Hooked on a Feeling

Call it intuition or a gut feeling… it’s that split second judgment or a sudden strong feeling that you just can’t explain. And it’s certainly difficult to ignore! It seems to emerge from somewhere around the pit of your stomach. There are times when your intuition is so right on that you can’t believe you knew what you knew… times when you may have been way off the mark, and others when you wish you would have listened to your instincts instead of following your logic.


But what do you do when your brain tells you to do one thing and your gut tells you to do another? How do you know when your gut is right? We put the question to our psychic team who use their highly developed instinctive intelligence (mixed in with psychic gifts and tools) in the work they do everyday at California Psychics.

Making good decisions calls for a balance of gut feelings and logic, say our psychics. Well-developed intuition comes from having many experiences in similar situations. The more job interviews you go on the better you’ll know what to say, the more mountains you climb, the more instinctive you’ll be about the dangers and the more people you date, the better you’ll be at sorting out the good ones from the bad – sooner or later.

Psychic Althea ext. 9582 had a client who was crazy about a house, but couldn’t afford it. The owner offered to lower the price and finance it himself. But mixed in with her feelings of good fortune was a nagging sense that the whole thing was just too good to be true – though she was praying she was wrong. Althea told her to go with her gut and research the property before she made any commitments. The caller thanked Althea several days later for her suggestions because the house had both asbestos and termite issues!

“Don’t look at the question as logic verses intuition,” Althea suggests “it’s ultimately about equilibrium. I advocate using your logical mind and real learned knowledge to figure out the plausible outcomes of any situation. Then, adjust your thinking until your gut feels right about the situation. We have to marry logic with intuition to know how to recognize a morbid disappointment from a remarkable blessing.”

“Intuition on its own works faster than pure logic, but there are fewer disappointments to be had in life if you balance the two,” says Joyce ext. 9598. “When I’m torn between them, I try to find a middle ground.”

“Learning to deal with these two parts of us, when they are in conflict,” our psychics say, “is the root of serenity. It’s not that the gut is always right, or the brain is always right… they take turns. You have to be quiet with yourself to sort out the part of you which has the greater wisdom at the moment.”

There are plenty of times when a gut instinct is just wishful thinking, our psychics warn. People tell them they have a gut feeling that they are in love, but their actions aren’t consistent with their words.

“I find that if the two are at war, especially when it comes to love, it’s best not to make a quick decision,” they warn. “This is where at least sleeping on the issue, or even better, taking 24 hours to think things through is the best plan. Often the readings in these situations will indicate that the caller’s love interest is sending mixed messages.”

“During a recent reading I kept tuning into a young man’s fiancé. I felt this cold indifferent vibe, like she was made of stone. I hesitated to define her like that, as it seemed to be so harsh. He responded that the reason he had called was actually over doubts about his wife-to-be. His mother had died suddenly that week, and all his girlfriend could discuss were wedding plans. He was being guided… but it was easy for him to doubt it because he was so in love.”

Our intuition is a survival instinct and we need to learn, at the very least, to pay attention to those feelings, our psychics reveal, otherwise it’s like going through life wearing blinders.

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