Attract Good Luck with Crystals and Stones

Attract Good Luck with Crystals and Stones | California Psychics

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There are several ways to attract good luck in your life, but using crystals and stones is one of the easier and more effective ways to do so. By placing stones around your home, meditating with them or even just holding them in your hands, you can manifest better fortune and a clearer path. Here are some of the more popular stones and crystals for attracting good luck with some insight into how they work and what kind of support they can attract.

Tourmalinated Quartz
For all-around good luck, try Tourmalinated Quartz, which packs a serious punch because it combines the energy of both Tourmaline and Quartz Crystal. This stone is known for clearing out negative vibrations, infusing all aspects of your life with good fortune. It can also remove energy blockages, paving the way for prosperity and positivity, no matter what challenges you’re currently facing.

Rose Quartz
If you’re in need of some good luck in your love life, look no further than Rose Quartz. Not only can the stone spice up a current romance, but it’s also known for attracting new love by opening up your heart Chakra.

Smokey Quartz
When you need a boost of positivity and want to clear negative emotions or energy from your life, you can attract good luck (and vibes!) with Smokey Quartz. Sometimes situations or people in your life can bring you down but, by using this stone, you can free yourself from their clutches and start feeling lighter again.

Tiger’s Eye
Tiger’s Eye is the stone of opportunity and abundance. It symbolizes good luck—and the different paths to finding it—through its characteristic lines and patterns. Let the stone serve as a reminder to stay open to all of life’s possibilities and be a curious receiver of the abundance you deserve.

When you need some career-related luck, try Garnet. The red stone encourages you to work harder and prosper in your business relationships. It can also help give you confidence in job interviews or if you have a major presentation at work. Carry it with you to reap its benefits.

Known as the money stone, Citrine is all about attracting good luck with your finances. If you need to make changes in your life relating to your budget or your bottom line, look to Citrine to help guide the way. If you have a cash box or place where you store extra money, you might consider placing your stone there to attract even more good luck.

Athletes have long turned to Bloodstone for good luck—the gladiators of Ancient Greece even carried these stones while fighting to help them win battles. If you’re training for or running a marathon, or just embarking on a new fitness regimen, consider carrying Bloodstone to increase your willpower and stamina.

Sometimes, we get confused about situations in our lives and don’t know where to turn. Amethyst helps attract good luck when you need to make a key decision and really listen to your intuition. It clears your mind and lets your inner voice shine through, changing your fortune by providing a well-defined path ahead.

When you need to attract good luck in the form of self-confidence, Labradorite can bring both creativity and self-assurance into view. Wear this stone when you’re feeling deflated or less sure of yourself to help transform your attitude and help you realize how wonderful you truly are.

Attract Good Luck with Crystals and Stones - Infographic | California Psychics

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