Touch and Go Love

Touch and go loveBrowneyes recommended our main newsletter story, Touch and Go Love. A true story from our very own, Psychic Seha, the article talks about two people who are able to overcome all of their perceived major obstacles to find their happy ending. If you want to check it out, read more!

16 thoughts on “Touch and Go Love

  1. angel4

    hey seha curious and browneyes amd fram
    well if if doent rain it pours.Dad is sick and I have been going soon the to the moon. I am beat. Dad’s stayed with me and I sent Mom to get rest their sweet puppy having health problems and that little one gets them throu. then the toilet over ran up up and away then followed the path over the pot lite in den oh yeahh run down flu as arrived Now I have to clean bathroom get adjustter do even more laudry. Helpppppppppppp. I am going to lay down and and take out the next magazine person who wants me to sell me k=one. unless it about angels winning a huge lottery or me finding a quiet place to run away from I will think about it hahah
    Angel4U and meeeeeeeeee

  2. angel4

    Hi Seha
    thank you for your insight. I have been talking in my sleep since small . I thought it was in english. I wish it was Spanish . I wish I would wake up one morning and speak understand read and write fluent in Spanish
    That would awesome.I sure cant dazzle any one speaking Spanish . An my enuciation is so bad on one trip to Caribean and tried to asked for something in Spanish . I asked if I could get a pair of boots.Haha. .
    Seha I think I may have had a dream about me living in 1600 and I still remember it.Running with my cat on a dirt road thatched huts. I remember it well. thanks for your kind words and I glad I made you laugh
    Sending Angel4U

  3. seha

    Dear Browneyes,
    Sorry I haven’t had a chance to blog. Tonight looking through them I found your name and wanted to see what you had to say. Such words of wisdom and warmth you provide to Angel4.
    You are very special and I enjoyed reading your words.
    seha 9668

  4. seha

    Dear Angel4,
    I loved your joke. I definately can identify with that one!!
    I feel in our dream state our souls journey around. They explore, connect with loved ones and can even travel beyond our universe.
    Talking in your sleep…perhaps, your spirit/soul is trying to express itself.
    It sounds like it is excited about something.
    Thanks again, for sharing your humor.
    Seha 9668

  5. angel4

    just a quick note browneyes I am so used to having a husband that i still refer to him as that.I pray the angels and the good Lord hear me soon.
    When is US Thanksgiving? Fran I looked up Nina and Gail and Seha.They all look wonderful. Sending prayers and Angels4U and all who are needing extra help to get throu a bad day

  6. angel4

    Hi Browneyes Seha Fran and Siobhan
    How’s my gals today. Thks for letting me know I am blogging I must be in 20 century now for sure.I am not sure but has any one had dreams and they talk a funny language. I talk in my sleep and my husband said its gibberish I have done since I was young I also sleep walk .I feel like I am talking english gosh i wish it was
    Spanish and I would remember this.I love the Spanish language. lately I have been wanting to play piano we have a keyboard but I would like a real one.I am glad that I have this.I havent gone out for over 2 weeks because of flu and just feeling blah.well for all the ladies out there I have a joke and it made me laugh.
    A lady was in a antique shop and met another friend. her friend said ‘How are you doing?” Lady 1 said oh I have furniture disease.
    Lady 2 said furniture disease? what’s that?
    Oh that’s where your chest meets your drawers.
    Just in case someone doesnt know chest of where you put clothes in hahaha
    sending Angel4u blessings to all

  7. angel4

    Thank you browneyes.
    I know nothing of these things. I am glad you like to talk as much as me.I am trying to get a reading from Tara who is writing a paper there is an email addess but I am hestitate as in order to get help I have to give a credit card number . I am way to leery doing that I dont know this person and is doing a paper. I told her to send me a phone number and contact her that way but with out a secure way having a credit card in INTERNET Land not so wise..How are you doing these days. I received a nice reply from Fran. I wonder what lessons we have to learn this time. I feel so drained with all this and then news of my Dad to say I am a wee bit stressed would be an understatement. So sending angel4u amd blessings

  8. browneyes

    Hi angel4, Yes sweetie, this is blogging, lol. You are soooo cute and you make my day. As for the question about blogging etiquette, I guess CP does prefer we keep our messages short but I am the worst cause I write such long ones. But when I get started it seems I just cant stop. You sound like such a wise lady and have some really good advice of your own. And also, no I am not psychic or and intuitive persay, I think I just have the same intuition as everyone else. I have had dreams that were telling me certain things but never could connect what they meant until after the fact. This seemed to run in my family as my maternal grandparents had visions while awake that always turned out to be a warning of some kind of something happening with a family member.
    I do want to tell you this. Even though our identity is hidden with us using screen names, these messages are available to anyone that logs into TypePad even if they dont subscribe to CP. So just dont be too graphic or too descriptive so someone can recognize you. Have a wonderful day angel and I will talk to you later. Hugs.

