Manifest a New Career

We get many calls about jobs, and we can often see how unhappy the callers are. We can see how long they’ll be there, or if potential problems are coming up in certain situations with other employees or management.

Why wait and feel helpless in that situation? You can change your career, your job, your life! So let’s look at some processes that could help you to realize a new job or career!

In order to choose a path forward, you need to figure out what that path IS. Here are some tools you can use to do that. Separate out what you need vs. what you want. Not everybody has their stars aligned to make a living as a mime or a cello player, so you do need to be clear and realistic about what it will take to have that career. Look at what your expectations are for that type of work, and ask people who do it this question: “What’s involved?”

Also, some folks get “stuck” in a specific “type” of job, working at banks, or retail stores, or with a “title.” Think outside of the box in order to find out not only what will make you happy, but what you’re good at. Think of the skills separately from the job title, or place you work at.

Start by making a list of the skills you use at your current job. List each skill as basically as you can (example: handling money, solving customer complaints, etc). List the skills you have used at other jobs as well, or things you have done for fun or as a volunteer. List all the things that you can think of, even the little ones.

Now, go through that list and circle all of the ones you enjoy doing! When you’re done, list those skills on a separate piece of paper, and ask people to think of jobs that use those skills. Look in the classifieds in all the different “types” of jobs, and note which ones ask for some of the skills on your list. Make a list of potential careers you could pursue, note if anything is needed for those jobs, a certification, tools, or some kind of training next to each one, then find out how that would realistically fit into your life.

Now, if you are not sure, it may be time to call your favorite California Psychic, and perhaps connect with spirit guides to see how this change will shape or affect your future. Each change we make, will affect the total outcome of your life, so a new career can bring new love, or a better situation to a current relationship, or will allow you to make a move you have always dreamed of. Now it’s up to you to use the “Law of Attraction” to alert the universe you’re ready for a change!

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