Psychic Workout: Cutting Energetic Cords

Shan in Australia writes:

I have had a married man under my skin for the last two years but can’t seem to shake him off. Whenever I say “enough” and try to move on, I get moments of synchronicity that send me a reminder and slide him back under my skin again. How can I get over him once and for all and move on – and are the moments of synchronicity just wishful thinking?

Psychic Marin ext. 5113‘s response:

We often form attachments with people that are energetic in nature, and therefore invisible to the naked eye. Fortunately, the psychics at California Psychics can “see” these energetic connections and can help describe any existing connections or cords which you may have.

Your behavior may be influenced or controlled by the person you are corded to. You may be easily manipulated, depressed, stuck, suffer from low energy levels or simply feel yucky when thinking about the other person. Energetic cords are not restricted by distance or time, so you could be affected by a connection with a person who is far away, someone from childhood, or a person who is no longer living. Shedding some insight on whether it is a healthy nurturing connection, or a depleting connection can help identify if it is time to literally pull the plug!

For situations like the one you described, I suggest an energetic cord cutting exercise to separate you from the energy that was once shared with this person, doing this in the most loving way possible to bring peace to each of you as you separate.

1) Visualize the person to whom you find that there is an energetic attachment, and see the cord that exists between you.

2) Take note of the size, thickness/thinness or material that makes up the cord. Is it solid, and perhaps it will require a little more energy to remove, or is it barely a thread, and a simple “snip” will set you free?

3) Identifying what the cord looks like will offer information about the type of connection that exists between you and the other person. Energetic cords can appear like an umbilical cord, or even an electrical cord with a plug at the end. Is the cord glowing in neon? A link of chains?

4) Why do you think this type of cord was formed, and how did you play a part in allowing it to form in this manner? (I have even experienced sticky tar-like cords that can become a mess to deal with, requiring extra patience and energy to completely sever the connection).

5) Before making the final separation, take a moment to honor the relationship by recognizing how it influenced your life. Take note of the lessons you learned. What are you freeing yourself from, and what have you overcome?

6) Now either cut with scissors, unplug, use bolt cutters, or tear the cord that separates you as you continue to send love while performing the separation. The key to the success of the separation will be in you sending love, which acts almost like a band-aid to cover the wound or separation. If you feel that cutting your cord has left spaces in your energy field, then visualize those spaces being filled with healing white light.

7) It is not uncommon that shortly after an energetic cord-cutting experience and separation that the person on the other end senses a sudden feeling of “loss” and may reach out to you. You may get a phone call, text message, or “randomly” see this person. The more love you energetically send upon the time of separation, the more you can minimize the potential for a reconnection.

Energetic cords are an open channel for communication between you and another person through which emotions and energy flow, often without your conscious knowledge. Cutting an energetic cord can separate your from unnecessary attachments, and set yourself free from the ties that bind.


Marin ext. 5113

6 thoughts on “Psychic Workout: Cutting Energetic Cords

  1. Stoop

    actually a vehicle is grneodud, the tires make it grneodud, if the vehicle gets struck by lightning it will go through the chassis then through the tires and into the ground so ya a vehicle is grneodud, thats why they say inside a vehicle is the safest place to be when lightning strikes, its not a myth its true- yes the tires ground the car, if the tires didn’t ground the car if it got struck then the electricity wouldn’t leave the car now would it, it goes to the tires and then grounds itself into the well um ground lol, also why do you think you can step on a rubber door mat to take any static electricity out of you, its the rubber itself, or why your asked to wear rubber soled shoes/boots on some jobs, its the rubber material itself, maybe the reason your told to stay inside a car if wires are touching it is so you don’t get hit, if you do get shocked from the ground it doesn’t matter if its from the car or not, the car was still grneodud to the ground because of the tires, plus i’ve never heard of being shocked from the ground, only you getting shocked and then the electricity going through you and then going to the ground, i seriously never heard of getting shocked from the ground unless your standing in water other than that you can only be shocked from a source above the ground, come on now be serious lol, also the reason they tell you to stay in the car for loose wires like from a storm isn’t cause they would hit the car and the electricity would run from the car through the ground to you, its so the wires don’t physically touch you then shock you, if your not standing in water you won’t get shocked unless the wires touch you or get within a foot or 2 from you

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  3. Jai Krishna Ponnappan

    Hello Marin & Shan ,
    Thank you for the interesting article.

    A Sincere and Kind Comment :

    When you come across a situation such as this rest assured that certain things such as synchronicity and deep connections don’t happen by accident or just cause you got unlucky or lucky. Coincidence, chance and luck have very little to do with such pre destined things. Truly respect the nature of your situation, the other person and the forces involved. These are not just bonds of energy they are bonds of power. And about power, Jesus answers Pilate’s claim to it with the words “You would have no power over me at all unless it were given to you from above. So the one who handed me over to you has the greater sin.” Souls come into this life with plans and promises. They get distracted by their 5 senses and assumed facts, which are possible lies told to them that can lead them astray. If you don’t have what it takes to follow through on synchronicity and have respect for this apparent bond you felt. You need to confess and address your own inadequacies. Question all your assumptions and fears. Such energies and bonds never make an effort to accomplish the wrong thing. Trust in Nature for she is a kind Mother who surrounds you with her embrace. Explain your choices to this other person, get some closure, clear your conscience or if you’re Christian go confess it to a church or write the whole thing down on paper and analyze the lessons, unfulfilled goals and reflections these forces are trying to reach out and teach you. When you involve the Angels remember your walking into neutral territory. If you ask them to do you the wrong favors while cutting or healing, they will someday testify against your own inadequacies and self redeeming acts of cowardice. No amount of honor or respect can serve as an explanation, to the true source of power. It hasn’t come in search of your honor or respect. Such truths or energies can never be reduced to a mere cord you can cut with an act involving only yourself and not the other person or God’s will. Imagination is not meant to serve as a substitute for blindness. Cutting a cord can cause Karma to make its way back to you. The best thing for people to do is to confront the situation and help each other fix their flawed Karmas. These energies and powers you speak of wouldn’t waste themselves on the two of you and a higher source unless there was a potential need that suffered neglect.

    P.S – Unfortunately we live in a less than perfect world with less than perfect neutral Angels with powerful wings that sit kind of idle on watch towers and let humanity fend for itself. Learn to love and respect each other, all life and Nature unconditionally, this is the least we men and women can do as an act of gratitude. Find reason in Love and Respect for all life, including yours and all will be well.

    – My sincere Prayers and Blessings for you Shan. I hope things have been getting better…… 🙂

  4. juliajulia

    thank you nice article, this article helped me to realize that you can foget about you past relationship or some one that you are strongly connected to in the deepest way i was once in the relationship with some one that i loved with all my heart but eventually he left me for someone else i didnt think i could move on but after reading this article i know i can move and forget about the past thanks again

  5. hern

    Hey Marin
    Great article! Doreen Virtue taught us this meditation using the Angels. You can incorporate Arch Angel Michael to cut the cords with his crystal sword, and asking Arch Angel Raphael to heal the holes left by the cutting with his Emerald Green healing energy. When I first did it, the person I cut the cords with I hadn’t seen in over a year. The day after I cut the cords, she just showed up at my house, and we got closure to the issues. It works every time. Thanks again for the article.

  6. Alison-ext-9885

    Thanks for the great article – you will help a lot of people that are still connected to other souls. I have used this method myself helping others and also using candles rituals from the Egyptian times-both worked just great and letting go of a lover from the past and let you move forward with the love.
    Once again thanks for your insight.

    Alison Ext 9885
    Have a blessed Day


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