  9. angel4

    Hi Browneyes and Fran
    Its just nice to know I can say what I am feeling to the great net and no one knows who I am.
    I am computer illietrate is this blogging?
    I am not sure if both of you have pshyic abilities or intuitive. I have many dreams where loved ones passed came to visit. For some reason people tell me I am can help when people are sick. I think its just because of some conditions I and my child have plus I took a course for 6 months. that my Dad phones and asks what this or this where it hurts. I am amazed when I am told they saw the doctor and said the same thing as I told him. I also have to be on top of things for my child as well things I never heard of but I will find answers for my child.
    Browneyes When I read your journey I know how your heart is feeling. Its been a yr this month that he left and I for some reasons have horrible Novembers that was until I met my husband.
    I know he is going through something something bad.I know he has to be on this path but his path is taking a huge toll on my heart.I feel apart of me has died. He’s moved 3 times since last Nov and including me 3 relationships 2 of those are for golddigging purposes and sugar daddy. Funny though I didnt know his income potential when we met I loved him for him. These meaningless relationships the last one looks exactly like me and was at our wedding.There are some who think I should give up but when I met him he literally saved my life. I have an angel story this is true.When I first met him and he had a beard (I had a bad experience with guy with beard) I said nope I wont see this person again I was in an apartment hallway 10 suites on floor and I heard exact word for word “IF YOU DONT GIVE THIS MAN A CHANCE YOU WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU ARE MISSING”
    I was 37 when married we lost a baby previously and had my second child when 40.
    She has medical conditions but my husband”s dad passed at 40-42.My husband I feel is in male menopause. He also knows how gentle my soul is and it is tearring him up. He never said he was sorry no remorse. No phone call. He cant live with his guilt. But I can not throw stones I did this when I was young and stupid and the GUILT I had unbearable. Until I went and apologzied to my friend(I was young and stupid at 24)prayed for forgiveness was I able to forgive myself.He cant forgive himself and if a sincere remorseful apology came from him to me. then forgiveness of self would come also with the whole truth being told trust begins.He told me I threw away a perfectly good marriage and I cant forgive myself and he told me he loves me too. I have given him unconditional love and forgiveness.
    I told him we can be better but no longer will i be pushed under a mat.
    Browneyes and Fran is there blog ettiquitte as I wrote alot.Pls let me know.
    I was reading some comments and someone mentioned menopause.
    I would like to tell any woman that thinks something is not right it may help. After having my child at 40 I was diagnosed with fibro and have TMJ I think they are related I have been on long term disability for that and depression.
    I was put on medications over 12. I kept saying I need to see a gyno.I was told I was going into menopause they took estrogen and progestrone blood test.
    But ladies there are 2 other things our bodies need androgen and testosterone. I just saw the gyno in Jan09. When I came back for results he looked at me and said how having you been surviving. I get about 2 hr asleep a nite for last 10 yrs no energy exhausted no emotion no joy no laughter flat lined. last 6 yrs also so intimacy . He asked if I could read a blood tests and after 100 over past 30 yrs yeah I can do that
    He showed me my results for testostrone and I had NONE in my body ZERO!!!
    He told me he had never seen anything like it there was not even a trace.He put me on it Feb and everyone who knows me has seen the old me come back the laughter some energy and now that I am on that medication I only need 6 from 12.
    I did have 1 side effect that was anger. I never got angry My husband and I never fought only since sep08.
    Now that I am feeling better and a little stronger when I stand up to him I am now confrontaional.
    If one woman reads this and sees some of syptoms.Ask for a hormonal blood test. If I would have got to see a gynecolgist 3yrs ago when I asked I would still have a loving husband.
    Thank you Fran and Browneyes for letting me vent. It goes both ways.
    Sending Angel4U and blessings

  10. Fran

    Hi angel4,
    I’m sorry that you’re going through so much heartache. But you’re in good company here on the blog. Many of us have issues regarding love, and we’ve become very close with each other. There’s lots of support, understanding, and most important, laughter! Come into the Customer Roundtable blog….we’re always having a good time there.
    I wanted to suggest a few psychics that you might want to look into. Gina Rose, Maryanne, Red, and Miss Krystal are all great. So is Seha, as browneyes said. Abigail is also very nice. You should read some of their testimonials and call whichever one pulls at your heart.
    I hope you find the peace you’re searching for.

