The Best Self-Care Routine for Scorpio

The Best Self-Care Routine for Scorpio | California Psychics

What is Scorpio Self-Care?

Happy Scorpio season! As the fierce Scorpion reluctantly takes the stage, their energy gets a boost from the cosmos. Everything is heightened for Scorpio during this season, including their need for self-care. If you are not a Scorpio, you can use this guide to help your Scorpio friends and family get the self-care they deserve. You can also use this guide for yourself, for these self-care activities are designed to help you get through Scorpio season. Check back next month for a new routine to help you through Sagittarius season.

Of all the zodiac signs, Scorpio is probably saddled with the darkest reputation. They’re notorious for having a fiery temper, an insatiable sexual appetite, and being into all things weird and creepy. With this predetermined personality already forged for them by the time they begin developing a social life, it’s no surprise that Scorpio needs a little self-care occasionally. But what is Scorpio self-care? It’s high-stakes strategy games and solo morning workouts. It’s binge-reading mystery stories or binge-watching true crime documentaries. Scorpio self-care is time spent in nature, learning as much as they can, whenever they can, and just a hint of self-indulgence.

What Stresses a Scorpio Out?

Everyone knows that Scorpio is intense, it’s part of their nature; in fact, they rule that trait. So, it’s not a surprise that Scorpio is a control freak in just about every way. They’re the fixed Water sign of the zodiac, so they don’t take to change easily, though they are always up for an adventure (if they’re in charge of it, of course). They prefer to keep their emotions bottled up, which does nothing good for their stress levels, especially when they also choose to deal with any problems they’re experiencing on their own too. And Scorpio usually deals with a lot of problems, because if they believe something can be fixed, they will do their absolute best to fix it. They can’t stand an unsolved problem, whether it’s a work issue, a personal one, or the injustices of the world. They are also very particular about personal boundaries, and whenever they feel that they’ve been crossed by friends, family, or coworkers, their stress levels shoot through the roof. Suffice to say, Scorpio tends to carry a lot of stress around with them. But how to combat all of that with someone as famously cagey as the prickly Scorpion? With this self-care routine personalized for Scorpio.

Self-Care for the Mind of a Scorpio

  • Morning Routine- Scorpio is decent with mornings, but they need to be reserved only for them. The best morning routine for Scorpio is a good solo workout, followed by a hearty breakfast. This is also a good time for Scorpio to catch up on current events, so don’t eat and run. Scorpio likes to stay informed on the news of the day, so making it one of the first things they do in the morning will put them in the right frame of mind and prevent distractions later on.
  • Journaling- Scorpio is not good at slowing down, and their minds are one of their fastest attributes. Journaling is an excellent way for Scorpio to slow down and pour out all of their pent-up emotions and problems. They don’t like to express these things out loud, for it’s too close to losing control, but the privacy of journaling is a good alternative and an excellent grounding ritual that they can perform, nightly or weekly, whatever serves Scorpio best. 
  • Strategy Games- Scorpio has an extremely sharp mind, and an extremely competitive spirit and nothing gives them more joy than to unleash both on a worthy opponent(s). Strategy games such as chess, Risk, or high-stakes card games like poker not only help Scorpio keep their mind sharp and agile but can also help them wind down after a particularly stressful day.

Self-Care for the Body of a Scorpio

  • Kickboxing- While Scorpio enjoys competition, the person they’re most often in competition with is themselves, for they know they can always be better. This means that they take their exercise routine very seriously. Scorpio loves to work up a sweat in the gym, the more intense the better (they have that reputation for a reason). Therefore, kickboxing is perfect for them. It’s high energy, can be done solo, and they will feel exhausted, but good at the end of their workout.
  • Hiking- Like their fellow Water signs, Scorpio loves being outside. Normally, they find it very relaxing to be surrounded by nature, however, when they decide to go hiking, they aren’t looking to relax. Always up for a challenge, Scorpio will go for the toughest and longest hiking trails they can find, mostly because they can. If they get to hike around a lake or near a river, that makes the trip even better honestly.
  • Sleep- Scorpio has a complicated relationship with sleep. Unlike their Water sign siblings, Cancer and Pisces, it’s not something they could spend all day doing, though they do enjoy it well enough. The biggest problem for Scorpio is, even when they desperately want to, they can have a hard time falling asleep because their minds are so active. This being the case, and also being one of the more psychically inclined signs of the zodiac, it’s not unusual for Scorpio to spend a lot of their resting time lucid dreaming. Because of this, and their naturally active nature, they need at least eight hours of sleep per night, and it’s best if they keep their room as dark as possible to facilitate rest. Of course, all such concerns should be discussed with a medical professional.

