How to Create Your Own Guided Meditation

How to Create Your Own Guided Meditation

A Greater Understanding of Your Path

The first full season of 2018 is upon us and no time is better than spring to begin the regeneration of your mind, body, spirit—and life! This is a moment in time when the entire season begins and ends in a brave new year that is all about balance. Few things can bring balance, guidance, and direction into your world as quickly or as fiercely as regular meditation.

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There are several varieties of meditation. Each type, while wholly unique in direction, has a common thread of the final outcome: to help you have a greater understanding of your path and purpose and a tremendous reduction of stress and stress-related side effects. Today we are going to focus on guided meditation and be sure to check out Psychic Sloane’s video on guided meditation below after you read this article!

The Voice That Guides You

Guided meditation is a reasonably simple and straightforward type of meditation and it requires little, if any, special conditions in order to achieve the desired goal. The voice you hear as you begin your meditation can be your own pre-recorded voice or it can be a voice of a stranger whose melodic tones can induce a near-trance-like state of focused and directed calm.

Let’s begin with the most personal version of a guided meditation. You can record your voice reading words that you have written or instructions created by someone else. When you hear your own voice, it often helps to signal to the mind that the following information is important and safe to explore. You can also record very soothing and comforting instrumental music in the background as you record the words. Soothing sounds can also aid in heralding the state of calmness needed to begin your meditation.

Here is an example of what you can record for the playback of your guided meditation:

“Relax. You are safe. You are surrounded by the strength of universal and multidimensional love and acceptance. Close your eyes. Slow your breath. Take a deep, cleansing breath. In through your nose and out through your mouth. Slowly. Very slowly.”

As you speak, use the rhythm of your words to invoke the desired response. For instance, as you declare the need to “slow your breath,” slow the tempo of the spoken words. Then, soften the tone of your voice and speak in gentle, reassuring tones. Continue:

“Take another cleansing breath. Slowly. Clear away any thoughts of the day and any concerns of the time ahead. Be here now. Focus on your breath. Take one more cleansing breath. Get comfortable and release the stress and strain you have been carrying.”

“Imagine you are now sitting on a perfect Caribbean beach. The sand is sugar white and the waters are warm and turquoise. The breeze is gentle and the palm tree beside you is offering a warm shade.”

“Take another deep, cleansing breath.”

“As you exhale, look to the farthest horizon. On that distant point of the ocean, you can barely see an old steamship crossing the waters. As you breathe in the delicious, warm sea breezes, you begin to see two small wisps of smoke rising from the smokestacks on the old steamship. As you follow the tiny tendrils into the sky, allow your mind to drift along with the smoky curls.”

At this point, if there is a specific goal or answer you are seeking, you can add this:

“As you drift beside the small tufts of smoke, look into your heart and see what has been holding you back from your goal. (You can state the goal specifically). You have the power to alter your path to one that is now conducive to your desires.”

“Watch as the smoke blends into the blue Caribbean sky. Feel the relaxation of the freedom and the peace that washes over your spirit and body. Let your mind be released.”

“Now you are in a place of complete relaxation and you are free. You are part of the beauty and tranquility that surrounds you on your perfect beach. You are refreshed and empowered too.”

While reading these words, be sure to also leave several minutes in between directions so your mind and body can fully embrace the instructions. Continue:

“With one more deep, slow and cleansing breath, thank your spirit for showing you a place of regeneration and peace too.”

“Open your eyes. You are beautiful!”

Just 10 or 15 Minutes

As you can see, such a guided meditation certainly does not require hours of preparation or rigorous studies. It can be as simple as following 10 or 15 minutes of instructions, yet the rewards for such an effort can be amazing!

The Benefits of Meditation

Countless medical studies have shown that regular meditation can increase productivity, help you sleep better, dramatically increase your ability to focus on a task at hand, and so much more. Many countries include meditation classes and retreats as part of their overall healthcare programs.

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