Understand Why You Broke Up

Breaking Up for Your Soul’s Growth

Psychic Francesca ext. 5500 receives many callers seeking her advice when they are going through a breakup. Many times, even if the breakup makes sense at some levels, a lingering question often remains: what’s the real reason why this didn’t work out? Francesca is a channel, clairvoyant, and Tarot reader who gives information that helps you better understand your life’s challenges. She shared with me how she advises callers who are deciding whether the breakup is really the correct choice: “I feel that sometimes people break up over a silly argument or fight and that can be resolved and they can be reconnected. A lot of times people stay and stay in relationships and they’re not getting what they want, but they won’t break up. If you’re not getting what you want after a period of time, and you’ve worked on it, then get out.”

Why Did We Break Up? On a Practical Level:

On a practical, more mundane level, Francesca assessed some elements that contribute to a breakup: “There’s a lot of stress out there these days. People get emotionally tired. Maybe the couple isn’t connecting as often as they should. A lot of stress wears on people. And if someone is pushing for more in the relationship, the one who is pushing will have to back down.

You can’t push a person who won’t connect until they’re ready. I would sit back and enjoy the relationship and what he has to offer. If you push and push for that commitment, that’s when they run.” Is it time to push for more in your relationship, or time for patience? Talk to Psychic Francesca ext. 5500 and get valuable insight on what’s ahead for your relationship now.

And On the Spiritual Level:

But on the spiritual level, other aspects are at play when a breakup occurs. According to Francesca, “I think there can be more than one soulmate. A lot of people in this lifetime came to progress their souls. They came to work on their souls. If a person is evolving their soul in their lifetime, and their man is feeling subconsciously, ‘her soul is moving too fast for me’ then there’s a breakup. And the Universe and angels will bring in another man in time whose soul matches yours as your soul is advancing. The Universe isn’t running out of men! Sometimes people are evolving at a soul level, but they don’t realize it. So when there’s a breakup, the Universe is sending you someone more on your level.” What message is the Universe trying to send you? Talk to Psychic Francesca ext. 5500 and get the clarity you need.

Breakups as a Call to Healing

“Sometimes they do break up but then they come back together. When after time apart, his soul has caught up to the place where your soul is at. Sometimes breakups are necessary things because things have to be cleared up.”

“Sometimes in a breakup, if one person is confused, angels inspire a breakup because you don’t want to be living in confusion. People are so afraid of the breakup, but I feel they’re better off having alone time to get the confusion out of their love. They heal faster than what they think they would. Giving it time, they find that being in their own energy is healing.” Accelerate your personal path to healing—get a reading with Psychic Francesca ext. 5500 today.

Francesca specializes in helping you understand your destiny and life path. She left me with some words of advice about the value of trusting your feelings and instincts: “Trust it if you feel something’s not working. Try to release a little bit. People are holding on so tight to certain energies. They think that if they release that energy, their man will leave for good. When you release the energy so that the universe can step in, then you get into a deeper, respectful love that isn’t about the dramatics.”

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29 thoughts on “Understand Why You Broke Up

  1. Constance

    This article shed light on a recent break-up we just went through and got back together!

    We have cultural and religious differences, so the question of why would the ‘Universe’ put US together and for what purpose was always looming in the background of every disagreement.

    We both discovered that the differences is what made us strong and unique: he is 60+ and I am 59, both with grown children and grands.

    There was no one else that we’d rather go thru the rest of our lives with than each other, so we made the decision to let the “Universe’ show us the Purpose – together!

  2. michelle

    my husband left me on christmas day 2009 with a best friend to florida its been 2 years, but last year we talk about getting back together and he told her and i was suppose to move to florida, but out of the clear blue he turn around and said i hate u and i hope i get her pregnant, well that was my biggest fear. and he did. he our kids are grown and we have 2 grandchildren, well something happen to our granddaughter she got really sick and she died in my arms but they brought her back to life, the state took my grandson and granddaughter, while this was happening i was going back and forth to the hostipal with my son and his girlfriend. well any im fight for my grandson my husband said he don’t want to raise anymore kids he wanted to be me and him well he took off to florida with a friend and now they are haveing a baby together i keep trying to talk to him but we do is fight he abaonded me he left me and i lost the apt the car everything i had to live with people, when we talk always do is fight i bring everything back up i know that is wrong we have been married 21 years he was my life, my soul, my life has change and i pray everyday that my husband comes home to us. i m loosing hope. my heart has broken from the betray with him and the friend. the friend her and i took trips together my husband and i took her in age 14 y old and i taught her how to drive and got her jobs. im, have forgiveing him so many times and even now but i keep bring up what he has done, im still struggling. i miss my husband but i don’t miss the drinking and the lies and cheating. i m stuggling not to text him or bring the past up and calling him. everyone keeps telling me let him go. i am trying to let go. but my brain keeps thinking what he did to me and to our kids. i read books about being postivie thoughts ..i am lonely. my kids and i had to move back into with eachother to survive, he having fun out their and we are all struggling day by day. he didn’t want out kids to live with eachother he didn’t want that friend follow me but he takes off with her and gets her preganant. so i really don’t get why we broke up or why he did this to my and my kids and why he didn’t fight for my grandson. but i am fighting for my grandson. sign lost confuse and lonely