Self-Care for the Heart of a Scorpio

  • Romantic Partner- When it comes to relationships, Scorpio has an unfair reputation for being solely focused on the sexual and sensual side of romance. While it’s true that as the ruler of the eighth house, and therefore, of sex, any relationship with them will probably be rather intense and adventurous, that is not Scorpio’s only aim. They’re looking for a soul-deep connection that they can offer their love, trust, and loyalty to, and they need a dynamic, powerful partner who will stand up to them. They need someone who won’t put up with any possessive, jealous tendencies that Scorpio is sometimes prone to. The nice thing about Scorpio though, is that they understand boundaries, and respect them. As long as those are established early on, there shouldn’t be any problems, because, at the end of the day, Scorpio is, truly, an extremely nurturing and genuine individual, who wants to look after their partner.
  • Friends- When it comes to their friends, Scorpio prefers the company of witty, fun people who can keep up with both Scorpio’s wit and love of high-energy activities. Scorpio is loyal to their friends, and loves to both surprise, and be surprised by them. Hanging out with friends is one of Scorpio’s ways to relax, and if they have enough trust in them, they’ll open up to their friends about any issues they’re having as well. However, Scorpio is a big believer in creating strict boundaries between their social and private life, and if their friends step over those boundaries, Scorpio won’t hesitate to cut that person out of their life.
  • Family- Scorpio does love their family, though they’re probably the least attached to them of all the Water signs. Since they’re the furthest thing from a homebody, Scorpio has a much broader definition of what constitutes family than either of their Water sign siblings. Scorpio also doesn’t have a problem with saying no to members of their family when they need some space. But when they have a real problem that’s shaken them to the core, it’s their family that Scorpio will turn to for advice and comfort first.

Self-Care for the Spirit of a Scorpio

  • Meditation- Scorpio is extremely empathic, as all Water signs are. Unable to do anything by halves, they’re very prone to absorbing the emotions of those around them, especially the negative ones. Fortunately, a simple grounding meditation will help Scorpio unload whatever energies and emotions they already have absorbed and protect them against absorbing more. This meditation can be done via multiple methods, such as deep breathing, keeping grounding crystals with them, meditating with candles, or meditating with water. Whatever method speaks to Scorpio is the best way for them to go about it.
  • Stargazing- Scorpio is all about mysteries, for they rule all things that are hidden. And while they cannot abide an unsolved problem, there’s something about the mysteries of the Universe, combined with the grandeur of nature that makes the act of stargazing a very peaceful one for them. It settles something in their spirit to gaze into the sky and know that something bigger than themselves exists and that there will always be more to explore and discover.

What Relaxes a Scorpio?

  • Reading- Scorpio is genuinely comfortable in their own company, and sometimes craves alone time. They also find new knowledge to be an extremely relaxing and worthwhile pastime because knowledge is power. So, it’s no surprise that Scorpio would find curling up with a good book to be extremely relaxing. Nonfiction is one of their favorite genres, but they’ll never turn down a book of any genre as long as it keeps them engaged.
  • Outdoor Activities- Scorpio isn’t much for slowing down, but they do love being outside, especially when they’re near the water. Quiet, peaceful activities like walking along the beach or working in the garden are not only relaxing for Scorpio, but they also serve to boost their self-esteem. Scorpio is always alert when other people are around, and it’s only when surrounded by nature that they can truly let their guard down and feel at home.

Activities Where a Scorpio Can Let Go

  • Mysteries- Scorpio loves secrets and all things unknown; they do rule it, after all. What they love even more, however, is trying to figure it out, which means that mysteries, be they books, movies, or tv shows, are like catnip to Scorpio. They’ll always try and stay one step ahead of the plot, and they may take notes while watching or reading for comparison at the end. In need of the perfect gift for a Scorpio? Try a murder mystery dinner theatre, they’ll lose their minds.
  • Therapy- Scorpio finds strength in doing things that help them calm their internal fears, and their sign also happens to rule psychology. It’s not that big of a surprise then, that the sign that plays everything close to the vest, doesn’t trust easily, but is always searching for someone they can trust unconditionally, would consider therapy a place where they can let go. There’s no danger of trusting the wrong person there, which gives them a practical solution for a lot of their stress issues.

Scorpio’s True Guilty Pleasure

  • Massages/Spa Day- Despite their lurid reputation, Scorpio isn’t that indulgent when it comes to themselves. However, they do like a bit of pampering now and then, and frankly, they kind of deserve it given their hardworking, non-stop natures. A day at a spa, complete with pool, hot tub, massage, and sauna, is exactly the sort of treat that Scorpio needs from time to time to help them let go. 
  • True-Crime Documentaries- When problems arise, Scorpio wants to fix them, and what is a true-crime documentary, but the combination of a problem and a mystery (sometimes unsolved) rolled into one? Scorpio doesn’t have a lot of lazy days, but when they decide to have one, relaxing on the couch with a few snacks and a streaming queue of nothing but true crime documentaries that they can take notes on is their perfect guilty pleasure day.

Removing the Sting

Scorpio takes on a lot every single day because they don’t know how not to. Sometimes it feels like a self-fulfilling prophecy, that they have to be as intense as their reputation says they are to properly function. Whether that’s true or not, Scorpio deserves to look after themselves with as much love and dedication as they pour into everything else they do. Otherwise, eventually, they will burn themselves out. And the world needs the Scorpion’s fierce, nurturing heart too much to allow that to happen.  

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