The 10 Commandments of a Successful Relationship

The 10 Commandments of a Successful Relationship

How To Keep Love Alive

Finding a long-lasting love in our current society can feel like looking for a specific grain of sand on the beach—you believe it exists or else you wouldn’t be looking for it, but it sure does seem like an overwhelming task at times. When we hear about folks who have been together for 25, 50 or more years, we all celebrate and look at them with wonder and admiration. How do they do it?

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Meeting Your “One and Only”

After many years of advising and counseling couples, I have determined that there are a few direct steps that, when followed, do a great deal to make love last. When we meet our “one and only,” we are beginning the relationship with a clean slate. It’s like a totally empty box and what we add to that box, from the very beginning, sets the tone and rhythm of the entire relationship. After all, a relationship that lasts is never 50/50. It’s always 100/100!

The 10 Commandments of a Successful Relationship

1. Make Your Relationship a Real Priority
Sure, you have a ton of priorities, but your relationship should always be your number-one priority. Don’t let the noise and chaos of the outside world cause you to neglect your partner.

2. Don’t Scream at Each Other Unless the House is On Fire
No matter how mad your partner makes you, you still shouldn’t yell at them. Arguments can be handled at a reasonable volume and with a respectful tone. Always.

3. Don’t Let Things Fester
If something is upsetting you, don’t let it fester. Don’t sit with your anger and let it build. Address your problem with your partner right away and resolve it.

4. Sincerely Compliment Them
What about them made you fall in love with them? Look for those traits in everything they do. Compliment your partner, and do it sincerely. It will make them feel special.

5. Do “the Little Things”
It’s not all about grand gestures. Little things count too! Get them a hot cup of coffee on a cold day, or a cold glass of lemonade on a hot day. Get their car washed or run their errands. These little acts of love let them know you care.

6. Talk About It
Don’t ever assume you know what your partner is thinking or feeling—no matter how long you’ve been together. Talk about everything. They want to feel heard.

7. If You’re Thinking About Leaving, Ask Yourself Why
Has your mate really changed for the worse, or are you just bored? Do you think a younger partner will make you feel young again? There are many ways to liven up your relationship, so consider your options before you leave. And if your partner has changed for the worse, give them a chance to rectify their behavior before you let them go.

8. Cherish and Support Your Commitments
Even if you are angry with your mate, support your commitments. They’re a separate entity and have nothing to do with your partner.

9. Take the Time to Have Fun
A great day doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to be fun. Go for a hike, pack a picnic or recreate your first date. Romance can be incorporated into almost anything.

10. Inspire Others

Be the couple everyone around you aspires to be. Set the example for how people in a relationship should treat each other.

I Follow These Commandments

I have been blessed to find my “one and only” and I can help you find yours too. Or, if you’ve already found yours, I can help you strengthen the bond you already share. A solid psychic reading can help you make sure you stay on the right track.

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4 thoughts on “The 10 Commandments of a Successful Relationship

  1. j p

    This article looks very familiar. Good words to live by and congratulations on finding your “one and only”.

  2. Michael Frensley

    Ms. Helena. I have been widowed since Jan 20211 and still searching for my one and only. I have been involved in only two serious relationships since my wife died. I am 68 and find it hard to establish a relationship with ladies I date. But your 10 commandments are right on…..I have been married 4 times and through that process applied those commandments. Before my last breakup, I offered to go to couples therapy to resolve our issues, but she refused and ended the relationship. Thank you for your article.

  3. Beverly

    My man us the joking kind he is a good provider but he drinks slots.he got one so call friend that I. can’t stand.he calls my man wanting him to ride and drink with him.this man has a woman that come to spend two or three nights than when he don’t have no woman thats when he call my man trying to get him out of the hours.

  4. Olivia Hare

    Good morning Ms. Jelena. Thank you for the 10 commandments of a successful relationship, I recently took a break from dating to get myself together and even though I was the one in the relationship doing all the 10 commandments it’s nice to know that I was doing the right thing. This was right on time.


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