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The Power of Daily Focus

Welcome to a very special Daily Focus. I have been busily gathering thoughts, insights and specific messages in order to help you focus on what is most important in your life’s evolution. These realizations are gathered through deep meditation with my Guides, as well as the inspiration that can be amassed from long walks in the woods or through the counsel of elders.

This week’s Daily Focus is offered through the brilliance of what is commonly known as the Prayer of St. Francis. Although this prayer was actually written in 1912 and published in a small French magazine of the time, the words are as inspired as almost anything I know. It is, indeed, a universally embraced bit of wisdom.

As I meditated on the words, the meaning of those words deepened and gave me the inspiration to offer here in this Daily Focus. It is my sincerest hope that you will tuck these words into your heart and utilize the results in everything you do. If they touch your spirit, please share them with those you cherish. You can click the “share” link at the bottom of the page or on the symbols of social media presented here on the side. You can never be sure where ripples of kindness end.

April 13

“Today, I will be an instrument of peace wherever I go and to whomever I speak.”

In today’s lightning fast world, it is easy to overlook how important your interaction with others can be. So many things focus our attention exclusively on ourselves. When you go out into the world today, listen as much as you speak. Find ways to offer solace wherever, and however, you can. Someone may be at the very end of their tether and your words or actions may be just the comfort they need.

April 14

“I will sow seeds of love instead of hatred and discord.”

When you find yourself having a bad day, please stop for a moment and reframe your thinking. It isn’t easy to do, but it is stunningly important! Just as you will never know where ripples from your actions will go, you have no idea how much the negative impact of a flash of anger or an outburst of resentment can cause.

April 15

“Today I will offer understanding more than desiring to be understood.”

Sometimes people need a caring listener more than they need assistance. We are all in this lovely cosmic soup together, and you can change many negative things by shifting your focus from your needs to addressing the needs of others. In offering compassion, you will find that it lifts your spirits, too. It is the original “win-win” scenario!

April 16

“I will begin to reframe the way I see my needs. I have all that I need right now.”

When we focus on what we have in our lives instead of what we don’t have, within an instant everything in life changes! It’s not an illusion; it is a change in perception. As science has shown, reality is quite malleable, and its outcome is in your hands. It’s as simple as seeing the glass full. After all, even when half of the water is removed, there is remaining air to fill up the space.  Now celebrate the fact that you have a glass … and it’s full! It may not be what you wanted exactly, but it is exactly what you need.

April 17

“Today, I will change as many “negatives” into “positives” as often as possible!”

Instead of hearing the news that has been designed to cause an emotional reaction, why not find good news to read or hear? It’s not a matter of ignoring the current events, it’s about programming your life with the things that feed peace and acceptance. If you make this one mantra your goal, and apply it to every day for a month, you will see radical changes in your life, your world and even the way you look. Negativity shows up in our faces and our postures. The same is true with positivity.

April 18

“I will not be “tolerant” today. I will, instead, ACCEPT people, places and events as they are and find our commonality.”

When we “tolerate”, we imply that something in that interaction is unappealing. I may “tolerate” a trip to the dentist, but I certainly will not enjoy it! If I see a fellow human who appears different from me (race, religion, etc.) and I “tolerate” them, I am doing so from a place of self-perceived superiority. However, if I accept them for the unique universe that is within them, my world (and the world around me) begins to feel richer and much more inclusive. A kaleidoscope without a variety of shapes and colors is little more than a tube of broken glass.

April 19

“Life can be difficult. I will strive to bring comfort to those whose paths cross mine.”

You don’t have to go global to find people who need your help. Sending money is fine, but there is so much more that you can do without money being dragged into it. A cup of tea for a person who slept in the streets last night or a bowl of water set out for stray animals can create a current of compassion that will be felt throughout the entire universe. It is a proven truth that small efforts can create enormous changes.

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We are your spiritual oasis!

Have a wonderful week and we will meet again next time in Mantra Meditations!

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