  11. browneyes

    Hi angel4, I am so sorry I havent responded to you sooner. I hope I can help you.
    First off I want to tell you, you have received one reading as far as I can tell that told you that you are soulmates and he is confused but does love you. Hold onto that and please dont spend more money on numerous readings if you are not financially able. I made the mistake of getting readings so often and with so many different psychics here that I am so confused and disappointed. And also, whatever your psychic told you to do, whether it be sit and wait, or whatever, do it. Follow the advice as closely as you can. I didnt and messed everything up. I can tell from your message that you are as in love as I am with your man. It hurts so bad to not be with the one that you love. But as I have been told, we have to go on with our lives and not dwell on what we dont have. You have children that need you to be there for them. Put your focus on them right now. I know how easy it is to shutdown and have done that myself for now. I am not dating nor do I want to at this time. Allow yourself time to heal. I didnt, I rushed out into the dating world as I knew he was doing the same thing, and it just didnt work out for me. I wish I had some magic words to make you feel better but I dont. I have discovered it is up to us to bring ourselves out of the funk that we fall into. I will be here for you anytime you want to talk and I will respond at my first opportunity. It really helps to know you have a friend and you have found one sweetheart. I can tell you from experience that this is going to hurt a long time if you let it. Something else I want you to think about. I dont mean to be harsh but……you said he didnt give you much money to call your own, I dont know if you worked or not but if you were dependent on him then that was not right of him to do that. You also found evidence of his infidelity. Do you really want that in your life? This man made a committment to you and he should have honored it. My man never made a committment, we were just dating and I thought we were heading in the right direction, but I read too much into what he said to me. I let my dreams take over. Please find something you enjoy doing and focus on you and your child. If you feel that you really need to talk to another psychic I can give you a few names and you read their testimonials and see which one you have a feeling for. Seek out clairvoyance and not mediumship. Ive found this works best for me. A few of my favorites are Seha–she is very sweet and uplifting. Nina is great and seems to see you for who you are and the situation at hand, dont give information to her other than your name if she asks and the area of your life you want her to look at. Gail is another of my favorites and has predicted things that I have seen come true. She is a remote viewer and she asks that you tell her absolutely nothing other than your name, birthdate, and place of birth and the same for the person you are asking about. I look forward to hearing from you again and I am here for you. Hugs to you sweetie, I’ll be thinking of you.

  12. angel4

    Dear browneyes.I hope your day is good. Ifeel more sadness cry. because I love my spouse. I am single mother Cp said i would be noitfied bor charts non yet.
    I am in serious need of a miracle. I wish I knew of a gifted medium I love John Edward Sylvia Browne. but I need home that a good extremely good to help me.I am single mom and not alot of there any people medium psychic that could help me I am truly at last wits,I want him to come home we rarely had a fight.So if there is anyone you can think of or if any gifted clarivoence pysic mediums and clairaudio.That can help I would desperatly need this .I am so emotional down, and my chil wants daddy home,

  13. angel4

    I am in the same postition as you when I started reading yours I went OMG you were saying exactly what is happing to me.Without a doubt. I too am older than my spouse.15 months ago my nitemare began. This person literally saved my life.We married and have 1 child. I inadvertly opened a bank statement and found something odd.Then more until ” the business Trip”Something said look inside the bag inside return tcts to bogota.He tries to say oh I am not having anaffair.Well according to the airplane tcts she was with him. I started looking for things unbelievable.This man is my soulmate. We are so connected. I would think something and he would say exactly what I was thinking we finished off each others sentences.the person he is today is not who I married its like a blackness came over him. Lies secrets deceit. I found out he was leaving me when I discovered furniture purchases where do I deliver. I didnt know how much he made married almost 13yrs. Our house pd off 3 yrs prior.I never asked for money as I am on disability but he probably gave no more than 1000.00 since married. He never said he was sorry no remorse.Nothing i feel maybe something occured to him someone hurt him when he grew up other than his Dad passing when 11.I gave unconditional love and forgiveness. he has moved 3 times and now living with someone he knew from school and she’x been married 2x.He cant stand to look himself in the mirror and taking responsibility for his actions.I feel like my heart shattered into a zillion pieces. He was loving caring thoughtful but now to let me hurt so bad is just cruel. Yet he says he loves me. I just dont get it. What is so bad that he cant say. Now on 2nd relationship and she wants husband #3She looks like me but a manipulator and gold digger to boot.I am loosing myself. I have shut down because the pain is so unbearable my heart dies everytime he picks our child if you have found a way to stop the pain let me know.I too called someone at CP and am told he loves me and we are soulmates but is very confused I think male menopause. He’s at the age when his Dad passed from cancer. I wish I knew if my CP person is correct. I am not sure if this can help me to talk with on this site or not. I am very private with everything keep it inside. Maybe someone can help

  14. siobhan

    You are right, Seha is very wise and has counseled me in patience and faith for quite a while now. I am in a difficult and painful period of my life, but she continues to see it working out in the long run. Sometimes the universe doesn’t respond in the way that we would like, but eventually it will provide what we need. Having faith that we will get there can be the hard part sometimes!

  15. seha

    Dear Fran,
    Thank you and I’m so glad you enjoyed this story.
    It was a good example of a “touch and go” relationship.
    This customer was so skeptical about the outcome I saw, yet, she continued to allow herself to be open to working through the challenges of this relationship.
    It had a wonderful ending. She has continued to call me for advice and insight. I’m so happy that she trusts my readings and has begun to work through other areas of her life.
    Thanks again for your kind words.
    Blessings for peace,
    Seha 9668

  16. Fran

    Dear Seha,
    I loved your story! I think it will resonate with many of us…doubting and yet trusting at the same time. Because after all, our trust and faith is what will get us through anything. You exude so much wisdom, and I am looking forward to speaking with you. Thank you for sharing your love and knowledge with us.


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