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Tapping into Nature

Today we are going to take you on a wonderful adventure that can change your life for the better. You are about to discover the most powerful spiritual connection possible: tapping into the true force of nature! First, we are going to have a little background for this journey.

As most of you know, electromagnetic fields (EMF) are created by the formidable forces all around you. However, it is when these fields are artificially manipulated in great concentrations where trouble can arise. These concentrated EMFs can interfere with your personal bioelectrical fields that provide function to your mind and body. Many paranormal investigations use EMF meters to rule out such influences when they “debunk” perceived hauntings. When these grids are moving great electrical energy, such as a power grid from a city power station, the results can be as benign as losing focus from time to time, to rather serious physical reactions.

Is Your Home Warm and Safe?

In this article, we will touch upon off grid solutions in their macro and micro considerations. We begin with the big picture: the macrocosm of your life. We start with learning to decrease the amount of electrical interference that can greatly impact your spiritual flow.

Think about your current home. Does it feel warm and safe or does it feel unbalanced? Feng Shui can do wonders to bring a house back into balance, but there are many things you can do to connect with a much more natural environment.

In Taos, New Mexico, there is a community that is completely off the grid homes known as “Earthships”. If you ever can tour one, you really should. Each home is created using old tires, bottles, and real adobe. It may sound strange, but the end result is beautiful. When you step into one of these works of art, you immediately feel the weight of the world lift from your shoulders. It’s as if you can feel the house and all the life within it breathing softly. Such is the sensation of being freed from the grid.

Nature and The Use of Electrical Energy

Nature uses electrical energy for almost everything. It is the cause and effect of everything from our innermost thoughts to making a bird lift high into the sky. Everything has an electrical signature. Now we come to the part where you can go off grid and not make any major changes to your home or office.

If you have been a loyal reader of mine, you know that I frequently urge you to “unplug”. Take some time to wander into your local parks or find a National Forest and allow yourself a few hours to be completely off grid. Turn off your phone. Learn to embrace nature and allow it to slow your journey so you can connect to your truest self. Let yourself be in silence as much as possible.

Give Yourself Spiritual Development on Your Journey

Give your spiritual development the same priority you would give your job. After all, only your spiritual energy goes with you at the end of your life’s journey. Money will never find its way into other dimensions; one is the essence of you and the other is simply a vehicle to assist in taking you through your journey. There is a great difference between living and just making a living.

As you connect with nature on a more personal level, you will find that you need fewer things to make you happy. Suddenly you have more disposable income because you aren’t spending your hard-earned cash on things you didn’t need in the first place!

Learn to Unplug and Feel Good About It

When was the last time you allowed yourself to really “unplug”? When was the last time you had no phones, no music, no talking, just the peace of walking through the woods and feeling the healing energy of moving gently across the woodland floor? Begin training yourself to hear the silence of the natural world. Turn off the electricity all around you and connect to the power that surrounds you. Nature is stunningly healing when you allow it to nurture your world-weary spirit.

Bring the Natural Inside

When you are unable to give your soul the real nature experience it needs, you can always turn to the smaller pieces of nature everywhere. Bring in some broad leaf plants and keep them near your bed and your bathroom. Put them in places where you unwind, so they can aid in helping you reach the natural connection.

Embrace Water

As you get a drink of water, pay attention to the miracle of this necessary element. If water was denied us, we would last less than 3 days. Embrace the life force that comprises the energy of the water. It is far more than hydrogen and oxygen. It has its own life force and it can blend into your own energy and bring you a feeling of connection with the natural elements moving throughout your life.

Understanding the Nature Around You

When you walk into a pine forest, you may feel a desire to breathe more deeply and slow your walk. This is because the trees are sending you a natural bronchodilator that opens your lungs more fully. When you hold your breath and immerse your face in cold water, you may notice a moment of your lungs feel like they were freezing up. This is not the shock of the water; it is called a mammalian dive reflex. It is your body’s natural response that causes a redistribution of oxygen throughout the body. This is just one more way that we are connected to the natural elements.

There are so many moments when nature is tapping you on the shoulder requesting nothing more than your respect and attention. You can go “off grid” any time you desire. Your spirit will thank you for the moments spent in that completely natural moment.

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