Heal Childhood Wounds

There are things that happen in life that cause emotional wounds… and the ones that we “absorb” from childhood are harder for some to heal. These emotionally painful “spots” affect us as adults, in our relationships with others. We’re wary of each person we potentially get close to, which keeps us from truly experiencing love, and can keep individuals “locked” in a prison of fear. So in essence, these old wounds can negatively affect current behavior.

My experience with this process began with my training in hypnosis (it can be used to consciously change your subconscious behaviors). We were taught that in one in six sessions, a person can get the tools to change negative behavior traits. When I began studying spiritual healing modalities, I found that if the person in question was truly ready, and had done all they could to understand, accept, and forgive, they could “reset” their mind in ONE SESSION! Please note that this is rare, but possible!

To some degree, the nature of the wound becomes important. Are there physical wounds too? When did it happen? These types of episodes require more processing, and more therapy to remove all effects on your behavior. But remain hopeful… these, too, can be removed from negatively affecting your life!

Wounds can come from seemingly minor events, such as a harried mother who does not have time to pick up a crying child. No real fault of the mother, as these things happen. But to a particularly sensitive and small child, this “can” trigger issues that can be assumed as an emotional wound, or perhaps abandonment.

The first step is to realize if you’re experiencing or triggered by an “old wound reaction.” Probe your own mind. Can you see a series of similar “red flags” in your personal history? Do you feel that you should apologize for your behavior? These are clues, and when you start to see a repetitive pattern, you can start the healing process.

There are many times during a psychic reading that someone realizes they overreacted or that they just don’t understand why they reacted in a certain fashion. If these things come up in a reading, perhaps look at other relationships with your psychic to identify other times, too. Once you are aware of that pattern… consciously change it!

What are your favorite healing methods?

5 thoughts on “Heal Childhood Wounds

  1. Felesa

    I read the whole thing that you said, and my question is do alot of us that look at our family now that we have gotten older and say to ourself you miss use me as a child my moyher left me and went and got married to another man him having children, and i felt like she love them more but do these same people think about what they did and when i look at them i think about it even now i love them but i can never forget how they treated me living in that house was not fun and other members of the house would tell my mother but it seem like she was so into her other life. sometimes they bring up things that make me want to tell them what they did and i feel like they would say they do not recall that because now you want to be a christ like person. but now that i am older i still be around.and going threw my life changing jobs i would always bring things to my family and take them out to eat but never has they every said i will take you out to any event. but that is ok i know one day God will bless me with a good blessing and my children and i will live happy ever after.

  2. amyrdcsp


    This article resonated with me…I am almost 43 years old and have finally learned how the wounds and burdens that I have carried with me since birth have affected my personal relationships thus far in my life. The “aha’s” started when a spiritual counselor was perfectly placed in my path on Thanksgiving Friday, 2009. I know now that she was meant to be the messenger and I was truly ready at that moment to HEAR the message and be open to beginning the process. I had no clue all that I was carrying with me, I didn’t know why I was physically ill and negative. It was time to change the lenses that I had been looking through for so long.

    It’s been an incredible journey…I have been guided to many other spiritual counsleors, many here on CP, and they have all played a different mentoring role as I continue to open doors and open myself. Yoga and ayurvedic practices have been an integral part of removing blockages and creating those openings. The sense of enlightenment and connection to my higher self that I feel now cannot be put into words. I hear and react to my guides and angels now like I never have before. I always knew they were there and I have always been empathic, but now it’s on a whole other level…so beautiful!

    There is a man, I will call him Mr. J, that I have deeply loved since 1996 when I laid eyes on him for the first time. We have been together and apart (six years was the longest period apart), struggling but always coming back together. There is a karmic pull that cannot be denied. After our second break up in Sept. 2009 and then after Thanksgiving Friday, I realized that it’s just never been truly time yet to be together as a couple.

    Couples should not have to heal one another. People come together to form a bond out of love, not to parent each other or to “fix” one another. One thing I have realized is that this man and I have had a lot of work to do on ourselves as individuals before we could be a couple. I know that part of our karmic purpose together is to trigger in each other the wounds we need to heal and we cannot be truly together until we do that work on our own as individuals. When the work is done, only then will we be able to be free and open to be together in a grounded, “clean” relationship where the focus is on the love, connection and pleasure rather than old wounds that just send us into a downward spiral.

    Mr. J and I are not together now physically, but I feel him every day…we share quite a connection. Thanks to the few wonderful psychics I’ve read with on this site (some over and over again), I feel a sense of joy in knowing that our love is meant to be fulfilled in this lifetime…the overwhelming feeling by all is that we will be together before the end of this year, quite possibly by September…and this time it will be for good. We will be rewarded for all of the hard work we’ve done on ourselves. I miss him so much every day, but my higher self knows what’s coming and I’d like to thank Julia, Anya Dawn, Abrielle, Kelli, and finally Gina Rose for their light, guidance, validation, inspiration, and compassion…I will keep you all posted. But no matter what happens I have never felt better about myself, and that’s what matters most.

    With love, light, and gratitude…Shanti~

  3. velvetoversteel

    I had a great deal of trama in my life, mostly from my childhood. Some events I couldn’t completely remember or at all, but knew these events had happened from other people.
    I had difficulty with relationships my entire life. Until I finally came to the point that you said. Then I tried hypnosis. My hypnotherapy worked and completely changed my life for the better in so many ways.

    My hypontherapist told me the reason it worked for me and in 6 sessions; was because I had excepted responsibility for changing, forgave the people from my past, had done all the understanding and self-help that I could on my own, but Mostly it was because I was Ready for these changes!!

    Someone told me that it was like my ‘DNA’ had be changed (reset maybe), for lack of a better term she said. I said ‘Awesome’!

    I want to add that I also Believed that hypnosis would work. That same, in my opinion, goes for psychic readings. It you are Ready to hear the truth, no matter what that is. And Believe that psychic abilities (angels, guides, etc.etc.) are realy… then that too wil work for you. But you have to be ready for the truth, changes or whatever it needed. And to Believe!

    Great, great article Yemaya!

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Yemaya,
    Excellent article, yes, healing old wounds from childhood especially can be difficult…..but it can be done…I’ve helped many heal from childhood hurts.

    And most, if not all, psychics have much expertise in this area……

    Excellent point, Yemaya, on recognizing patterns…..once that is accomplished, one can then change those patterns.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

    PS…..as a sidenote, NOW is an excellent time, ( Solar Eclipse July 11th in Cancer ) to deal with and heal childhood wounds.


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