Shake Up Your Love Life This Fall

Harness the Energy of the Season for Romantic Rewards

Autumn is the season of transformation. From the leaves on the trees to the energy in the air, everything about this time of year screams change. So then, why not get in synch with the source and use this time to transform your love life? Whether you’re single or coupled up, if you’re dissatisfied in the relationship department, now’s the time to make your move.

Here are three steps to transforming your love life this fall.

Follow the Stars…

Or more accurately, the Sun. During the autumnal months of September, October and November, the Sun transitions from the meticulous order of Virgo to Libra’s loving balance to the cathartic change represented by Scorpio. So, by analyzing your situation now and laying out a romantic roadmap for what you want things to look like by Thanksgiving, odds are you’ll give yourself a lot to be grateful for!

Be the Change You Want to See

So you’ve heard it a zillion times before, it’s true! Like attracts like. Change begets change. If you’re unhappy with the way your partner is behaving, adjust your behavior and see what happens. You might just be stuck in that “he won’t budge, so why should I” mindset that dooms many a relationship. Likewise, if you’re single and either can’t seem to meet anyone – or just don’t meet the right kinds of people – perhaps you’re the one who needs to shift in order to shift your future outcomes. Translation? It could be that you’re going to the wrong places and hanging around with the wrong people. OR, you might need an attitude adjustment. In other words, if you’re desperate, or angry, or bitter, or lonely, people can sense it. Become your best you and you’ll attract your perfect mate!

Expect Miracles

Provided you’re doing everything you can to ensure your own happiness in love (and – here’s the real key – in your life as a whole), there’s no reason you shouldn’t hope for the best. Why? Because sometimes, the problem is we’re so used to experiencing things as they are/have been, we come to literally expect the worst. As a result, our romantic road becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of disappointment. So why not change things up and send the signal that you’re ready for something different… something special… something transformative. After all, if you’re closed off, love isn’t coming. But if you have faith, you just might get it!

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