  3. Hegenia Pena Legaspi

    No medication or no healing power can restore relationship if you don’t T R U S T anymore your partner.

  4. Kiki

    My ex and I have been apart for 13 years. I have dated other men, but have never found that same connection with any of them. I still feel in my heart that my ex and I will find our way back to each other. Does that feeling mean something? Or am I just stupid?

  5. pam

    You people that are with a married man well you are not very smart .if he’s with you he can be with someone else. Who are,you kidding . Once a Cheater always a Chester…… You are,setting your self up for heart ace.

  6. Mark Taylor UK

    For the people out there who put and are putting up with being treated badly DON’T Fear is bigger than the outcome, break free, be alone and embrace finding yourself, when you do thi s you are developing as a person, nothing is PERMANENT, souls require nourishing, and that means change is good. I have been through hell and back, and it’s only now I am reflecting and thanking the universe for the positives i had from the past, drop the negatives, that’s all they are negatives. I too am looking for true love, it will come, but in the mean time I have to learn the lessons and embrace change. BE HAPPY, strive to love and be loved, but learn to like you self and love yourself before expecting others too! Good luck.

  7. exiled

    i have given all of myself to my exwife it hurts like hell to know that all we went through
    was for nothing….when the obsticals were thrown at us we managed to face them together.
    then times got really hard we lost our place and i had no where for us to go so i asked that she stay with family while i looked for work and a new place for us to live.
    i then stayed with friends who would let me stay on the floor or the couche some nights i slept in the park or walked till the sun rose….she was my only reason for enduring the cold winter nights and the fake friends with motives…we were the only reason i could swollow my pride and smile as door after door slammed in my face….and when i could get no lower then i had already sank she called and said i didnt love her and i had abandond her she screamed and yelled at me as if i was a monster hidden away in the dark she devorced me took our unborn child and i havent heard from her since.
    we both said things we didnt mean but i guess love isnt enough at least my love wasnt worth fighting for.
    in the end its just me and i am coming to except my faults and my mistakes i am where the universe wants me to be alone in the darkness………i am empty and no one cared no one cared to see anything from my point of view they all left me alone and never looked back….i ask myself am that mean that i deserve the pain i feel am i not worth fighting for…i guess i wasnt.


  8. Stacey

    I have been with a man for 5 years, I can honestly say I didn’t love him the first 4 but the last year I felt we both hopelessly fell in love with each other together. We tried to work things out and were doing a good. We have a 3 year old son together that loves both his parents so much and misses his daddy but he also has a daughter that I wanted him to move her in with us as a family, but all that child did was split us up. It’s been 4 months we have been separated and I know he’s moving on to other women as so have I but still feel we belong to each other. I am scared the only we are apart the less chance we have of getting back together. Neither one of us are to stubborn to say I’m sorry. Help!!

  9. harlenebisnar

    i really do love your blog, coz it helps me to understand the things that makes me feel stupid and crazy i wish i could talk to one of your psychic.. i am really messed up right now.. i need some energy from others and really want to hear from someone to inspire me.. i am so lonely person that i know from the start i did stop fighting for my life.. i don’t know what will happen to me.. i don’t trust anyone anymore. i don’t even listen to my family members, i seek for doctors but, i felt paranoid to what they are saying because, it seems they are there beacuse, i pay their time and seeking to talk with is like wasting time..coz it would never help me.. but, i read all the testimonials from others that your blog can really changes lives, so i hope..anyone could help me …

  10. Ruth Barnett

    It finally came to an end with a guy and me,he would ontroduce me as his girlfriend and would kiss me barelly,but one day i showed up at his house and there was a girl there he introduced me as ruth no kiss no nothing.I felt really stupid there just standing there after while she left he really has,nt talked to me since then.I then text him and asked him why he had,nt been honest if he did,nt want to see me why not be honest and tell me,it infuriates me why men cannot be honest i ended calling him a few choice words.This really got me upset.

