Psychic Jelena

Psychic Jelena

What To Expect


needs only the bare minimum to connect with you. For example, she asks for a few dates or the name of the person you’re calling about. Beginning in childhood, she knew there was more to the world than what others chose to acknowledge. When Psychic Jelena was four years old, a relative told her parents that she had the gift of second sight. As she grew, she was mentored by master tarot readers and studied several different forms of divination. Jelena later developed her own reading style. Clearly, Psychic Jelena was groomed for spiritual work. A professional reader for over 29 years, she gave her first reading when she was 10 years old. Psychic Jelena offers guidance and comfort to each person who seeks a reading with her. She’s compassionate and accurate and helps you prepare for what’s ahead.

“Giving psychic readings is a great responsibility and an honor. If I can give someone answers, I can lessen their burden as they travel this earth. When I give solace to a troubled soul, I feel like my life is complete.” – Psychic Jelena  

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