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Understanding Your Daily Focus

Welcome back, my lovely, gentle readers! This week’s Daily Focus kicks off with a beautiful, rare, Full Moon. A moon like this only comes around every 2.7 years. This Full Moon will be the third of four Full Moons in a single season. Such a celestial event is known as a “blue moon.” A wonderful night spent gazing into the heavens this week will do wonders to lighten and empower your spirit. Spend a few minutes moon-gazing and take a deep breath. All of nature in her glory is summoning you to participate in this delicious light show!

As the weather continues to warm, there will be many opportunities to step out from the shadows of your comfort zones and really move into the kind of destiny you deserve and desire. As we look into this week’s quotes, my Guides have helped me to discern the best interpretation possible of the images they have presented during my deep meditations.

In the words that follow, you will be given many things to consider. Allow these inspired revelations to lead your week. If you are following the previous week’s quotes, you will realize that you are creating some of the very best days of your journey on this earth. In your true “heart of hearts,” you know where you want to go in your life. Set your spirit’s compass to find that wonderful “true north” setting and you will never be disappointed.

May 18

“Setting clear, concise goals is the first step towards making the invisible become visible.”

There is an old adage that says you must believe in order to see. That which cannot be readily experienced through the physical senses is often alive and well and heading your way in the spiritual dimensions. Believe in yourself and believe in your goals. Neither will let you down.

May 19

“My time on earth is limited and I will not waste a minute of it living someone else’s dreams.”

When you consider how your life would be different by listening to your own intuition, instead of basing your decisions on what others think you should do, you would be amazed at how altered your present life would be. It is never too late to begin creating the life you are supposed to live.

May 20

“Challenges make life interesting and overcoming them makes life wonderful!”

Think about all of the struggles and challenges you have already overcome. You are the hero of your life’s journey. All the super heroes in all the legends of the world cannot compare to the power within you! This is a great time to look at your current challenges and laugh out loud. You are indestructible and genuinely amazing! Don’t let anyone steal that thunder.

May 21

“The two most important days of your life are: the day you were born and the day you found out why.”

Have you wondered what your true destiny might be? This is a great time to ponder such a question. You are continually moving toward new opportunities that can help bring your destiny into a clearer vision. Here is a terrific exercise that I have often suggested to my clients. It is simple, but stunningly revealing. Try writing down what you consider to be the most perfect day you can imagine. Don’t let time, space, money, or obligations stand in the way. Write it as if you have a magic wand that can dispel any obstacle. You’ll be surprised what you end up writing. Therein lies your truth.

May 22

“Today I will free myself from my past mistakes. My future is a clean slate.”

There will always be moments we look back on and see where we could have done better. That is part of the human experience. However, if you torture yourself with “could have, would have, should have” moments, it will be impossible to move forward. Learn from the past; don’t dwell on it.

May 23

“Thoughts are like plants. The more you focus on them, the more they grow. Choose good ones!”

Immerse yourself in positivity. When you invite happy, encouraging people into your world, you will be amazed how quickly negativity is dispelled. Your present world is the end product of what you believe and what you choose. If you have people in your life who are constantly overly dramatic, are hypochondriacs, or who deliberately deceive you, consider placing some distance between you and their behavior. Make the conscious decision to bring joy and positivity into your life. You deserve it!

May 24

“It takes great courage to grow up and become who you really are.”

Growing into adulthood does not mean leaving delightful beliefs and pleasant actions behind. Some of the happiest adults take time out of their week to play with the dog, blow bubbles, and fly kites. Try not to let perceptions of being a mature adult steal your joy. You have many wishes still left in your heart. It’s time to make some of them come true. You are completely in charge now and that is the best part of being an adult!
I hope you have enjoyed this week’s Daily Focus. Tuck these words into your heart and allow yourself to embrace all of the happiness that your spirit can hold. You deserve a good life; go out there and make it happen!

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