How a Breakdown Can be the Key to a Breakthrough

How a Breakdown Can be the Key to a Breakthrough | California Psychics

From Breakdown to Transformation

Having a breakdown can really shock your system, and the emotional reverberations can also affect those around you. There are a number of reasons why a person might have a tantrum: the weight of stress, a lack of sleep, an explosion of emotions after years of pushing feelings deep down, or a sudden traumatic life event, to name a few. But losing your cool temporarily can actually be transformative. Once the outburst passes, you’ll find clarity, wisdom, and renewal in your breakdown’s wake. Here are four ways you’ll be able to learn from a meltdown and make yourself into a better person as a result.

A Breakdown Helps You Recognize When You’re Overloaded

Well, you finally exploded. Instead of beating yourself up over what can’t be changed, allow yourself the chance to explore what made you blow up to begin with. How have your lifestyle choices affected your state of mind and your mental health? What habits have you fallen into that don’t serve you? How have you become so emotionally overwhelmed?

The answers to these questions will guide you to discover how you can shift your day-to-day. Perhaps you need to take care of your physical body with better nourishment, more sleep, and fewer indulgences. Maybe you’re stretched too thin with work and social engagements or find yourself unable to find a fulfilling balance between your job and your family life. While these circumstances aren’t easily changed, they do provide insight into why and how you’ve come unglued.

A Breakdown Tests Your Relationships

Many times, a breakdown doesn’t happen when we are alone. It can be triggered by something that happens—someone says or does the wrong thing at the worst possible time. In turn we emotionally freak out. Chances are that everyone you know has had a moment like this at some point in their lives. It can be embarrassing, vulnerable, and scary all at once.

It, however, is a chance for repair. Relationships that aren’t resilient enough to handle a rough spot probably weren’t strong enough in the first place. Use this moment as a jumping off point to show your authentic self to someone else. Express yourself honestly about how you’re feeling after your breakdown; do you feel ashamed, mortified, or even cruel? Give the person on the receiving end of your outburst the space to express their own feelings. In this way, you can usher in a new chapter of your relationship that’s more real than the connection you had before.

A Breakdown Forces You to Realize Your Own Resilience

Coming back from a breakdown takes strength. When you’re at your lowest point, your ability to pick yourself back up is an act of courage. Being able to say that, yes, you messed up and, yes, your life is not where you want it to be is hard. It’s even harder to put in the work to make changes. But as you go through each day, you’ll see how tough you really are. You’ll examine what led you to the breakdown and do the repair work you need to on any relationships that have been tested. Then, you’ll need to actually apply these lessons to your life. It’s the difference between talking the talk and actually walking the walk. It’s one thing to know what you need to do to make a real transformation occur. It’s quite another to actually do it. If you can bounce back from this, you can do anything.

A Breakdown Creates the Possibility for Rebirth

You can use this as an opportunity to become more self-aware. You get to make choices from a new perspective. Sometimes, it takes a major breakdown to shift your life onto a better path.

Ask yourself: Who do you really want to be in this new chapter in your life? How can you adapt, not so that you never lose your cool again, but so that you can better recognize the signs that it’s coming? People have meltdowns and emotions can get the best of us. We’re only human. But having the perspective of how and why that can happen will make the process less jarring, for you and for your loved ones. Allow your tantrum to change you into an emotionally cognizant person. You no longer need to fear strong feelings, but to instead allow yourself to feel them and even embrace the wisdom they can impart upon you.

Embrace Your Emotions

Breakdowns are nothing to be ashamed of, everyone takes on more than they can or bottles up their emotions at least once in their lives. The key to success when it happens is to not waste the revelations that come with it. Embrace what your emotions are telling you, use your words, make changes where necessary, and move on. Don’t waste the opportunity that your mind and body are handing you; it could be exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

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