Your Mantra Meditations: February 9 – 15

Your Mantra Meditations: February 9 - 15

The Power of Mantra Meditations

During my most recent meditation, I pondered the magical and powerful meaning of love—not romantic love, even though Valentine’s Day is this week. (Please don’t let Valentine’s Day distract you. Such a celebration has nothing to do with love and it’s merely a distraction from the winter. If you study the history of St. Valentine you will see why it’s quite odd that we celebrate it at all!) Instead, I’ll be focusing on the love that’s so deep in our hearts that it either prevents us from moving on or it builds the foundation for our entire life. Let me show you how to celebrate the love in your life and release, once and for all, the passion that seems to haunt you! Here are your mantra meditations.

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February 9

“The secret to fulfillment in love is to focus on what has stayed in your life, not what took another path.”

There’s a reason we use the term “romanticize” when we speak of a past that wasn’t quite what we actually experienced at the time. It’s so easy to dress up a memory to the point that it no longer looks like the actual event. Today, your mantra meditations encourage you to see all the amazing love around you and give it a real priority.

February 10

“The more I love myself, the less abuse I will allow to enter my life.”

I’ve often told clients to treat themselves like they would their very best friend. It’s amazing how quickly we’ll defend someone we love but do little if anything to keep such abuse away from our own door. The greatest love story you will ever know is the one you have with yourself.

February 11

“The less I respond to negative people, the more empowered I become with positive energy.”

Sometimes you may not realize how much negativity is invited into your life. The noise from the television, the fear that is pumped into your psyche with advertising—the list goes on and on. Your mantra meditations encourage you to turn off the noise today and just listen to good music and good people. Let yourself find a way to laugh! After all, it has nothing to do with what calls to you; it only matters when you answer.

February 12

“Today I will laugh until it all makes sense!”

Life doesn’t have to be a tremendous struggle or filled with disappointment. Remember when you were a child and you could laugh at almost anything? You might have even waited until you knew it was acceptable to laugh, and once it was you laughed until you cried. That level of joy still exists within you. Utilize it today! Do something silly. Build a snowman (or woman!). Blow some bubbles in the icy winter air. Make a paper airplane. Don’t take yourself so seriously that you forget to enjoy your life.

February 13

“My current circumstances neither define me nor confine my possibilities.”

There is a great moment of empowerment building around you. This is your moment! Take your shot and have the courage to stand by your decisions. You have overcome so much more than this moment in your life. Your mantra meditations are here to remind you that if you change your perception, you will change everything that follows. Where is the light in your life? Do you have food? Do you have someone who cares where you are? Be grateful for what has chosen to remain in your life.

February 14

“I am composed of hundreds of ‘flaws’ and each one is beautiful in its own way. I am perfect in my imperfection.”

Today is a great day to hear your own voice because it’s in perfect alignment with your heart. It only needs the courage from your mind to ignite its potential. Gold is only worth something when it has been processed through great fires. Sound familiar? You have walked through the fires and you have arrived at this perfect moment in time.

February 15

“Breathe in. Breathe out. Move on.”

This is a day to close the gap between your past and your present. Release the harsh emotions into the Infinite. Yes, it might have been unfair. Yes, they may appear to enjoy their life better without you. However, look around! You are actually doing better without them too. Perhaps you haven’t been given the credit or appreciation you’d like, but that’s no reason to allow that dreadful, self-debasing energy to haunt one more moment of your life. Today is the day for release!

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