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The Power of Daily Focus

Greetings, gentle readers! I hope each of you is having a magnificent March. This is the third month of a “3” year and it has amazing potential! This week’s Daily Focus is aimed at the sacred struggle that goes on within each of us as we try to navigate the journey of life. While your Daily Focus was written with the goal of bringing concepts or phrases that will empower and expand your life experience, each week has a different message. Every daily message comes from my Guides, just as they offer it to me.

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This week’s Daily Focus is created from focusing on ancient truths. These views appear in every religion or sacred belief system throughout the world. These concepts are so well established and accepted as utopian goals they transcend any and all dogmas. The primary focus of this offering is on the attributes of gratitude, forgiveness, grace, and hope.

As we traverse this week together, please know that you can always call me, or any of the other dedicated psychics here at California Psychics, to help you navigate these waters. If you enjoy Your Daily Focus, please be sure to share this with your social media. You never realize how far the “ripples” go when you share a profound and sacred message.

March 9

“I won’t let people pull me into their storm. Instead, I will pull them into my peace.”

You reality consists of how you perceive your experiences. If you are practicing the art of peaceful moments in the midst of life’s storms often created through meditation, your inner peace can become a beacon of peace and hope sought by many. Take a moment today and slow down. Breathe in the calm and nourish it throughout your day today.

March 10

“Being challenged in life is inevitable. Being defeated by it is a choice.”

Each time you rise up from a difficult situation, you not only strengthen your character, but you also serve as an inspiration to those around you. When your direction is cut short or changes, take comfort in knowing that you are still aiming toward your fullest, most fulfilling destiny. We are a culmination of ALL of our experiences. Strive to be grateful, even for the rough times. They brought you where you need to be today.

March 11

“Character may be manifested in great moments, but it is created in millions of small ones.”

It is often said that a person’s true character is found in the quiet shadows where no witnesses the results. How you behave when no one is watching is really who you are. Your Daily Focuses encourage you to ask yourself what you would do if you knew you would never be caught. If you don’t like the answer, you need to change directions.

March 12

“I will not allow anyone to degrade or narrow my soul by trying to make me hate them.”

This mantra is credited to the amazing inventor and scientist, George Washington Carver. It’s hard to imagine what his life was like as a brilliant young African American man who was coming of age around the turn of the 1890s. If such a luminous soul can hold to this truth, you and I have no excuse for allowing someone’s chastisement of us to take root in our hearts and minds. It doesn’t matter what they call you, however, it matters if you answer!

March 13

“If you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward your courage with a new hello.”

Sometimes we stay in miserable situations because our fears ensure that we stay unhappy as opposed leaping into an unknown future. With California Psychics always just a phone call away, there is no reason for you to feel lost or uncertain about your future. If you are consistently unhappy with your life, it’s certainly time to take charge and make some changes.

March 14

“Forgiveness cannot change the past but it can expand your future.”

Is there someone in your life who keeps you coming back to negative thoughts about them? Do you find yourself checking their social media to find out what has been happening in their lives? Do you envy their lives as you perceive them? What good does this bring into your life? This is a wonderful day to practice releasing these thoughts/emotions and forgive the ones who caused you such distress. Forgiveness is far better for you than continuing your obsessions, according to your Daily Focus.

Forgiving is releasing yourself from the prison in which you have placed yourself. It also creates a ripple effect that lightens all the energy around you. Imagine what you can accomplish when you liberate your mind and heart from the resentment and anger you have been generating to keep the transgression alive! You are certainly for better things. Take off the chains and forgive those who have harmed you too.

March 15

“True empowerment is all about seeking the solution instead of focusing on the problem.”

When we focus on the problems in our lives, we become trapped in a never-ending circle of pretzel logic. We focus on the problem to the extent that we overlook many good things. We can become so intent on looking at the challenge that we no longer seek solutions, the problem becomes part of our daily existence and serves no purpose. Celebrate the amazing galaxy that exists within your mind and spirit. You are forever expanding. You are given limitless numbers of opportunities to evolve. Your Daily Focus encourages you to enjoy your week and know that you are not alone too!

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