  11. Kandace

    Amazing the put downs and crap women put up with because they don’t know how special and wonderful they really are. However it must have something to do with spiritual growth.

    On the other hand why do we not know how beautiful we really are. Mothers and Fathers our children are beautiful your girls need to know how special they really are so men will not disrespect them. Therefore Fathers that time with you daughters and your wifes so they will know. You are the role models for your girls. If you want they to marry a wonderful man then you be the example of the wonderful man. Mothers you be the example for your sons and daughters. We set these examples everyday for our children.

    Be the man or woman you would like to see your children marry. The home is the first institute of learning. I dare you to set the most noble and respectful role model for your children. Give them the respect and they in turn will reward you with the same respect as they grow older. Many blessings!!

  12. wanda

    Iknowtoday world is problem every one has them worst them other Believe me i been their and back Ithink I was born with bad luck Iofften heard we get punish for what our parents has done in pass with their future Is that true or not?

  13. foolmetwice

    Sometimes marriages break up because one person is lacking the courage to do the work that would help. Running away and starting over is much easier. And these days people believe that marriage should be just as disposible as a used diaper or some old technology.Wife’s gettin older…just upgrade! Problems need fixing? ….just get a new system without the bugs, without any history….start fresh. I believe in working to save what was best and beautiful from the relationship, but one person can not save it alone. If one wants to work and the other wants to explore the menu options for new relationships, it’s done. I would be truly excited — and shocked — to discover the universe has a plan for me. Yay Universe! I’m ready and open to meet my destinay any time….but he will only be sent when the time is right. Oh well, in the meantime guess I’ll do my nails…andlots of other stuff that needs doing to unclutter my life.

  14. maddasshell

    My husband and i broke up after 26 years of marriage and 4 years going together off and on.
    We have two kids from the marriage which are grown now. At the time that i left him because he was abusive my daughter was 14. He has been cheating along. After i move out he went to live with her. She has a daughter that i don’t know if little girl
    is his or not. Why did this happen to us we had everything together so i thought. Maddasshell.

  15. browneyesbrowneyes

    I agree with the part about pushing for more in a relationship. Sometimes even if you dont think youre pushing you may be. What I dont understand and still feel foolish about is why I got so many readings with so many psychics that saw he and I together again, but it never happened. Now I have the feeling of foolishness of being taken for granted by a man and also feeling foolish for ever believing he would change his mind in time and return. Really hurts to be taken in twice, lol. And still not really know what lesson you were to learn except maybe not to trust anyone.

  16. Valerie MacNeil

    So many things make sense to me after reading this article. It helps me understand why my last relationship ended. I pray that he is ble to do some healing and I know I have to back off and be patient while he does. And if he doesn’t, I have to trust that the universe will lead someone more enlightened to me. Thanks again for this piece.

  17. Carolina

    I was with a man twenty years I was lost and found god it has been a very long ride but just like she says that person was not at your level and the angels send you with another person who is at your level give your life time and heal yourself love yourself find out who you are and then your life will change and heal we sometimes feel that we need a partner to feel good about life no we don’t we were born alone so when you heal yourself everything come together in your life

  18. misskrystal

    Francesca & Erica-I thoroughly enjoyed this article. I hope people who are going through a break up read this & reflect upon it.
    Thanks. Miss Krystal

  19. Salim Lalani

    I really thankful to you for the reasons behind the break-ups and am interested further know coz I am an advocate and very very intested and want knowledge these type of cases regarding two parties living or not living. why they dnt. want to keep relaltionship with each other and want break-up even in old age. Again thanks and want more regarding this relationship.

  20. robin

    Hello I wish i knew if this is why i am single after 32 years with a guy who just never ever put me first….i was alone and he was out there doing stuff he should not have been and yet coming home and pushing at me to for some pyysical stuff….I know in my heart karmw with him is done….
    but no one new is near me…i feel it coming i think….I need help.
    Send the one who is inteneded for me and vive versa. I cannot do this any more….i gave it all and got walked on over and over.
    God bless, thanks

  21. Kb

    In lov with a married man & he has al the time 4 me & everything i do with him fills good i hav never had this kind of lov,wht 2 do lov him back or stay away?

  22. Rock

    The word’s that I just read ring with profound truth. Many times in relationships in the search for true love we find love 101. A course in learning what true love really is. I remember a poem i wrote many years ago, inspired by a relationship break up. “True love is knowing how to love and seeing is believing”. Only when you know can you be in a true relationship. Psychic help can really make a difference.

  23. carol

    my husband carries pictures other women with him and none of me. he is always looking, commenting on another women,s looks, figure.he likes slutty looking women.


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