How To Connect With Your Spirit Guides

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Turning To Your Spirit Guides

A spirit guide is an energetic force that connects you to the Universe and gives you the tools to live in a way that aligns with your values and purpose. Your guides are in your corner, rooting for you. Most people have multiple guides, though some make themselves known more clearly than the rest, depending on your situation. Others may come and go, either once or multiple times over the course of your life.

Spirit guides can help answer your questions. They can clue you into whether you are acting in congruence with your highest self. Your spirit guides also have the benefit of being able to look more holistically at your life, your goals, your strengths, and your challenges, leading you toward solutions that you may not find on your own. You are not obligated to listen to your spirit guides, and it may be easy to misunderstand them. However, when you converse with them and follow their lead, you may find that things in your life fall into place or come to fruition more smoothly than they otherwise would.

How To Bond With Your Guides

While there are professionals that can talk to your spirit guides for you, making a connection of your own can be helpful, if only because you know yourself better than anyone. Your spirit guides will show up in your life in the ways that are most beneficial and authentic to you. If you’re able to connect with them by yourself, you’ll get a feel for how they show up in your life and what it feels like to follow their wisdom. This can help you identify your spirit guides’ help and interference as you move forward, while using other people’s experiences as a reference point can confuse you and limit your ability to understand what’s happening.

Step 1: Identify Your Spirit Guides

Stay still and make sure that you’re present in the moment. Quiet your thoughts. Look, listen, and feel for the energy of your guides. If you’re struggling to sense them, try talking directly to them and asking them to make themselves known. Meditating, journaling, and talking aloud or in your head are good ways to have a conversation with them. You may feel their presence as a bodily sensation or an emotional shift. There are people who can see their spirit guides, but you may find them through your other senses instead. Alternatively, you may not be able to identify a “feeling” at all. This can be tricky and dissatisfying, but it doesn’t mean that your guides aren’t present. This step in the process may take multiple attempts.

Step 2: Figure Out How You Communicate

Next, you need to figure out how your guides communicate with you and how you can best contact them yourself. You may find it easiest to talk to them through writing, speaking (aloud or in your head), moving around, or making certain sounds — to name just a few common examples. Likewise, some spirit guides are able to communicate through stream-of-consciousness writing or speaking. They may also move things, or they could have another, less-common method of conveying their messages.

Remember, you and your guides may use the same form of communication, but you could also have completely different styles. Likewise, each guide may have their own way of contacting you, so you shouldn’t assume that talking to one means that you’ve figured out how to interact with all of them. It takes time and observation to fully understand your guides.

Step 3: Decide What You Want

Are there certain times, places, or situations that make you want to call upon your spirit guides? Would you prefer asking them to help you with specific goals, or would you enjoy receiving their guidance on anything and everything? Ask yourself these questions and make sure that you know the answers. The key to maintaining a harmonious dynamic with your guides is to ensure that you feel like you’re in a community with them and not like you’re under their authority (or vice versa). Figure out how you can engage with your guides in a way that you’ll find both satisfying and helpful.

Step 4: Keep an Open Mind

Once you identify your answers to those questions, you may form habits around engaging with your guides. Stay curious and open when dealing with them. New ones may enter your life, or different circumstances may arise that call for a shift in your relationship or communication style. There is no one “right” way to connect with your guides. The only constant in life is change.

How a Psychic Can Help You Connect

Sometimes, it can be difficult to contact or understand your guides. If you are struggling, consider reaching out to a spiritual practitioner, like a psychic advisor, who can help you identify when your spirit guides are contacting you, understand the blocks that may be inhibiting your communications, and interpret the messages that your guides are sending. Don’t hesitate to get professional help establishing and maintaining a relationship with your guides. The sooner you make that connection, the sooner you’ll see that positive influence in your life.

Get Support From Your Guides

Your spirit guides are here to help you accomplish your goals and reach your maximum potential, so don’t let their presence go to waste. Connecting with them can make it easier for you to live up to your own standards and move toward your purpose in life. Seek assistance in forming that relationship, if only so you can make the most of your guides’ support. After all, you stand to gain everything from clarity and harmony to success!

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