Get Over the Fear of Missing Out

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Confront Your Fear of Missing Out

Life is full of so many opportunities and choices that we can’t take advantage of them all. That’s just a fact that some of us can accept. However, for those who don’t accept it, it’s all about what they could be doing instead of what they’re actually doing at that moment. This a real fear that can cause crippling angst and worry. Are you one of the many people who suffer from the fear of missing out or FOMO? Are you constantly scrolling through social media looking at other people’s pictures?

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The best way to conquer any fear is to confront it! Here are six great tips to get over your fear of missing out!

FOMO Tip #1: Fear and regret over what you missed out on can haunt you forever … if you let it. The only solution is to take that risk and step into the unknown. Yes, it’s scary, however, you’ll end up a wiser and stronger person no matter how the risk turns out.

FOMO Tip #2: If you suffer from the fear of missing out, weigh the pros and cons when making a decision. What happens if you move forward? And what happens if you stay where you are instead?

FOMO Tip #3: Imagine yourself 10 years from now. Will you have regretted the decision not to act, letting the fear of missing out get in the way? Or, will you be proud of yourself for the opportunity you took to grow and change for the better? Each opportunity that the potential to be an opportunity for greatness. Therefore, it’s a good idea to try to make each decision you’re confronted with a memorable one.

FOMO Tip #4: Missing out is certainly a part of life. We miss out on things for several reasons, including family drama, a lack of funds, a lack of free time, illness, scheduling conflicts, etc. Some things just aren’t meant to be, so don’t let the disappointment and regret consume you. Otherwise, the next missed opportunity will lead to excessive worry and a greater fear of missing out too.

FOMO Tip #5: Missing out can actually be good for you, your soul, your bank account, and more. You probably know someone who always gets everything they want. Aren’t they a bit spoiled and ungrateful too? You know working hard for what you want is more rewarding, so turn each missed opportunity into a learning experience. You’re learning to be grateful for what you already have. You’re also learning to be more flexible and patient as well. Are you willing to fight harder for what you missed out on or just let it go? Your answer will tell you if you really wanted it in the first place!

FOMO Tip #6: When it comes to the fear of missing out, learn to shift your focus. It’s not about what you aren’t doing; it’s about what you are doing. Spend your energy enjoying what you already have in your life and show gratitude for the people and things that already make you happy too.

Visualize What You Want

The fear of missing out shouldn’t take over your life by any means. That’s because every day is an opportunity to be courageous and go after the things you want. Therefore, begin by thinking positively about what you want and imagine having it too. Thoughts are energy, and it’s important to think positive because the universe takes your thought energy and turns it into a reality. Therefore, it’s a bad idea to put thought energy behind negative thoughts. Start thinking about what you will do fearlessly!

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4 thoughts on “Get Over the Fear of Missing Out

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Melody,

    Fatastic article….as I’ve said many times, fear is the biggest crippler known to mankind !

    So get over your fears, it’s a big ,wide world out there and life is meant to be lived and experienced !

    Not living is stagnate Karma, whereas living is creating Karma and evolving on the spiritual plane.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

    I look forward to more articles on this topic.


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