will do wonders for self-love. You can start by catching your negative thoughts when they come floating in throughout the day. Take a pause and think about what you’re saying to yourself. Then rework it so it’s positive. Don’t let even one negative thought slip by! The sooner you can stop them from setting up camp in your head, the sooner you’ll have space for positive thoughts of self-love. And a positive person has a much better chance of meeting an amazing partner than a negative person does.

3. Make a List of What Matters
It’s not always easy to remember what you love about yourself, which is why you need to make a list. Whether you put pen to paper or keep a digital list in your phone, it’s great to have something to refer to when life gets challenging. Writing down everything you value in yourself is certainly an act of self-love.

Next, make a list of what you value in a romantic partner. How many traits do you two have in common? This goes beyond height, looks or income! Get down to the nitty-gritty. The sooner you have a clearer picture of who you are and what you want in another person, the sooner the Universe will make it happen for you.

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3 thoughts on “How Self-Love Helps Your Relationships

  1. Zofeya ext 5351Zofeya ext 5351

    Great article Natasha! I totally agree with not only removing the negative thinking that can block what is coming to you, but with writing down what matters. I tell my callers to make a list of what they want from a partner and a partnership and to no longer settle for less than they want or less than they deserve. It’s about no longer settling or ignoring red flags and other signs. Time to take your personal power back with regard to love and relationships!! 🙂

  2. Gemini

    I enjoyed your article Venus. About 2 weeks ago I met a guy whom I thought would be
    my life partner. He was very positive person and out going and had a lot in common etc. my gosh! even our birthdays were one year apart mine was June 18, and his June 17. But, now he does not return any of my texts or phone calls. I am so upset that he put my hopes
    so high and now nothing. I guess I am going to have to call in and get some advise soon.


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