Your Mantra Meditations: February 2 – 8

Your Mantra Meditations: February 2 - 8

The Power of Mantra Meditations

Greetings again, gentle readers! This week, I’m thinking about numbers. Numerologically, this year breaks down to the number 3 (2 + 0 + 1 +9 = 12; 1 + 2 = 3), February is represented by the number 2, because it’s the second month of the year, and we’re about to embark on the second week of the month. You really don’t have to look hard to see numbers in everything!

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This week’s mantra meditations came to me as I was meditating on mathematics and the wonder numbers create when they dance together. There is great power in numbers, and I’m including a number with each day’s mantra. What gifts will the numbers bring you?

February 2

“What happens in my life may change me, but it will never diminish me.”

Many of the storms you face in life can arise quite suddenly, and they are often unexpected and powerful. You may not be able to conquer them all, however, but you can adjust your sails and ride each one out of existence. Today’s number is 8, and it’s a number of great strength and empowerment too.

February 3

“I will turn my scars into beauty marks and my wounds into wisdom.”

There are times when you may feel shame for what you have experienced in your life. But shame is a response that serves no one. The truth is that you’ve survived experiences that would have leveled others! Your mantra meditations encourage you to cherish your strength and know that scar tissue is even stronger than the untouched. Today’s mantra meditation includes the number 9. It serves as a reminder to you that what is often unseen is certainly the most beautiful of all!

February 4

“Not getting what I want is often a way of seeing what I need.”

This is a reminder to recognize the gift of not getting everything you want. Sometimes life goes in the opposite direction of where you want it to go, but it has ultimately directed you to a much brighter future. Today’s number is 10, which is reduced to the number 1 in Numerology. This number serves to remind you that you are complete just as you are right now.

February  5

“Consuming for the sake of consumption is the ideology of a cancer cell.”

Have you been spending a lot of money on material goods lately? Today, stop and ask yourself why. Are you trying to make yourself feel better? You may feel better, but that feeling is certainly fleeting. Your mantra meditations encourage you to avoid such self-defeating and destructive behaviors. Remember, consuming less is good for your budget, for the environment, and for the other citizens of the world too. Today’s power number is 2. Use it to find true balance in your life.

February 6

“My personal growth does not take away from who I am. Rather, it expands the best of what I am already.”

My grandmother told me to never believe anyone who claims to be a “master” of something. You are not a master either and that’s okay. If you’re not continually evolving, you cannot understand the essence of life or the magic within the multiverse. Your mantra meditations should take you to a place of calm acceptance and continual growth. Today’s power number is 3. It’s a special and sacred number because it’s found in both the most powerful and the gentlest of all things.

February 7

“The first step in getting where I want to be is making the decision to not stay where I am.”

History is made by those who show up. Let your life become legendary! As you consider today’s mantra, think about what you want your life’s story to become. Where do you want to take this amazing opportunity? The number 4 is given to you today and it’s the building block or the foundation of all things. One of the most powerful structures in the world has four corners—the pyramids of Egypt. How will you use today’s energy to help strengthen and also balance your life?

February 8

“I cherish that which I strive to reach.”

It has been said that we only appreciate what we have to work hard to achieve. This is especially true with today’s mantra. As you meditate on what you want in your life, ask yourself what you’re willing to sacrifice in order to gain this milestone. And yes, you certainly have to make sacrifices. If what you want comes to you too easily, you will dismiss it. However, if it’s something that requires great effort, you will appreciate it many times over.

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4 thoughts on “Your Mantra Meditations: February 2 – 8

    1. Jesse 9027

      I’m sorry if you feel any of my words are negative. They are offered as my Guides have given them to me. They are very inspiring to many people and I hope that you will be able to embrace all that is Mantra Meditation.

  1. Mary Moore

    I found your messages different and intriguing. I have been told I could be a psychic by one that is legitimate ly a true psychic, at the time I wasn’t interested in doing so but as the years passed, I’ve had prenomitory dreams and also first instincts about people that prevailed to be accurate. I’m curious what to do to further this smattering of this gift.

    1. Jesse 9027

      It’s wonderful to hear from you! I try to answer any comment or question, so thank you for your patience. I believe you DO have psychic ability. The easiest way to become accustomed to your psychic gifts is to begin with a simple pendulum. This can be anything from a pendulum designed exclusively for divination or a beloved necklace. EIther one will have the same outcome because it is your psychic energy that is addressing the situation.
      Find a quiet place, calm your mind and drape the pendulum over your index finger, holding the chain between finger and thumb. Balance your elbow on a solid table and ask a question for which you already consciously know the answer. Whatever movement you get will show you how the energy around you will respond to either “yes” or “no”. Then ask some questions for which you do not not know the answers. Write down the response.
      I suggest that my students (I teach classes in divination) ask questions about people they know. For instance, “Is Marry interested in Bill?” (or whatever you may inquire). Then ask Mary…or Bill! You will quickly notice the accuracy levels and the practice itself improving. This is how you can begin.
      Feel free to call me on the line or leave more comments. I’m here to help!

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