Your Daily Focus: April 27- May 3

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Understanding Your Daily Focus

What a wonderful Daily Focus lies ahead, gentle readers! Hidden within this week is the delightful and sexy first day of May. The buildup of this luscious day can be felt throughout this week! You might find yourself feeling exceptionally happy or positive this week. This is a delightful time of year and a great week to let yourself have permission to really enjoy your life. It might start a trend!

Many countries celebrate May Day as a day to celebrate the return of warm weather and the bounty such a time offers. In the old days, the Celts celebrated this day as Beltane. It is the direct opposite of Halloween/Samhain on the Wheel of the Year. Many neo-pagans and Wiccans continue this tradition with Maypole dances and feasts of Spring’s first fruits. This is a time of year when many hidden things burst through into our reality.

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On to the celebrations!

April 27

“I will rekindle my lost daydreams and gaze at the sky that gave them to me.”

When was the last time you let yourself relax beneath a sky filled with fluffy white clouds and simply drift? You can allow yourself to participate in the biggest Rorschach test on earth! While you are seeing dragons or lilies, you can also listen to the sound of long-forgotten daydreams returning. There are always hidden messages in the daydreams we have forgotten.

April 28

“Without expanding your mind with new ways to see the world, you will be unable to explore its potential.”

If you weren’t interested in expanding your understanding of your life, you wouldn’t be reading Your Daily Focus. Obviously, you are someone who knows that much of our life’s journey has yet to be detailed or understood. Keep your mind open. Listen to others and accept what rings true in your spirit and reject that which doesn’t. Some people may believe fervently in one thing, and you can’t understand how any rational person could think like that. It’s fine to have a different opinion from your friends. Make sure you are not glossing over beliefs that you feel are dangerous to the evolution of your spirit.

April 29

“Life is an ever-changing tapestry of experience. Love is the thread that makes the picture become clear.”

When we look at an old “3D” picture, we can’t really determine what the image is trying to convey unless we relax our minds and gaze into the image for a few minutes. Suddenly, the hidden vision becomes clear. When we become so intense about our life’s events, we can lose sight of the greater picture. The view of the multiverse is best achieved when you relax and live your life with gratitude and curiosity. Keep exploring!

April 30

“Today is a great day to reacquaint myself with joy.”

Joy is a different emotion from happiness. Joy is the “showoff cousin” of happiness. Joy cannot be contained. It will find its way into every aspect of your life. It wants to be shared and shown. Joy can be easily found in the faces of happy children. It is unbridled and free! Choose to be joyful today. Your life will thank you!

May 1

“Laughter is the way the soul dances”. Happy May Day/Beltane! Rejoice!

Science has shown us that many things happen to the human brain when we laugh. Endorphins are engaged and dopamine levels change in the brain. People who laugh a great deal have an energy around them that can be felt even in silence. Feed your soul with positivity and let the laughter ensue. Share it. Cherish it. Use it. Laughter is good medicine for your spirit.

May 2

“Everything I do in my life creates the effects I experience. I will live my life awake and aimed at my goals.”

It’s easy to think that an unpleasant time in our life was the sole result of a betrayal at the hands of someone you trusted. The truth is much more complicated than that. You invited that negative event into your life. You invited that person into your life. You were never forced to continue that relationship. You had plenty of warnings. Instead of beating yourself into a pulp with guilt and anger, remember that each encounter is an important lesson. Just as past choices brought you to where you are now, the choices you make from now throughout your life will ripple into another time and another place. Accept your role in the responsibility, but do not allow yourself to be damaged by guilt or blame. Choose wisely, but not cynically.

May 3

“A diamond is only a lump of coal that did well under pressure. A lump of coal never got anywhere!”

You have endured many difficulties and challenges along the way. You have survived and you have learned how to thrive. Congratulate yourself for that kind of stamina and determination! It’s a great time of year to celebrate the wonder and the majesty of your life. You are the result of millions of years of trial and error. You are the pinnacle!

If you have enjoyed this week’s Daily Focus, please share it on your social media pages. These words, and your endorsement, may change someone’s life in ways you may never know. Send love and compassion into the world in all you do! Have a fantastic week!

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