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Embracing Change with Crystals

We’ve all heard that the only constant is change. While true, this adage can provoke anxiety, but we’ve also been given Divine promise that all things work together for our good. Even though good change can be stressful, it helps to remember that transformation can occur in a twinkling.

When you want to make positive changes in your life, like heal heartache, escape from an abusive relationship, stop smoking, exercise more, learn a new language, get a better job, make more money, attract love, etc., a little crystal support can go a long way. Here are several of the best crystals for transformation.

Your Crystals


The bright blue and green Chrysocolla, connected to your Throat and Heart chakras, is a transformative crystal known as the “Stone of Communication,” and the “Teacher’s Stone.” Believed to help you create desired changes by filling you with wisdom and empowerment, it helps you communicate to, and teach, others with lovingkindness and compassion. It’s said to transform you by healing heartache, encouraging forgiveness, and giving you sweet, peaceful serenity.

Thought to increase confidence and raise self-esteem, it offers great support during difficult times, especially when you want to start over in your life. Said to imbue courage while strengthening your heart both emotionally and physically, it is known to help in releasing stress and tension while drawing in happiness and joy.


Called the “Stone of Forgiveness,” Dioptase is a Stone of the Green Ray, and aligns with the Heart chakra. Its intense blue-green color radiates soothing tranquility, and is said to heal heartache, particularly if you’ve suffered from an abusive relationship. It is known to help transform anguish into serenity while releasing anger and resentment. It is thought to help you heal and ultimately transcend deep inner trauma.

This energizer crystal assists you in ceasing self-neglect and replacing it with loving self-care. It aids you in healing damaged emotional belief patterns, strengthening your heart and body, and attaining success in new changes in your life. It is highly valued for bringing in abundant blessings of financial security.

Rutilated Quartz

Known as the “Illuminator Stone,” Rutilated Quartz is a transparent crystal shot through with needle-like streaks of golden Rutile, resembling your aura shimmering with golden white light around the top of your head when you are bonded to Spirit. These sparkling streaks are referred to as the “Hairs of Venus,” “Love Arrows,” and “Goddesses’ Tresses.” Trusted to help you swiftly manifest desired changes, it assists you in receiving Divine guidance, inspiration, and insight.

Use this gemstone to transform your life for the better. Thought to enhance stability, it strengthens will, determination, and self-reliance. It is said to give protection from negativity and help you discern the true motives of others. It is believed to help heal depression and release anxiety. Aligned with your Crown and Solar Plexus chakras, it cleanses, benefits, and empowers all of your chakras as it infuses joy and happiness into your soul. It is an accelerating crystal that attunes you to your Divine Purpose.


Moldavite, called the “Star Stone” and the “Stone of Connectivity,” comes in pretty shades of deep forest green, olive green, and bluish-green. It is star-born, formed from meteors that impacted Earth long ago, and it can help you understand who you are and why you are here.

Attuned to your Heart chakra, it is said to help counteract cynical thinking, calm worries, and provide an etheric shield for the deeply sensitive. It is thought to infuse intense healing energy as it helps you connect with Ascended Masters, Divine Messengers, and the Universal Source. Believed to aid in releasing blockages, be they emotional, physical, or spiritual, it helps you create dramatic change for the better in every area of your life.


Transforming, grounding, and stabilizing, Shungite is a lustrous black stone made of elemental carbon, just like diamond. Aligned with the Root chakra, it is said to help protect holders and wearers from EMF radiation, and is deemed to help resolve mental and emotional issues. Known as the “Stone of Life,” and the “Miracle Stone,” this gemstone is ancient and powerful, believed to rejuvenate, detoxify, purify, heal, and restore your life force. It is used to help heal your shadow side as it cleanses your aura of negative energy.

Said to be very protective, it is thought to shield you from bad intentions of others, and it is good for personal safety. It is said to correct energy imbalances and create overall balance as it boosts your positive energy.


Howlite, known as the “Stone of Inspiration,” and the “Stone of Reasoning and Discernment,” is a calming white stone with fine veins of gray or black. Attuned to the Crown chakra, this gemstone is known to be a guardian crystal with strongly protective energy for you, your home, and belongings. Said to relieve stress, pain, and anxiety during times of change, it is thought to help you overcome insomnia and attain restful sleep.

Considered singularly powerful in bringing you good luck and blessed fortune, it can help transmute negative thoughts to positive, inspire peaceful feelings, and assist you in having greater patience, especially when dealing with negative people. It helps release negative attachments and break bad habits so you can live and let live in harmony, peace, and joy.Best Crystals for Change infographic | California Psychics

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    Please excuse my ignorance, but is there a way I can purchase these crystals online and how do they work the best? For example, do you have to be touching them or they just have to be in line of side of you or how do they work the best??? Again this is all new to me but very intriguing and my curiosity is forcing me to learn more! Thanks for any direction you can give.


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