Your Daily Focus: June 22-28

Your Daily Focus June 22-28 | California Psychics

Understanding Your Daily Focus

Greetings again, gentle readers! I know it’s hard to believe that summer is officially here, and June is almost gone. Your month has been busy, but there are still a couple of months of full summer activities ahead. Sometimes we spend so much energy going from one obligation to the next activity that we overlook some issues that may be holding us back.

This edition of Daily Focus comes from a walking meditation I experienced while walking along the beaches of the Yucatan in Mexico. The sand was pearl white, and the waters were Caribbean blue. All was peaceful and calm when my Guides appeared and showed me that the tide and the shore were really metaphors for an important spiritual realization.

As I watched the ocean waves move across the shore, I spied a tiny crustacean trying to hide deep in the sand. Each time it would bury itself, and, obviously, consider itself safe from predators, the ocean would come back across the sand and remove the creature’s protection. No matter how many times the waves approached and washed the protection away, the little creature continued to stay in its spot and rebuild. Each rebuilding was more furious than the one before.

I suddenly realized that we, as humans, often do something very similar to our little crustacean friend’s reaction. There are times when we are so focused on self-preservation that we overlook an obvious solution to our biggest challenges. In the case of the crustacean, the obvious solution would have been to take a chance and leave that spot. How many times do we overlook the warnings in our lives because the fear of letting go and taking that chance is far greater than the pain of staying in one place and suffering the outcome?

This week’s Daily Focus is going to examine how we can embrace radical changes and not feel afraid or vulnerable. I realize this is a quite a feat, but you, my dear reader, can handle it. Let’s explore how we can turn up your courage and turn down the fear. After all, what you fear is what you face.

June 22

“The world is an amazing source of experiences. It is inviting me to add my life to the mix.”

When you enclose your world, you eliminate the possibility of exploration. When you close yourself off from exploration, you also rule out any expansion your life may be wanting to experience. The world beyond your experience is only as frightening as you perceive it to be.

June 23

“People understand in direct proportion to their level of perception.”

We can’t expect everyone to see the world through our perspective. Each person sees their life in accordance to their particular experiences or preconceived beliefs. It is vital to remember this as you move through your life. No one will ever be as understanding of your life as you. Please don’t ever forget that you, and you alone, are the keeper of your life’s quality.

June 24

“I will not allow the key to my happiness to be in someone else’s pocket.”

Don’t think that another person can make you happy. As I mentioned before, you are the one who controls your fate and only you can determine your true happiness. Others may enhance your happiness, but they should certainly not control it.

June 25

“When the pain of hanging on becomes greater than the fear of letting go, you will find that you can fly!”

There is so much wisdom in this expression. Sometimes courage is found at the end of the rope you have been hanging onto for years. Sometimes it is a world-weary sign that is more acquiescent than courageous, but, nonetheless, your life will demand the courage to move to the next stage of your life.

June 26

“Flawesome: a person who acknowledges their “flaws” but embraces them anyway. Today, I will be “flawesome”!”

Sometimes it’s our “flaws” that accentuate our truest beauty. Real beauty is not a mass produced, “cookie cutter” kind of acquisition. Beauty can be found in the wisdom of an elder’s eyes or in the freckles of friendly face. Don’t be afraid to see yourself through a positive mirror. Change your perspective and watch people follow your lead.

June 27

“It doesn’t matter what I am called. It matters how I respond.”

If you find yourself closing out the world because you feel you aren’t good enough, reconsider that philosophy. What or who is telling you that you aren’t up to the correct standards? Why are you listening to those words? Turn off the television/computer/phone and look in the mirror. This is the reality from which you need to operate. It is YOUR opinion that matters, no one else’s.

June 28

“Today I will celebrate a new discovery in my world.”

The best thing you will ever do for yourself, or those around you, is to fall in love with who you are. Just like a romantic love for someone else, you can acknowledge things that may not be exactly the way you want them. You can also love beyond those shortcomings. Love can be blind for more than another person; it can also be blind for yourself.

Allow yourself to see your world through new eyes. Let yourself be brighter than our little crustacean friend. When you are being continually battered by the waves of life, change your perception and alter your direction. Something much better is waiting on the other side of your fears.

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  1. Elise Martin

    Hello Jesse, I’m new on the line. These are lovely thoughts and affirming statements that really resonate with me. I often find such inspirational teachings from animals and nature as well…there is no creature too humble to teach us. The things nature will teach us if we are really present and observe! Thank you- I’m looking forward to reading your blog regularly. I enjoy your personal writing style.


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